oakland county lake homes: 3 Oakland County Lake Homes - 11/02/20 03:15 PM
Here are the three most expensive lake houses in Oakland County MI.   Whether you are looking for a luxury lakefront estate or just a small weekend cottage we can help.  Check out the 4 lake houses below or email me at yesmyrealtor@gmail.com to get a list of lake homes that fit your criteria.
If you have any questions about the local lakes give me a call or text. 
Russ Ravary

oakland county lake homes: What to expect when buying an Oakland County Lake home - 09/05/18 08:59 AM
Knowing what to expect when buying an Oakland County lakefront home is important.  There is no sense wasting your time or getting you frustrated with unrealistic expectations.  Buying an Oakland County lake home is a total different experience for a home buyer in Southeastern Michigan.    When you buy a regular home in a subdivision or a community in metro Detroit in most cases you are going to find similar homes with similar styles and ages in one neighborhood.  Everything is very similar..... parking, yards, neighbors homes, exteriors of the homes, and even the basic characteristics of the homes.
It is a little … (0 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Metro Detroit lake information - Oakland County lake homes - 05/02/18 02:41 AM
If you are looking for an Oakland County lake home in Michigan here is many different links to Metro Detroit Lake information.  I have 3 different websites on Metro Detroit lakes that will give you information about our local lakes.
All sports or non all sports Private or public lake Size of the lake Aerial view of the lake Link to lake maps DNR access Ski courses on the lake Depth Whether the houses are on well or septic What types of roads on the lake What the general house size is like Types of houses on the lake By using these … (0 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Oakland County lakefront real estate update - 04/16/18 06:12 PM
If you are looking to buy a lake property in Oakland County then one of the best things I can recommend you to know is what homes have been selling for.  Not only should you be checking the comps before you put in an offer, but it is wise to look at the recent history of the sold homes on the lakes.  What I mean by that is you should look at Days on the market, and the comparision of list price versus sales price.  Not only will you learn how fast or slow homes are selling for, but you will … (1 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Market report on waterfront homes in Oakland County MI - 10/02/17 09:04 AM
I was asked the other day from a buyer client about the real estatge market for lake home in the area.  They thought when the fall weather hit that there would be more homes and more bargains.  So I  thought I would share and give you an update of what is happening in Waterfront homes in SE Michigan.  The lakefront real estate market near metro Detroit is some what similar to the regular real estate market in that it is still going up.   It is still a good real estate market in metro Detroit whether you are selling a regular home or a home on … (0 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Waterfront Homes for Sale in Oakland County MI - 08/14/17 02:10 AM
Do you want to live on the waterfront? 
With 61 cities, townships and villages, there’s no doubt that Oakland County is a gigantic location to find your perfect home.
The county’s population was spread out in terms of school growth, real estate evolution. There are approximately 354 public schools with an average rating of B+. When it comes to homes for sale, there are 3,678 properties all over the county that are currently listed and available for viewing.
If you want to lead a life of adventure, you’ve come to the right place!
Oakland County waterfront homestyles 
This type of lifestyle is conducive to … (0 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Oakland County Lake Estates - 05/11/17 04:02 AM
They say life is better at the lake, so why not live as close as you can get? 
Buying a lake estate in Oakland County has its share of special considerations. If you want to make the best choice, you have to make sure you fully understand all the important aspects involved when buying a house on the water.
Size is one of the factors that you have to look into. This may play a large part in  your purpose for buying a lakefront property. If it will just be for you, your spouse and the kids, a small home will do. If … (0 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Oakland County Lake Homes - 04/27/17 08:28 PM
Let us make lakeside living easy for you! 
Fall in love with the fantastic selection of lakefront properties at Oakland County Lake and be close to nature.
Oakland County is located in the state of Michigan, northwest of the Detroit Metropolitan area. It is known for its stunningly beautiful gift from the ice age, the lakes that surround the wonderful communities and a former place of the native people. If you need a break from the city and you are longing for  a serene, peaceful and delightful place, Oakland County is perfect for you! You will surely enjoy magnificent lake views just … (2 comments)

oakland county lake homes: How to be one of the smart Oakland County lake home buyers - 03/30/17 09:50 AM
So I am sure you want to know how to be one of the smart Oakland County lake home buyers.  
Everybody wants to buy a house that will go up in value.   After all we want to make money on the house when we sell it.  Your home will become one of your biggest financial assets later in life.  It is no different with a lake home buyer.  I want you to be the one of the smartest lake home buyers in Michigan.  I want to talk about what is important when buying a lake home.  It is all about the location.  In real estate we … (0 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Waterford Lakes - Lake Oakland and Woodhull Lake - 07/31/12 02:45 AM
 Looking for a Waterford Lake that is more than a round circle?  Then you should think about Lake Oakland and Woodhull Lake.  They connect together via a large culvert under Sashabaw Rd.  They are both fairly decent size lakes.
Lake Oakland is 237 acres and WoodHull Lake is a 135 acres.  So combined they are a little over 370 acres.  That is a fairly decent size body of water in Oakland County.
Lake Oakland does have public access so the public can get to Woodhull too.   They are great public allsports lakes.  Below are two amateur videos of the lake.  One … (0 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Lakeville Lake homes for sale, Oakland County Michigan - 11/04/11 04:47 AM
Currently there are 5 Lakeville Lake homes sold (Oakland County Michigan). On average these homes were on the market for 252 days.  These Lakeville Lake homes range from small 700 square foot cottages to larger homes up to 3000 square feet. Most of the homes on Lakeville Lake are colonials, ranches and split levels with some cape cods and contemporary styles mixed in.
 Lakeville Lake homes are on a 460 acre. all sports lake in Addison Twp, Michigan. Lakeville Lake front homes are located north of Lakeville Rd and northwest of Rochester Rd.

