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Doc every time I do this I get a shooting pain down my back. The Doctor's answer is: "then, don't do that". Old joke but it has a lesson, I needed to take a closer look at. In many respects we realtors can get a shooting pain right in the lower back area very close to our wallet every time we tru...
Do You Want the House or Not?That was the question a contractor told my buyers while we were under contract. These particular buyers were a dream the wife was expecting their first child and the husband was the owner of a successful boat dock company in our area. I had shown this building site to...
In this time of tighter credit requirement agents and Loan officers need to look for alternative lending options for you buyers. Some of those are Buyer's Dream, Niamiah, Chapa, or other 501 (C) (3) not for profit corporations. The 100% loan is still out there like FHA (Disaster Loans), Freddie M...
Who should I see for the financing of my new residence? See your agent first. I'd like to tell you a story that has been repeated too many times. A young couple goes to buy a new home. They sit down with a friend of a friend who just happens to be a loan officer. They think, "Well, Jenny said he ...
 So you want to buy a home? Well, I've been in real estate for most of my adult life, and there is very little I haven't seen or heard. There are a number of questions that should be popping into your mind about now. Like, what is the first step in acquiring a home? Or, who should I see for the f...
            When I first went into the Marine Corps at age 17 I was about 160 lbs. Soaking wet. It was hard keeping any weight on with all the running and the lack of time to eat. I think the first two weeks in I survived on split pea soup and milk. We would get into the chow hall and get every t...
Hi Folks,         Well the stock market seems to be going into the pot. Up and down every time Greenspan clears his throat we feel ripples in the market. Everything from stocks, real estate, Mortgage industry. There is a mass excites in the lower regions of the loan market. I had a lender call th...
Hi Folks,A couple of years ago I had to go to the doctor's office thinking I was going for a routine check-up because Debbie my wife was concerned about me. Well, little did I know that Debbie had told him I hadn't had my prostate checked. I knew then I had been set up. So, with a snap of the lat...

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