connecticut: Running Realtor joins Connecticut Chapter of Team in Training - 01/18/08 11:09 AM
On January 1st when I sat in my office waiting to run the Frosty 5k in Guilford my thoughts of a running goal for the year was not well defined.  At the end of my first year running I did a 5 miles, my second year's goal was completion of a half marathon and at the beginning of my third year a full 26.2 mile marathon seemed huge. Initially my idea was to call it a plateau year and just stick to my 5k events and try another half hoping to improve my time.
One of the first pieces of mail I received in … (18 comments)

connecticut: Leeds Maine Historical Society - 09/08/07 12:29 PM
For 10 years we've been spending time on Androscoggin Lake in Leeds enjoying the relaxing days of summertime, water skiing, fishing or just lounging in the sun.  This year I decided to haul the boat home early and spend some time on Long Island Sound so when we were in Maine for Labor Day weekend I stumbled into a day of historical activities.
The day started early with my cousin showing up at 7:00 am for a five miler.  He was a runner years ago before medical issues caused him to stop but was trying out one of those hand peddled cycles for the … (8 comments)

connecticut: My Rainy Run - 07/19/07 04:28 PM
My streak of running in the rain continued tonight with a few spectators on the sidelines to witness my slower than expected finish time.   About 4:00pm the thunder started rumbling and the rains began to fall. I was hoping it would pass but when I arrived on Main Street in Middletown it was pouring. 
Normally my wife does not attend any of the races but she planned on hanging out with George Souto at the festival.  Due to the heavy rain and slightly behind schedule arrival we didn't have a chance for photo's before the run but managed a few at the end.
George thanks … (21 comments)

connecticut: Androscoggin Lake - 07/09/07 09:50 AM
One advantage to the real estate business is the ability to shift gears during the slow periods and enjoy a little free time.  Last week we took the journey north to Maine.  After arriving at midnight on Tuesday I was off to the Races for an 8:00am start.  The 5k road race drew over 400 runners this year.
After the long drive and 5k run I was back at the cabin and ready to launch the boat by ten. We anchored a few hundred yards off shore to relax and catch a few rays before lunch.
Later in the day we cruised out to Lothrop Island to see … (12 comments)

connecticut: The Power of the Penny - 05/17/07 08:55 AM
Yesterday Broker Maggie dropped a few cents in the comment section of my blog and it reminded me how quickly pennies can add up to Big Bucks. 
The POWER of the PENNY.  I ran into this illustration several years ago at some seminar.  Cannot recall what product they were peddling and never offered up the hundreds of dollars to purchase their program but the penny illustration was very fascinating.
I don't recall all the hype but is was something like this.  If I offered you 1 million dollars today or 1 penny with my 30 day program that teaches you how to double your money everyday … (12 comments)

connecticut: Flat Matt - The Connecticut Week & a Day... - 05/12/07 01:31 AM
Well, Flat Matt is off to his next destination.  He should arrive in North Carolina early next week.  His Connecticut adventures started out on Thursday with a little shopping, running, pizza & beer. Friday he was off to the Peabody Museum at Yale to visit the Trilobites and he spent the day Saturday working around the yard.
Sunday came and it was Race Day in North Haven.  We took a quick ride by the North Haven Green and then off to our run.

Later that day we had to finish our yard work.  As I worked moving the brush pile Flat Matt wanted to play with guns … (8 comments)

connecticut: Summer in Paris - The Perfect Anniversary Gift.....!!!! - 05/07/07 03:50 AM
My anniverary is coming up in a few months and I found the perfect romantic gift....  How does A Romantic Paris Vacation sound.....?
Well, I decided to start planning... Went to Google Maps and clicked to get directions.
Typed in our starting point "New Haven" and destination "Paris"
Walllaaaa.... I will print out the directions, place them in the card and as soon as she has a couple free months and is ready for step number 12 we are off..... Hope she appreciates the thought and preparation involved in a gift of this magnitude.... 

