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If you're planning on selling your house, there is no better time than now. This fact is known to many, therefore, it's only wise to think that the market will be competitive and make the necessary preparations. Here's what you need to know to be on top. One of the big reasons why inventory has r...
If you're a seller who has experienced an expired listing contract. If you're wondering why others sellers are able to sell their houses successfully and you're being left out. Or thinking of selling your home and don't want to end up like the ones mentioned above, then you definitely have to rea...
Some may see it as counter-intuitive to list their homes up for sale in the market this winter. The season actually holds some advantages, these are 5 great reasons to sell.1. Demand Is StrongThe latest Buyer Traffic Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that buyer demand r...
Buying your own home can be intimidating and requires a lot of preparation, on top of this; we all have our own personal reasons why we chose renting over owning a home. According to our trusted source, there's about 74% of renters planning to own a home in the future. We totally agree, and for o...
Unbeknownst to many, homeowners increase their family's overall net worth simply by paying off their monthly mortgage. Unlike like with renting where you merely put your money out for time used, homeowners get a positive kickback from their monthly payments through home equity. Every quarter, Pul...
Many have been wondering whether the next crash is just around the bend. We can't blame them, given the trauma the last big one has left us. No need to fret, as there are only clear skies on the horizon, all thanks to the loose but fair market standards we have today. As it becomes easier for buy...
Although we have seen the reports, analyzed the forecasts and enjoyed the projections of a stabilizing market of the real estate industry across all states. One thing that buyers should be concern about is the projected mortgage interest rate increase by the Q4 of next year. The Mortgage Bankers ...
Back then, before the historic real estate bust in 2008, homeowners used their house as like ATMs through a method now known as "Cash-out Refinances". This basically turned their equity into cash leaving most owners with little to no equity in their homes. When the prices started to fall, many fo...
As we pointed out in countless of our previous posts, there is a lot to gain from owning a home than renting. Today let us take a closer look on one of them; we have collected reports and surveys from the best sources proving the net worth of a homeowner is over forty times greater than that of a...
If you are planning to buy a house, knowing the interest rate at the time of your purchase will give you an idea on how much your monthly payment will look like. Keep in mind that even the slightest of change in the interest rate could significantly increase or decrease your mortgage depending on...

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