russell lewis: A Week After the Year Before - 01/02/14 10:55 PM
A Week After the Year Before
It's been a week since last year and I've noticed a huge increase in the herds at the gym, on the running trail and in the heath food/supplement aisles of my favorite grocery stores. It happens every year, lots of people with great intentions reflect on the year before and resolve to do better in the New Year! The problem is that in theory, resolutions are an excellent idea but the execution is often vague, non-existent or lost in that haze of revelry from the night before! The New Year arrives and they are still craving a midnight … (70 comments)

russell lewis: Return of Austin's Trail of Lights and the "Almost Bad Santa" - 12/19/12 01:44 AM
Return of Austin's Trail of Lights and the "Almost Bad Santa"
I got a call from an old friend last week asking if my brother still sponsored an annual bus tour of Austin Christmas lights.  This party bus tour always culminated in a visit to the  Zilker Park Holiday Tree. I laughed and replied that it had not occurred in years and we both swapped stories about the raucous  annual affair. The conversation reminded me that after a hiatus of several years the Austin Trail of Lights  had finally returned. Though Austin managed to avoid much of the economic downturn, it … (37 comments)

russell lewis: Another Election is over...and we are still HERE! - 11/07/12 09:24 AM
Another Election is over...and we are still HERE!
Well...another election is finally over and I can again say unequivocally that I am very proud to be a citizen of this incredible experiment called Democracy. I am NOT a Red American or a Blue American but an American! I wrote a post after the last Presidential Election, The Election is over...and we are still HERE! One more time, we have proven that we are one of the few countries that can witness the peaceful continuation of power in spite of all the rhetoric, impassioned argument and this time around, some of the … (46 comments)

russell lewis: Realty Austin - Habitat for Humanity House Raising Day - 10/21/12 05:18 AM
Realty Austin - Habitat for Humanity House Raising Day
As most of the readers of this blog already know, I have been an enthusiastic volunteer and supporter of Austin Habitat for Humanity since 1996. I’ve written about my experiences with them both locally in Austin as well as my blog post about my time with The Gulf Coast, Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter Project after Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi. Though I have been a luxury home broker during my career, I’ve learned that for many people, luxury is defined by the ability to actually own a home! Austin is an excellent place to pay it forward by volunteering … (21 comments)

russell lewis: BURNING FEAR - Austin's 22nd Annual Hot Sauce Festival - 08/25/12 01:59 PM
Burning Fear - Austin's 22nd Annual Hot Sauce Festival
 Pain is NOT a flavor! -Russell & Mattie Lewis  August, 2008
I don't remember the first time I tried hot sauce or tasted my first hot pepper. I cannot recall exactly when hot sauce became an everyday way of life. Or even when I realized that I had become addicted to the endorphin releasing Capsaicin (the stuff that makes peppers HOT). Growing up in West Texas, peppers, salsas and hot sauces were everywhere; at the grocery stores, Tex-Mex restaurants and certainly in many kitchens. Numerous people I grew up with actually made … (45 comments)

russell lewis: Austin Active Rain Meet-up! Thursday August 30th, 2012 - 08/23/12 03:07 AM
Austin Active Rain Meet-up! Thursday August 30th, 2012's time again for a meet-up of Central Texas, Active Rain bloggers! This will be an open gathering and anyone is welcome, whether you are an AR member or not! It's a great way to meet folks who are blogging at Active Rain in person and see what we are like in person! If past meetings are any indication, this is also excellent opportunity  to network, exchange ideas and learn more about agents and Brokers who are active in Austin area.
Even if you are NOT a member but are curious about blogging … (27 comments)

russell lewis: Lost Creek Neighborhood Video Tour - 03/06/12 12:09 AM
Lost Creek Neighborhood Video Tour
Lost Creek, located in the Eanes School District is one of Austin’s finest neighborhoods! I do happen to be a bit prejudiced as we have lived in Lost Creek  since 1992. There are so many good things I could tell you about Lost Creek that I finally decided to take the leap into video as the best way to really showcase this wonderful neighborhood. You will have to forgive my somewhat serious demeanor during most of the video. Most of the people who know me will be surprised at how serious I seem to be … (59 comments)