connecticut: Training – Speed or Distance or Both - 05/07/07 01:52 AM
Although my branding of "Dan the Running Man" is catching on quickly I am still a novice runner and have not figured out exactly how I should be training to improve my performance.  My first 5k was in December of '05 with a pace of nearly 11 minutes per mile followed by a week of limping around the office.  During the winter months I continued to train and ran 19 races in 2006, mostly 5k's and the longest being 5 miles.
I have always been somewhat of a gadget guy and a numbers nut.  Admittedly I got to be quite a site … (5 comments)

connecticut: Flat Matt gets the Royal Treatment at YALE! - 05/05/07 01:12 AM
Yesterday my soon to be daughter-in-law commented on Flat Matt's arrival in Connecticut and that led to our afternoon adventure.  Nadya recently finished her research at Yale and is in the process of writing her thesis, thought she might be able to pull some strings.   It Worked....
Here is the front entrance to the Peabody Museum - Matt slow down, we are not going in there.  Nadya contacted Tom Hegna and he generously offered a private tour, lets go to the back door. 
Flat Matt was so excited he arrived a little early for our 3:30 appointment.   Jessica Bazeley greeted us and began showing … (7 comments)

connecticut: Flat Matt arrives in Connecticut - 05/04/07 04:42 AM
Well...  FLAT MATT arrived in Connecticut this afternoon.  He did set off the wonder radar within my office.  Instead of placing the envelope in my mail box our administrator was holding it and hand delivered it to my wife because it came for DAN and the woman made personal comments. You would expect a letter to me from ANN CUMMINGS would not draw any suspicion. 
Matt had packed  light so our first stop was to get him some running shoes for his adventure. Being a connoisseur of running apparel we found a pair of shoes that matched the orange color of his name. Usually I run in … (29 comments)

connecticut: The Caliper on my desk keeps me sane! - 04/26/07 05:01 AM
Or for a REALTOR does this appear I N S A N E  ?
My tool caddy is filled with useful goodies.  Of course I have all the standard stuff every agent needs,  Pens, Pencils ( 2H, HB & RED ), Highlighter and Scissors.  I also have a few of my own must haves,  an X-Acto knife with plenty of blades and my old trusty Calipers.
The X-Acto knife comes in handy when I need a few post cards for special occasions.  I can whip up a quick design, print four to a page and trim them with precision.  No scissors or paper cutter can match … (9 comments)

connecticut: The Connecticut Shoreline lost Dave Parcells - 04/23/07 02:11 AM
On Saturday April 21, 2007 the Connecticut Shoreline lost the King of Tampa Bay. 
Dave Parcells died competing in his first choice sport, swimming - in Tampa Bay.
I don't recall when I first knew Dave, maybe 1st or 2nd grade, we grew up in the same area of West Haven and attended St. Louis Parochial School.  The school contained only one class for each grade from 1-8 so we were classmates for years. The little kid from the schoolyard grew into a man of achievement. 
As with many kids from the neighborhood you loose touch as people grow and head in … (3 comments)

connecticut: My Tee'd Off Tone for Tuesday - 4-17-07 - 04/17/07 09:03 AM
Well.... Another Tee'd Off Tuesday! 
Revisited and revised on what I will call Waffling Wednesday!  When I first introduced the idea of having this series based on the humorous "Ticked Off Tuesday" morning show on my local radio station ( wplr ) I planned to see how receptive the audience was decide whether to continue after a few weeks.
Well... George Souto usually stops by to comment and we had some fun disagreeing but the more time I spend on ActiveRain the more I realize people just want to bee-bop around in a happy place.  I have never been the bubbly type but noticing the … (9 comments)

