northville condos: Northville foreclosure listings - 10/31/12 12:40 AM
Here is the current list of foreclosures in Northville Michigan as of 10/31/2012.  There are only three of them and they have only been on the market an average of 65 days.
If you would like to see any of these three Northville foreclosures give me a call.  Northville is a great community to live in.    Here are some great links to other articles about Northville Michigan

northville condos: Northville real estate update May 2012 - 05/07/12 10:58 PM
With spring of 2012 has come the hot Northville real estate market.  There are just so few homes on the market that it has become a sellers market.  It is a great time to sell your home.  If you are a buyer then it is a lot tougher to find the home you want.  
Be prepared to get into bidding wars, losing houses before you even get to see them or put into a bid.  The Northville real estate market is that hot.  I listed a Northville house a couple of weeks ago and it sold in 3 days.  We had four … (0 comments)

northville condos: Crestwood Manor subdivision homes sold, Northville Michigan - 11/22/11 03:32 AM
In the past year 8 Crestwood Manor subdivision homes sold (Northville, Michigan). On average these homes were on the market for 83 days. These Crestwood Manor subdivision homes range from colonial style homes at 2900 to 4400 square feet and ranch style homes at 2400 to 2800 square feet.
Crestwood Manor subdivisions homes are actually 2 subdivisions with one homeowners association.  Crestwood Manor has approximately 172 homes in it.  The homes were built during the years of 1990 -2000.
Crestwood Manor subdivision homes are located between 6 and 7 mile roads and between Sheldon and Beck Roads.
 If you want to see any Crestwood Manor subdivision … (0 comments)

northville condos: Northville MI – Moving to Northville - 11/03/11 04:58 AM
Northville has more luxury homes than any other city or community in Wayne County.  Northville is considered one of the affluent cities in Wayne County.  Some of the other ones are Plymouth, Grosse Isle, and the Grosse Pointes. Buying a home, especially in a new city like Northville, can seem overwhelming. Well, let’s take a deep breath and let's start from the beginning.  First establish your priorities. Think about:
the lifestyle you're looking for the amount of space you need the style of home that interests you the school requirement the drive time to work, to worship, to shop, to family, … (0 comments)

northville condos: Is a low offer a good idea when buying a Northville home? - 11/02/11 06:16 AM
Is a low offer a good idea when buying a Northville home? My Answer:   While your low offer in a buyers might be looked at, in a today's market (2011) a seller will probably reject it if the home just came on the market. Full-price offers, within 5% below list price, or above list price are more likely to be accepted by the seller within the first two weeks.   But there are other considerations involved: Is the offer contingent upon anything, such as the closing of another home, or the sale of the buyer's current house? If so, a cash … (0 comments)

northville condos: Stonewater subdivision homes sold, Northville Michigan - 10/31/11 06:36 AM
In the past year 32 Stonewater subdivision homes sold (Northville, Michigan). On average these homes were on the markey for 124 days. These Stonewater subdivision homes range from 3300 square feet to 5700 square feet. They are mostly colonial and cape cod style homes.
Stonewater subdivision is located between 6 and 7 mile roads and between Beck and Ridge Roads. There are 11 parks, gazebos, walking trails, trout stream, 6 small lakes totaling 115 acres. The Stonewater subdivision was carved out of a old gravel pit and has many different builders giving a variety of homes and styles.

northville condos: Steeplechase subdivision homes for sale, Northville Michigan - 10/25/11 03:59 AM
Currently there are 15 Steeplechase subdivision homes for sale (Northville, Michigan). On average these homes were on the market for 362 days. The Steeplchase subdivision homes range from 3100 square feet ro 5400 square feet. Steeplechase subdivision homes are mostly Colonial and Cape Cod style.  Most of the homes have brick exteriors, 3 & 3+ car garages, 3-4 bedrooms, 2 + bathrooms, basements.
 Steeplechase subdivision homes consisit of approximately 175 homes in it.  The homes were built during the years of 2003 -2009. Steeplechase subdivision homes is located between 6 and 7 mile roads and between Ridge and Napier Roads.

northville condos: Northville Foreclosures - 10/21/11 04:43 AM
Northville, Michigan is a wonderful place to live. Currently there are 2 Northville foreclosures. On average these homes have been on the market for 9 days.

northville condos: Highland Lakes subdivision homes sold, Northville Michigan - 10/17/11 06:11 AM
In the past year 4 Highland Lakes subdivision homes sold (Northville, Michigan). On average these homes were on the market for 32 days. These Highland Lakes subdivision homes range from 1600 square feet to 2300 square feet. They are mostly colonial style homes. Highland Lakes subdivision is located between 7 and 8 mile roads and between Meadowbrook and Novi Roads. The homes in Highland Lakes subdivision mostly have Aluminum, vinyl, brick/vinyl, brick exteriors, 2 car garages, 3-4 bedrooms, 2 + bathrooms, basements. … (0 comments)

northville condos: 5 steps to take before selling your Northville home - 09/30/11 07:39 AM
Here are 5 steps to take before selling your Northville home.
Essential Michigan Home Selling PreparationsHere are some important steps that most home sellers should take before listing a house with an agent or selling it for sale by owner. Every bit of prep work you do helps you get the most return from your investment.1. Determine How Much Your House Is WorthDetermine your home's fair market value. Real estate agents will usually help you determine value as a courtesy, but you might take it a step further and order an appraisal.2. Estimate Your Costs to SellReal estate commission if you use … (0 comments)

