dan cummings: MADD Dash - One for the Record Book! - 11/08/09 02:46 AM
Seems we all slow down with age and as my training has escalated over the past few years it has been frustrating to see my best running time was before I joined Team in Training and really learned about the importance of variation on runs. 
Last week at this time I was in the early miles of my slowest marathon in NYC.  Pat Murray and I planned to do the Miami Marathon but we never talked about how to approach the race so on marathon morning we went our separate ways,  in NY we decided to set an nice pace and … (12 comments)

dan cummings: Follow Friday with a Twist - 08/14/09 12:11 PM
Today as I saw all the Follow Friday tags on Twitter I was reflecting back on a busy week of Face-to-Face socializing and recalling a question I was asked the other night that left me wondering how I could keep better track of all the people I run into via Social Networking.
Instead of tagging a few select individuals for extra exposure I decided to rummage through the people I follow and follow me on Twitter to pick out the ones I have met in person. Many of them originated here on ActiveRain where I used to spend a considerable amount … (10 comments)

dan cummings: The Health Insurance Dictatorship - 06/09/09 10:58 AM
During the past few days I have made a couple of trips to Yale-New Haven Hospital due to the birth of my first Grandchild.  Whenever I stroll through a hospital I can't help but glance around as my mind ponders all the life and death decisions made on a daily basis.
It has been awhile since I posted a Tee'd Off Tuesday so this morning as I was reading the newspaper a bug crawled up my ass that got me thinking how fed up I am with the Health Insurance Dictatorship that exists in our country.
The gist of the study … (12 comments)

dan cummings: Top Ten Motivational Songs for Runners - 05/30/09 12:38 PM
During the wee hours I ran into the survey results for the Top 10 Motivational Songs for Runners.  These days instead of spending hours blogging about Real Estate I have been devoting much of my time to the enjoyment of music on Blip.FM which is like Twitter with music.
Have a listen if you like....
     #1 -  Eye of the Tiger
     #2 -  Keep on Running
     #3 -  Sex on Fire 
     #4 -  Don't Stop Me Now
     #5 -  Mr. Brightside
     #6 -  Chariots of Fire
     #7 -  Prowd
     #8 -  Insomnia

dan cummings: Saint Patrick's Day Parade - New Haven - 03/17/09 12:22 PM
The weather turned out to be great for the Parade this year.  Sights and sounds were similar to past years but I thought I caught a glimpse of AR's own Beth Forbes but she turned away before I could snap a confirmation photo.  My wife came along this year so we just found a little piece of ground and watched for awhile.  Usually I prefer to move around and take in the less noticed sights so instead of dwelling on the marchers I'll revisit the more interesting adventure from a previous year.

Upon my arrival the smell of beer and … (5 comments)

dan cummings: WPLR - ShamRock & Roll 5k - 2009 - 03/02/09 10:25 AM
In the Real Estate Business here in New England March 1st is kind of the unofficial start of our Spring Market but as I backed out of my driveway this morning signs of spring were pretty well hidden.  Winter has been hanging on this year and has dumped double the average annual snowfall on us.
Another sign of spring from a runner's viewpoint is the WPLR ShamRock & Roll 5k.  Since 99.1 has been my station of choice dating back to the mid 70's it makes sense to participate in the event each year. Back in the day I'd typically hit … (5 comments)

dan cummings: Running Realtor's Miami Marathon Wrap-up - 02/01/09 08:32 AM
My Miami Marathon adventure started off on the wrong foot and never really eased into the right pace. While in Florida they experienced the coldest weather they'd had in years and freeze warning were posted most nights. At the end of the week when I was hoping for cool weather the heat came in so the warmest temperatures we encountered was on marathon day.Since we had so much snow in Connecticut I didn’t put as many miles as planned on my new marathon shoes. I purchased two identical pairs of Kayano 14’s and used one during training but only had about … (17 comments)

dan cummings: The Miami Marathon Adventure - 2009 - 01/30/09 09:13 AM
With all the runners here on ActiveRain no one decided to take a winter escape for a Mingle in Miami so we opted for a week of quaint visits with selected agents.  My wife wrote about our entry into the Frozen Tundra of Florida and the folks we met in the Orlando area so I'll finish off with the last half of our getaway.
On route to Miami we took a detour into Boca Raton to grab lunch with Real Deal Neal at J. Alexander's on Glades Road where I had an adventurous meal of Rattlesnake Pasta.  Being a life long … (10 comments)

dan cummings: Chilly Chili 5k - 2009 - 12/31/08 08:17 AM

Well.... The snow flakes have been falling all day and the wind is beginning to howl so my first running event of the New Year is going to be a cold one! 
In the past on New Year's Day I had the advantage of sitting in my office on the Guilford Green while waiting for the Frosty 5k to begin.  Thought I'd be running the Frosty 5k again tomorrow but another event of more historical significance will be taking place so I opted for that race.
Event:   Chilly Chili 5k
When:  January 1, 2009 at 10:30 am
Where: High … (10 comments)

dan cummings: New Haven Toy Drives - 11/20/08 11:39 PM
The sixth annual Chaz & AJ Holiday Party will kick off the weekend starting at 5:30am Friday December 12, 2008.  Admission to the event held at Sports Haven will be a new unwrapped toy valued at twenty dollars or more.  Food, Fun & Entertainment is always in abundance when Connecticut's #1 Morning Show puts on a function.  This year's musical guest will be John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band.
Live entertainment will also include the Hardcore Legend himself - Mick Foley.  Hopefully we'll get to see the Morning Show's Amazing Story Teller AJ in action taking on the big guy.  If … (11 comments)

