boston condos: Cash Buyers Assume They Can Pay Less? Never Assume - 04/18/14 11:29 PM
Cash Buyers Assume They Can Pay Less?  Never Assume Cash buyers have been making many condo sellers in Brighton and Brookline very happy these days.  In general, they have an upper hand because they can waive the financing contingnecy, and they save everyone a lot of work and stress around obtaining financing.
With a cash buyer, the transaction is perceived as easier and less risky.
In turn, cash buyers and their agents assume they can make lower offers since their terms are so much better.
This assumption is flawed. 
Although cash buyers offer an incentive to the seller with lower risk, offering … (0 comments)

boston condos: 1933 Commonwealth Avenue #606 in Brighton - 01/13/14 12:29 AM
1933 Commonwealth Avenue #606 in Brighton
One Bedroom condo with garage parking.  Spectacular view of the reservoir, Cleveland Circle location, walk to B, C, D lines.  Priced at $329,000.
Watch this one minute video to get an inside look at the Claridge House and the condo itself.  


boston condos: Buying a Condo in Boston? Include the Most Important Contingencies! - 09/15/13 02:23 AM
Buying a Condo in Boston?  Include the Most Important Contingencies! Standard paperwork of the Boston area association of Realtors is highly protective of both the buyer and the seller.  It includes the two most common and important contingencies when buying a home.  But when buying a condominium, don't forget there are THREE contingencies you must include in your offer to purchase.
The offer form has the inspection contingency and mortgage contingency written into it.  You have 7-10 days to conduct your inspection.  You are highly encouraged to hire a licensed inspector who is warmly recommended.  The sellers are obligated to allow … (12 comments)

boston condos: Just Sold! Lofts at Westinghouse, Unit 334 - 05/18/13 11:07 AM
Just Sold! Lofts at Westinghouse, Unit 334 The lofts in Westinghouse in Hyde Park are one of the best places to put your money, I believe.  My clients bought a third floor condo with 24' celings, where they plan to add a floor.  Wow! 
Originally the units only sold to artists, the former factory maintained the beautifully worn wood floors and beams.  A balance of history and innovation.
Seach condos for sale at the Lofts at Westinghouse, Hyde Park
These pictures are taken by the listing broker, Marjorie Vogt, not me.


boston condos: Contingency to Sell Home: Selling a Condo and Buying a House in Boston - 03/30/13 12:41 AM
Contingency to Sell Home: Selling a Condo and Buying a House in Boston Area If you need to sell your condo to buy a house in Brookline, Newton and the Greater Boston area, you are not alone.  With housing so expensive, not many can manage to keep both homes, or even pay for the house without the proceeds from the condo.
A contingency to sell your home is a common way to protect you in this situation.  You make an offer with a contingency on an accepted offer, purchase and sale, or closing of the condo you are selling.
Sounds like … (1 comments)

boston condos: Mortgage Requirements for Condominiums in Boston - 03/28/13 05:01 AM
Mortgage Requirements for Condominiums in Boston Buying a condo in Boston, MA with a mortgage?  Prepare yourself for this process!  Many buyers are overwhelmed by the process and wonder why so much information is required.  Other than your personal financial information, a condominium purchase has many other elements.  Use the checklist below, and you can have an easy home buying process.
1. Closing date.  Tell your mortgage officer your expected closing date as soon as possible so your rate can be locked, even before the application is submitted.
2. Application.  Your mortgage application to buy a condo or any other property … (1 comments)