russell lewis: Downtown Austin Luxury Office Condos Available - 01/06/12 12:48 AM
Nokonah Units 110 & 111 Downtown Austin, Texas Luxury Office Condos 
Units 110 and Unit 111 now available for SALE or LEASE. Class-A office condos in The Nokonah Condominiums one of Austin's finest buildings, located at 901 W. Ninth Street in the popular west end district area near Whole Foods.
Both Units offered for sale together as a package at the price of: $1,299,000.00
Also available for NNN lease: Contact Agent for Rates and Terms
Approx. 4257 square feet of finished out usable space in a high profile high traffic location. Both units include a total 15 reserved, designated … (25 comments)

russell lewis: Fireworks FINALLY return to Austin, Texas - 12/31/11 08:02 AM
 Fireworks FINALLY return to Austin, Texas
It happened is a flash…literally…I heard the explosion and stared at my hand, shocked out of my eleven-year-old mind. I had just touched the smoldering punk to the end of the fuse before tossing the firecracker away, but…instead of the familiar sizzle as the sparks made their way to the gunpowder packed cylinder, it immediately exploded... Zip---BOOM! I was frightened as my hand began to go numb while still throbbing in pain. Checking first to make sure I still had all my fingers, I then quickly looked around to see if anyone had noticed the mishap. … (47 comments)

russell lewis: Austin's 5 Star Trailer, The Mighty Cone, makes it's Small Screen Debut! - 11/28/11 12:02 AM
Austin's 5 Star Trailer, The Mighty Cone, makes it's Small Screen Debut!
I've written aboutThe Mighty Cone before in a post describing the incredible rise of Austin's most famous Food Trailer  The quintessential food of the ACL music festival and Austin's finest trailer . Well, the Mighty Cone has continued to be an extremely popular destination for Trailer food featuring the cones for which they have become so popular. As a matter of fact at this year's ACL Music Festival they broke the previous record of cones sold by selling an incredible 30,000 cones over the three day event. Astounding when … (42 comments)

russell lewis: Pleasure & Pain at the 'Austin Chronicle' Hot Sauce Contest - 08/27/11 11:05 AM
As if suffering through the hottest summer on record here in Austin, Texas was not enough, Sunday marks the 21st annual 'The Austin Chronicle' Hot Sauce Festival! Now don't get me wrong, I love this festival and truly it is the largest and most important hot sauce celebration and contest in the world. I just think it is ironic that there is going to be extreme heat on all levels this coming Sunday. Like the hundreds of people who will enter the different categories and thousands who will show up to sample the myriad of hot sauces, I LOVE all kinds of … (68 comments)

russell lewis: The Alamo Drafthouse Best Place to Enjoy a Movie Without Talking and Texting! - 06/09/11 01:58 PM
The Alamo Drafthouse Best Place to Enjoy a Movie Without Talking and Texting!
I love going to the movies, always have. Back in the last century, as a child, I used to go to the movies every Saturday morning with friends and we would watch the movie several times until the ushers would kick us out to begin that afternoon matinee. I was hooked from the beginning and went through different phases involving monster movies, war movies, Three Stooges and other wacked comedies up to the day we stayed for our first afternoon movie, Porgy and Bess. Yeah...and even though I … (70 comments)

russell lewis: Open House 2900 Willowbridge Circle Sunday, May 15th 2-4PM - 05/13/11 01:00 AM
2900 Willowbridge Circle Open House  Sunday, May 15th 2-4PM
This Sunday, May 15th, 2011, I have the privelage of holding open 2900 Willowbridge Circle. This incredible home was one of the highlights of Austin's 3rd Annual Austin Modern Home Tour back in 2010. As far as modern homes this house is nothing short of SPECTACULAR! Rebuilt in 2009 this Austin Luxury Home has breathtaking open expanses, site-built commercial steel doors. Complete with a huge island in an open gourmet kitchen, exposed beams, pecan built-ins, and unique surfaces and textures. A private master bedroom suite includes an interior brick wall sitting area. 4th bedroom has kitchenette stubbed in … (40 comments)