dan cummings: The Playwright Halloween 5k - 10/21/08 11:34 AM
It is that time of year again! The Playwright in New Haven will be hosting their 3rd annual Halloween 5k road race to benefit the Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital.  October is a great time to run in Connecticut with crisp morning temperatures.  The forecast for Sunday is calling for a warm up into the 50's but we may have some rain.
What:  Playwright Halloween 5k & Kids' Fun Run
When:  Sunday - October 26, 2007 -  10:15 am
Where:  144 Temple St,  New Haven, CT
My first run this year was on January 1st in Guilford at the Frosty 5k were we … (15 comments)

dan cummings: Who does what and when? Real Estate Agent - 10/20/08 12:58 PM
Today I ran into a series written by an up & coming runner and a downhill racer by the name of Beth Forbes but the Re-Blog feature didn’t allow me to alter the title so I will do it my way and add the occupation of Realtor. The Real Estate Agent plays many roles in a transaction involving the sale and or purchase of property and the duties vary during different stages.  Here I will use the example of a prospective Homebuyer that contacts the Realtor and would like to see one of the agent’s listings. It is very rare that … (5 comments)

dan cummings: The Marathon Psycho - 10/13/08 01:06 PM

Some people may consider me nuts but I am actually reflecting on the psychology of finishing a marathon. Practically every Saturday this year I have spent a few hours with runners that joined the Team in Training.
During the cold winter months I trained for my First Marathon and learned the importance of mixing up the distance and intensity of runs. Marathon Day in San Diego was an eye opening experience but my finishing time was a bit slower then anticipated.
Upon returning to Connecticut one of the TNT Coaches told me my photo was being used in the promotional … (10 comments)

dan cummings: The Running Realtor's Home Sales Report - September 2008 - 10/06/08 12:34 PM
The month of September was filled with gloom and doom from government officials who foolishly decided pumping 700 billion into Wall Street was the solution.  The stock market continues to slide downward and big banks are bickering about who gets to take over the fallen financial institutions.  With all that bull about it being nearly impossible to get credit I will pull a quote from the front page of today's New Haven Register,  "But even against that backdrop, Connecticut-based banks are faring well and have money to lend".
Single family homes sales continue to be sluggish.  September volume was down 20% from … (6 comments)

dan cummings: Last Day of Summer Fun at the Distance Run - 09/21/08 11:59 AM
The weather this morning was great for the Philadelphia Distance Run as a record number of participants made their way to the starting corrals for the 13.1 mile event.
With over 13,000 finishers the course was quite congested moving through the downtown city streets.  Even after 8.5 miles the runners were relatively thick as I pulled off to the side for a photo as we crossed the Falls Bridge over the Schuylkill River.
In this case as with most the real fun of the run comes before or after the main event.  While the sun beats down on you for 13.1 … (21 comments)

dan cummings: The Running Realtor's Home Sales Report - August 2008 - 09/02/08 10:59 AM
The market remained sluggish during the month of August with volume lagging last year by about 25%.  In my five primary towns a total of 92 Single Family Homes sold during the month compared with 125 in the same time period last year.
If you are thinking of selling and curious about the value of your home click the house on the right to request a Free No Obligation Market Analysis of the property.  With today's on-line databases I can give you a fairly good idea of the market price without even touring the house.
Anyone ready to undertake the … (7 comments)

dan cummings: Did I fall for a SCAM? - 08/13/08 01:59 PM
Typically I consider myself pretty conservative and tend to use extra caution while in unfamiliar territory.  While traveling I'm always keeping a watchful eye in congested areas like airports or train stations and  keenly aware of details that seem out of place.  In the age of Internet SPAM offering all kinds of SCAMS I have learned to skim the title and hit delete.
The On-Line World is such a big part of my daily routine that I check in quite often.  Before dinner Monday night I received and email that caught my eye with interest  thinking a couple from the UK that purchased a home a … (39 comments)

dan cummings: Tee'd Off - LIVE - 08/11/08 10:21 PM
This morning as I sit here waiting for daybreak so I can head out on my long run before the Florida heat drains my New England body of energy I'm watching the LIVE Olympic coverage of the Men's Gymnastics.  Typically as I'm watching the games I notice whether the coverage is previously recorded or if I'm watching it as it unfolds..... LIVE!

My plan was to be Tee'd Off about the US Network coverage of the Olympics and their leading us to beleive we are tuned in during the wee hours of the morning watching the drama as it unfolds.  … (11 comments)

dan cummings: The Running Realtor's Home Sales Report - July 2008 - 08/01/08 11:58 AM
The summer real estate market along the Connecticut Shoreline is showing mixed results this year.  In the town of Branford & Madison where price declines were a little steeper than surrounding towns the sales volume was about the same or slightly above last year.  In North Branford, North Haven & Guilford prices were a stable but volume dropped off.  Overall for the 5 towns contained in this report 74 single family homes sold in 2008, off from the even 100 sales in July 2007.

If you are thinking of selling and curious about the value of your home click the house on the right to … (1 comments)

dan cummings: Day Trippin' to Guilford Connecticut - 07/10/08 08:44 AM
Leaving the heat of the city for a day at the shore is now a whole lot easier with Eastbound Trains to Guilford, Connecticut.  Folks from Manhattan typically think of New Haven as the end of the line but effective on the 4th of July Shoreline East added convenient connections that leave Union Station minutes after the arrival of trains from Grand Central that will deliver passengers to Guilford.
There are many activities within walking distance of the Guilford Train Station.  Walk less than 1/4 of a mile to step back in time while you wander the grounds of the oldest … (5 comments)