connecticut: Today is Friday the 13th - Dare I discuss the color Black - 04/13/07 10:00 AM
I am a middle aged white man, non-racist, and aware of Imus but never followed his show. The evolution of the Imus story has caught everyone's attention and it gave me the idea of discussing the topic of color today, Black Friday the 13th. 
While thinking about writing this blog I was reflecting back over all the people I have known through the years, more specifically all the black people. I grew up in the 60's & 70's... The age of racial tension, Black Power, The Black Panthers, The Doors sang about  "Blood in the Streets in the town of New Haven". I went to … (4 comments)

connecticut: Spring Cleaning or Maybe Not...! - 04/06/07 12:34 PM

The clutter on my home office desk has been growing for more than a few months.  Since we are going into a quiet Easter Weekend I thought it would be good time for a quick spring cleaning. 
Unfortunately the project only kept my attention for a few minutes.  The first pile of paper I picked up included a packet of stretching information I saved from when I first started running.  I have been planning to write a blog on that subject so my cleaning stopped and I started searching the Internet to get my links and began writing.
After the title it dawned on me how quickly I abandon … (4 comments)

connecticut: My Tee’d Off Tone for Tuesday - 4-3-07 - 04/03/07 07:54 AM
Front page news this morning in the New Haven Register had an article about a Teacher-Pupil Affair.  Seemingly juicy news that should not be condoned... or ... is it really that bad.
When I read the article I couldn't help but wonder if this is the best use of town resources and tax dollars.  Has common sense disappeared in our society?  Is the fear of making the wrong decision crippling progress?
First let me say I do not know all the facts.  Reading the article indicates we are talking about a 21 year old Female Substitute Teacher and an 18 year old high school guy, consenting.
The … (5 comments)

connecticut: My Tee’d Off Tone for Tuesday – Introduction - 04/03/07 06:58 AM
Once in the past I touched on a topic spurred by comments made during the Chaz & AJ morning show on my local radio station, WPLR.  This morning while reading the newspaper a story caught my eye that seemed to push the boundaries of the law. As I drove into work contemplating a blog and listening to Ticked-Off Tuesday on the radio an idea was born...  My Tee'd Off Tone for Tuesdays!  
Don't read me wrong, I have never been one to preach gloom and doom!  My background in manufacturing and design was a career based on pinpointing problems and developing solutions.  … (0 comments)

connecticut: FSBO – For Sale By Owner Homes – Mistake #1 - 03/21/07 12:39 PM
As we approach the prime spring market many people will undoubtedly consider selling their home without using a real estate agent.  Most underestimate the task and simply think they can plant a sign, place an ad and pocket the commission themselves.
The reality is most FSBO's fail and eventually list the property.  The reason their home does not sell is fairly easy to spot for a professional. 
Earlier today I mailed out a letter to many of the homeowners along my 5-Mile running route.  The neighborhood is approaching 30 years old with many Ranch, Raised Ranch and Split Level homes.  A realistic … (4 comments)

connecticut: Memories of an Ireland Trip. - 03/17/07 07:28 AM
Strange the things you remember as the years pass. We visited Ireland almost a decade ago and I still recall the vivid colors, the lack of people, the food and accommodations.
Green was certainly given a new meaning as we toured the countryside. Every color seemed exaggerated from the lush fields right down to the deep blue sea.  Looking back at the old photos they don't seem to capture the scenes as colorfully.
The over thing that stands out was the cleanliness and lack of clutter. We rarely saw locals on the streets or in their yards.  Since we are in the Real Estate Business paying … (7 comments)

connecticut: Junk Mail and Vigilantie Justice - 03/16/07 03:33 AM
I say if we cannot banish the bastards develop a way to fight back!  Every day we all have to deal with jerks that waste our time sending commercial spam or their latest half ass scam.  Normally I just hit delete and move on but since this was in my Email and also my ActiveRain Message section I wondered if there was an easy way to fight back.
Since I am no techno-genius I have no clue how much trouble the Spam'er goes through to accomplish their goal.  Did they pick my name individually, select send me an email, paste in the message and type "Tomato"....? 
Certainly … (60 comments)