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     I saw this on MSN.  Being real estate related, I thought it would be something to keep an eye on.      In a world where I can barely make up my mind which drapes to buy (or not to hang drapes at all), a gentleman has made his entire flat in England look like Star Trek's Enterprise.       Wha...
   Yesterday, I asked a question about LLC's owning listed property and the listing broker is the owner of the LLC.  Should this be disclosed?    I called the Connecticut Association of Realtors; Attorney Markoni responded quickly to my inquiry.  The answer was simple.  If a broker/agent has ANY ...
                                                                                  "Quick!  The sun is shining!  Forward all calls to our cell phones and let's get out of here!"       For a little while today, we sneaked away to get some fresh spring air.  I put on my old jeans, lug-sole shoes and...
    I just read Inman's Article on "Open House Don'ts".  The only thing I saw missing from the recipe was "be sure the Seller hides their prescription medications".  (Inman Article will self-destruct at mid-night.)    Years ago, I held an open-house for an associate in a lovely upscale neighborho...
    I love positive feedback. Everyone stands a little taller when they receive compliments.  But, complaints are an opportunity to grow as well. Wishing away chronic negativity is not going make everything sunshine and roses.  Removing "the negativity" (letting the complainer go) may help for a ...
   TITAN REAL ESTATE AGENT - MEDUSA knew the importance of eye contact     I am not sure if I could be in real estate without my eyes.  I know of many miracles performed by those with limited or no vision, and I tremendously respect these individuals.  But, what would I do as a real estate profes...
      My daughter is in theater and enjoys artsy films.  She has introduced me to many indie movies that I might not have ever known about.  Most of the time, I appreciate her talent for picking fantastic flicks.  Since, Chris, my husband, is playing in an out-of-state racquet ball tournament thi...
                         This is outside one of my downstairs windows.  I doubt that I will be making it out to any "pub" to celebrate my Irish heritage (The McIntyre's, The Twyford's and The Archer's). Today will be better spent enjoying some Irish Coffee, watching John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara ...
   I don't think agents should be sold back their leads for a referral fee on top of all the other fees a company may charge to be an independent contractor in that firm.   Do Ad clicks and (the debatable) company scrubbing cost 30% of the sale price of a property?    It can get a little pricey f...
Hey, where'd he go?      On February 26, I blogged about stumbling on to Trump University advertising on  Today, I took a minute to re-visit this blog and clicked on the site only to find the site being sponsored by many real estate ads.    Many (and I mean lots!) of real estate co...

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