oakland county lake homes: Oakland County Lake homes sold in the past year - 10/18/11 03:30 AM
There have been 774 Oakland County lake homes sold in the past year. The average sale price of these homes was $268,000 and the average days that these homes were on the market was 121 days.
 Bass Lake
Within the past year there have been over 1300 Oakland County lake homes listed for sale. The average price of these lake homes for sale was around $423,000 with an average of 168 days on the market.
 Maceday Lake
                                                            Loon Lake  

oakland county lake homes: Lake Orion homes for sale , Oakland County Michigan - 09/27/11 03:51 AM
Currently there are 16 Lake Orion homes for sale (Oakland County Michigan). On average these homes have been on the market for 107 days. These Lake Orion homes range from 500 square feet to over 6000 square feet. The home styles on the lake are mostly ranch, colonial and contemporary.
 Lake Orion is a 470 acre, all sports lake.  Lake Orion is a U shaped lake is because there is a peninsula that splits the lake in half.  The peninsula is about  three quarter the length of the lake.  There are 5 fingers that go off Lake Orion and there are five islands … (0 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Upper Straits Lakes homes for sale, West Bloomfield Michigan - 08/15/11 01:04 AM
Here are seven Upper Straits Lakes homes for sale in West Bloomfield Michigan and Orchard Lake.  The 8 Upper Straits lakes homes range in price from $325,000 up to $7,500,000.  They have been on the market and average of 118 days.
Upper Straits Lake is what I would call an "upper end" South Eastern Michigan Lake.  The demographics of the lake would show that the home owners are in the top tiers of income and college educated.
Upper Straits Lake is 323 acres in sizes and has a max depth of about 96 feet.  It is a private all-sports lake.  Depending on … (1 comments)

oakland county lake homes: The upcoming winter Metro Detroit real estate market - 11/15/09 12:21 PM
This winters Metro Detroit real estate market is going to be a little different than last year.  Here is what I see happening this winter.
Last year you could snap up Metro Detroit foreclosures really cheap.  It wasn't unusual to be able to pick up a decent Metro Detroit home at a bargain price.  This year I believe foreclosure homes prices will be higher than last year.  We will see more Metro Detroit foreclosures hitting the market than we had over the summer.  Because of Governor Granholm and President Obama's moratoriums on foreclosures there were quite a few Metro Detroit foreclosures that … (0 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Oakland County Lake front homes under $250,000 - 11/08/09 01:41 PM
Currently there are 182 Oakland County lake front homes under $250,000.  Oakland County has hundreds of lakes to chose from.  Whether you want a small pond just to enjoy the wildlife or a large lake to enjoy power boats and water sports Oakland County Michigan has a lake for you.
What's even better than all those different types of lakes are all the different types of homes that are on the lakes.  There are:
old cottage style homes (as small as 600 sq ft) rustic up north style cottages year round homes mega mansions So whatever you are looking … (0 comments)

oakland county lake homes: What's happening In Oakland County lake front homes for sale - 10/18/09 02:03 PM
This is just my opinion on what is happening in Oakland County lake front homes for sale.  I myself don't think Oakland County Lake front homes have dropped that much in value.  Many Oakland County lake homes are holding their value.  Sure they have dropped a little but not as much as the rest of the Metro Detroit real estate market. 

Many of the lakefront homes in the upper price brackets are not selling.  The market is not there.  There are currently 114 Oakland County water front homesthat are priced over a million dollars.   114 homes.  And only 7 of … (1 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Oakland County Lakefront Property and Lake info - 04/25/09 02:05 PM
 Oakland County Lake information
Oakland County has over 320 named lakes.  Some are what I would call a large ponds.  There are many all sport lakes to enjoy whatever you like including:
waterskiing fishing tanning playing in the sand jet skiing sailing floating in the lake wake boarding boating knee boarding swimming  The Largest Oakland County lake is Cass Lake at 1282 acres.   Whether you are looking at purchasing a small 800 square foot range or a 7000 square foot mansion on the lake Oakland County lakes have it all.  Oakland County Lake properties are ranging from $100,000 up to 10 … (2 comments)

oakland county lake homes: Lake Sherwood Real Estate, Commerce Township, MI - 09/03/08 03:33 PM
Lake Sherwood

There are 627 homes on Lake Sherwood in Commerce Township. The homes are ranches, split levels, colonials, and cape cods. The lake is a man made lake. Lake Sherwood is an all-sports lake. The homes were built between 1958 to 1998. Square footage of the homes range from 1400 - 5100. The homes have:
2 + car garages
3-5 Bedrooms
2.1 + bathrooms
Basements. (some walkout)
Exterior of the homes are brick, cedar, brick/vinyl, brick/wood
The streets near and around Lake Sherwood are:
Sandbar Dr                  Ravinwood Dr
Deerwood Dr                Commerce Rd
Tiquewood Cir              Surfwood Dr
Pikewood Ct                Trentwood Dr

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