northville condos: Northville Commons subdivision homes sold, Northville Michigan - 09/13/11 08:50 AM
In the past year 9 Northville Commons subdivision homes have sold (Northville, Michigan). On average these homes were on the market for 97 days. These Northville Commons subdivision homes range from ranch homes between 1700 and 2400 square feet and colonial style homes between 2300 and 3500 square feet.
Northville Commons subdivision homes has actually 5 subdivisions with one homeowners association.  Northville Commons has approximately 325 homes in it.  The homes were built during the years of 1971 -1980.Northville Commons subdivision homes are located between 5 and 6 mile roads and between Haggerty and Northville Roads.
If you want to see any Northville Commons subdivision … (0 comments)

northville condos: Northville real estate - 04/19/11 06:45 AM
 Some Northville real estate is moving quite quickly if you look at the table below.    Look at the column that says DOM (days on market). Some of these Northville homes have sold in 2, 3, or 4 days on the market.  That means that had time to negotiate the sale and accept it in less than four days!   You will notice that the ones that have been on the market a long time sometimes are short sales or on major streets.
Also you will notice that many of the Northville homes that sold within two weeks sold close to list price.  … (0 comments)

northville condos: Northville foreclosures - 04/04/11 03:57 PM
Northville foreclosures where are they?  There are just not many of them any more.  In fact there is only one Northville MI foreclosure right now.
Right now inventory in the Metro Detroit real estatemarket is down and it is the same with Northville homes and Northville foreclosures.  Many Northville homes that enter foreclosure may never be sold as a foreclosure because they may get sold as a short sale or get bought at sheriff sale.  So don't bank on buying a home just because you know a neighbor isn't making any more payments.
Many media sources keep talking about the … (0 comments)

northville condos: Woodlands North subdivision Northville MI - 12/05/10 02:04 PM
Currently there is only one Woodlands North subdivision for lease in Northville MI.  There are no Woodland Subdivision homes for sale as of 12/5/2010.
If you are moving to Northville MI Woodlands subdivision is a neighborhood you should look at.  Woodlands subdivision is located at the North west corner of Sheldon and 6 Mile Rd.  The subdivision was built by Pulte Homes.  It is a very nice subdivision with lots of green common areas and a walking path.  What I like about it the subdivision is that it has a great home owners association that takes care of the residents and … (0 comments)

northville condos: I lost $200,000 on my Northville home - 09/20/10 03:34 PM
Yes I heard on of my friends utter the words "I lost $200,000 on my Northville home".  This guy is smart.  He is retired and wasn't ready to sell back in 2004 at the top of our Metro Detroit real estate market.  Now he is thinking of looking for a home in Florida.
But he won't sell his piece of Northville Real estate because he has lost $200,000.  It doesn't matter that he wasn't ready to sell or couldn't sell 4 years ago.  It doesn't matter that he won't see his house come back to that high value in the next … (1 comments)

northville condos: To buy a New Northville home or not - 09/16/10 02:46 AM
Should you buy a new Northville home or not?  What are the downfalls of a new Northville home?
You can buy a new Northville home for just about the same cost as an existing Northville home that is a few years old.  The issues are what isn't included in the sale of the home.
For example:
Is landscaping included? Is a deck included?  What is included in the base price?  Do you need to pay for a bunch of upgrades like granite counter tops? Do you have to pay a lot premium? That is what is going to cost you.  I … (0 comments)

northville condos: Northville foreclosures - 08/15/10 03:06 PM
Right now there are only 3 Northville foreclosures for sale.
These 3 Northville foreclosures have been on the market an average of 50 days.  Like most of metro Detroit the number of foreclosures in most cities is way down from a year and a half ago.  We will continue to have a small number of foreclosures in Northville in the future.
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northville condos: Condo associations and Metro Detroit condo buyers - 08/10/10 03:36 PM
One of my clients thought we were closing tomorrow.  I thought the same thing.  But come to find out the seller (a developer) who has 25 condos and the management association have a disagreement.  The developer was converting over the apartments to condos. 
At some point the developer was paying the outside lighting bill and at the same time they have become delinquent on the association dues for the 25 units they own.  So now the management company for the condo association are holding up the sale of the condo my clients want to buy.
The sent a status letter for … (4 comments)

northville condos: Northville relocation - Northville real estate - 08/08/10 04:06 PM
Here is some information if you have a Northville relocation in your future and a little bit about Northville real estate.  Most people talk about Northville as one entity but it is really two different communities; The City of Northville and Northville Township.  The city of Northvilleis not very big and has a historic area that has many Victorian homes.  Whereas Northville Township has many high end newer subdivisions and lower taxes.
But for this article let's consider Northville as "one community" because most people that live there do.  Within five - 10 minutes of Northville you have two good sized malls.  There is plenty of … (0 comments)

northville condos: Northville home buying tips -get a quality home inspection - 05/02/10 08:51 AM
Get A Quality Home Inspection - Northville home buying tips
Remember buying this Northville MI home is one of the biggest financial investment of your life. Even if you are tight for money paying for a qualified home inspection before you buy a home isn't wasting money.  This could be the best money you spend when buying a Northville MI home.  A home inspection is spending "a little extra" for peace of mind; it's absolutely essential to find out if you are buying a money pit.  You don't want to be cheap and not pay for a home inspection and then spend thousands of dollars for repairs later. Ask … (0 comments)

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