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Second Hand News about Second Life.  Second Life ParodyIt is a big virtual world out there. Corporations are "virtually" everywhere.   So what is happening in the world of make-believe:The market for virtual land in January 2007 was $12.30, has steadily declined to $8.48 in July. (Average L$ paid...
The blog post I recommend reading is one of the best I have seen out there (in the blogsphere).  Simplistic, tasteful, and humorous.  Great information and insight into diverse things that "make you think".  If you are an agent grumping about your broker, read this article. It is right on the mon...
The Answer:A Wooster Street End Unit Condo (Click Photo Montage)Located in the famous "Little Italy" of New Haven, Connecticut. Walk to train station. MapNear Yale, and all of New Haven's Cultural Amenties!City Chic and Metro-Marvelous! Well-maintained area!2 Large Bedrooms1.5 BathsUpdates Throug...
Lead Generation Transparency -  It's Not Transparent, It Is Just Full of Holes Sorry AgentMatch, beta disclose. "...view local agents based on criteria such as location, marketing services offered, commission rate, and transaction experience."Reading through Jessica Swesey's article in Inman News...
    Darn!  Someone else has beat me to the punch line and wrote a book with this in mind: Author:  Scott Berkhun (website Essays and Advice) "...With innovations like the computer and the Internet, we tend to believe that they were accepted right away and that their innovators were lauded as brin...
     There has been much said about online presence, reputations and public perception.  Now Google is taking NEWS into the realm of conversation.   Some may even want the PR (whether positive or negative) and keep a story going. There are benefits for being in the news.  Things might  get pretty...
Earlier in the year, Coldwell Banker (follow link below to story) decided to set up shop in the virtual land of  Second Life.  I thought that was pretty clever, going against the grain of the dinosauristic realistic "presence" of business as usual.  (EvenI joined Second Life for fun, I didn't get...
       Do you act like an EMPLOYEE or an  ENTREPRENEUR?       I have witnessed all too often agents just sitting there on floor-time waiting for the phone to ring without doing any other work.  I have listened to agent complaints about "their creativity being stifled by their license holder."    ...
The following are lists of links and links of lists! A plethera of resources and ideas.  Things for a creative user can utilize to their advantage! Bon Apetit!WHY GIVE THE MILK AWAY FOR FREE?     Some local papers (in my area, anyway), have real e...
Glorious Sunday Morning to All! Before I head out to a family gathering today, I thought this link may entertain an agent stuck in an office on floortime. Take a few minutes from updating your files,  grabbing another " old and bitter" coffee from the company Bunn Machine and  enjoy something tha...

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