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Our indepth research is right on target. It includes local, state & national market trends. We go above & beyond the competion to supply consumers with information to make the right decisions.



        Is this Guerrilla Advertising or Taking Advantage of an Opportunity?     This morning my fingers tripped over the keys typing in the address for and I stumbled onto Trump University.  Hmmm...Interesting.     My first reaction was "Wow".   I had no idea ActiveRain was sellin...
This is what they teach you on The Apprentice? If real estate professionals are already questioning your ethics for teaching people to use their credit cards to make down payments on investment properties (see discussion on, do you really want to further antagonize them by "typo...
Property History ReportThe advancement of technology has enabled Realtors to have property history information at their fingertips.  Most multiple listing services have a PROPERTY HISTORY feature for agent members to print out a report on an address that was listed on their MLS.  Property History...
 SIFTING THROUGH THE DIRT AND GRAVEL OF REAL ESTATE BLOGS SEARCHING FOR GOLD       Treasure Hunting through blogs looking for nuggets of golden wisdom from real estate professionals worth their metal?  Keep in mind:     YOU are the basic element for successful golden opportunities.     Prospectin...
Years ago, I was contacted by a young lady that was bit the "Flipping Bug" and was suffering. She was a little panicked and needed help.  The agents she called did not want to be bothered.  There was no money to be made. She purchased a small urban property that needed TLC on a 0% for 6 months cr...
In the morning, take a couple of minutes to reflect.  How did yesterday go?What are your goals for today?What is important today?Make a prioritized to-do list.  Is there is something you have been avoiding?  Do it!  Be proud of the accomplishment.Unsuccessful and unhappy people often have monoton...
This blog was placed here by "my hands".  First, I want to apoligize to "my hands".  I work with my hands and rarely give them a break.  Along with selling real estate, I enjoy gardening and "Do It Yourelf" Projects.  My cuticles have suffered tremendously.I think they are tired of being neglecte...
 Prima facie, in Latin meaning "at first sight" and refers to a fact which is presumed to be true or legally sufficient to establish that fact unless it is rebutted or disproved by evidence to the contrary.It is very important to keep all real estate paperwork organized not only for the well-bein...
     We are opening up a new office in Norwalk, Connecticut  next to a yoga studio. I look forward to "stretching out"  (pun intended) and mingle.     We are in a high traffic corner with super view.   There are so many businesses in the area; I can not wait to walk around and introduce myself.  ...
     If a picture is worth a thousand words, a bad picture leaves the consumer (or agent) with only one word, "huh?"     Not hiring a professional photographer to take shots of the exterior and interior of properties?  Then take a minute to:InsideOpen curtains - let the sun inTurn on lights. Focu...

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