walking: The ShamRock & Roll 5k Results - 03/04/07 04:16 AM
Getting ready to leave for a little ski trip and just checked in to see if the results were posted from this morning's run.  My running buddy, far more experienced than me, is a fair weather runner - quits in November and restarts in April but he remains quicker than me. 
Once before a race he gave me his tip, focus in on a nice ass and run.  Told him I'm always back with the retirees, guess I am improving!  Managed to finish with the 27 year olds...
ps.... He was joking when he said it and today was purely coincidental...   ;-))

walking: Easy & Accurate Mapping Tool - 02/11/07 05:45 AM
Just added a new running route to my training plan for my first half marathon and thought this link might be useful for others. 
Not sure how I discovered it but last year I stumbled into America's Running Routes and have used it ever since to keep track of my distance and give me a graphic illustration of the elevation changes on my runs.  It also works great for travelers who want to keep fit.  You can search over 100,000 routes that people have input so you can find a run in Melbourne Beach or Leeds, Maine.

walking: Fairfield Half Marathon - June 24, 2007 - 02/10/07 03:53 AM
This is the Big One..  After running several 5k races in 2006 as January 1st approached I was thinking of New Year's Resolutions.  I came up with the thought of building my running to a half marathon distance ( 13.1 Miles )  Also had a marketing idea to pick out several races for training and send a mailing to many of the runners in my area.  If I missed you here is a copy - New Year's Flyer
The Fairfield Half Marathon was the closest race I found that met my time frame. Figured six months should be adequate to build up my mileage and the race is within … (0 comments)

walking: Guilford Running Event - May 20, 2007 - 02/10/07 03:26 AM
My next race in town this year will be the Guilford Savings Bank 4 Miler with a 9:15 start time from Jacob's Beach.
Directions:  Exit 58, turn south on 77 to the Guilford Green, a right on Broad Street than a quick left onto Whitfield and follow straight, bearing right to Seaside Ave just after the Spaceship Condos.   ( M A P )
In 2006 this was my first bump up in distance after doing a few 5k's and my time didn't suffer much,  came in at 9:05 a mile.   Fast for me but slow enough to keep me in the bottom 25%. With … (0 comments)

walking: New Haven Running Event - March 4, 2007 - 02/06/07 10:44 PM
My next race will most likely be the WPLR ShamRock & Roll 5k on March 4th.  That was my first run of 2006 and now that I have a year of training I hope to shave several minutes off of last years time for a new personal best.  Not that I'm fast... I' will be somewhere in the middle of the pack.
Start time is Sunday Morning at 9:00am at Todd's Place. 
Early Registration and a course map can be found at JB SPORTS

walking: Milford Winter Wonderland 5 Miler - 01/30/07 01:44 AM
Not sure how many runners look for events in the winter but I found one for this weekend  ( Sunday February 4th at 9:30 ). 
There is not much information on-line but a phone number and email address is listed at http://hitekracing.com/calendar/   
To late to mail applications but registration begins at 8:30am Sunday morning.
Location:  Platt Tech, 600 Orange Avenue,  Milford, CT