russell lewis: WIN-WIN A Noble Idea Reduced to Meaningless Jargon? - 04/26/11 05:17 PM
Win-Win  A Noble Idea Reduced to Meaningless Jargon?
Recently I was on the phone with a younger agent from one of those Mega-Companies discussing some details about his offer on one of my listings. We had just about wrapped up our discussion when he told me, "Thanks Mr. Lewis, I hope we can make this a "WIN-WIN" situation..." I paused for a moment of silence (something I rarely do) and then said, "You know, things were going so well and then you had to say that". His startled reply was "What do you mean?" I responded, using some humor to say … (140 comments)

russell lewis: 1600 West Lynn – Open House - Sunday, April 10th 2:00-4:00PM - 04/09/11 01:54 AM
1600 West Lynn  – Open House - Sunday, April 10th 2:00-4:00PM
  1600 West Lynn $1,400,000
This Sunday, April 10th, as part of the city wide AvenueOne Properties Open House Tour  I will be holding the home at 1600 West Lynn open from from 2:00--4:00pm. This classic home located in Old Enfield which is, without a doubt, one of the very best of the Old West Austin neighborhoods. A number of years ago I also lived on West Lynn, though south of Enfield Road in the Clarksville neighborhood, I used to run and ride my bike through the area which is populated by many … (25 comments)

russell lewis: When Personal Coaching Turns Weird - 01/10/11 12:51 AM
When Personal Coaching Turns Weird
The new year always brings renewed interest in bettering ourselves in a variety of ways from physical well being to improving our personal life and even upping our game in the business world. In the past decade there has been an explosion of tremendous proportions in the world of business, work and life coaching and motivation. It seems like every time I turn around I am confronted with a new Coach, Mentor or dare I say it...Guru? So many ways to better yourself with a NEW "proven" plan of action! Often included with many these programs is the ability to have … (112 comments)

russell lewis: Kodak Moment Remembering a Good Man - 12/18/10 12:56 AM

Kodak Moment Remembering a Good Man

Scrambling over some boulders on a crisp cold morning in Yosemite National Park, my Father laughed as he glanced up and noticed the sign warning people to avoid "scrambling over the nearby boulders".  I don't even remember why we were off the trail but as we reached the path, I retrieved one of those Kodak disposable cameras from my jacket and asked a passerby to snap a photo of us standing beside the sign. I tried to frame it for the person who kindly agreed to … (101 comments)

russell lewis: The Chicken Farm Art Center - 11/26/10 02:00 AM

Chicken Farm? Art Center? Yeah I know but remember this is Texas and hear me out. Though I usually write about The Good Life In Austin Texas, there are many places, events and attractions near our city that are NOT TO BE MISSED. A little over three hours drive north west from Austin near the heart of Texas lies the community of San Angelo, Texas. Some interesting tidbits about the town include: the largest city under 100,000 population NOT located on an Interstate Highway, being my home town (38 years ago), location of historical Fort Concho and a … (66 comments)

russell lewis: No One Goes Hungry–Holiday Season Stage it Forward - 11/16/10 02:11 AM

No One Goes Hungry-Holiday Season Stage it Forward

Standing at the corner of 6th and Lamar by Whole Foods, looking at the peach in my hand and waiting for the light to change, my daydreaming is interrupted by the shout of "GET A JOB!"Startled, I look up and see a man in a car glaring at the homeless person standing near me. The homeless person has a sign that says "Dreaming of Mexican Food". The … (120 comments)

russell lewis: Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival - 10/31/10 03:07 PM
Austin's First - Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival
It's a well known fact that Austin, Texas is culinary hotspot and home to all sorts of incredible markets, restaurants and all things food oriented.Our city is on the cutting edge of one the newest trends now sweeping the nation, "Food Trailers". By food trailers I am not referring to run of the mill hotdog stands, taco joints or the ubiquitous construction site "roach coaches" but something completely different. Many culinary school trained chefs, restaurant cooks and aspiring foodies have taken the trailer concept to a much higher level. By applying advanced cooking skills … (41 comments)

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