fairfield: The Circle of WildLife in Fairfield County Connecticut (Beware: Graphic Photographs) - 05/06/09 11:42 AM
     Although it is best to keep your eyes on the road while driving down the winding roads, it is amazing that sometimes you can see some of the wild life that is usually hidden in the shadows of the thick trees. 
     At a quick glance I thought I spied small stray dog, and pulled my car off the road to get a better look.  With windows rolled up, this was the scene that was camouflaged by the tall grass.  Sad and unpleasant, it was still a fascinating see a fox.  The small deer must have been a victim of being hit by a vehicle.  It was a rare look at the circle of wildlife … (1 comments)

fairfield: Is Increasing Commission a Subliminal Bail-out for Real Estate Companies to Retain Agents? - 03/29/09 08:22 AM
This is a very interesting article. It made me think and ask questions. 
Commission rates up, but agents earn less
Study reveals reverse trend in seller's market
By Bernice Ross, Sunday, March 29, 2009
My comment was as follows:
Is this an advertisement for Keller Williams?
..."KW reported a 2 percent increase their per-agent productivity while the National Association of Realtors reported a 2.9 percent decrease.
What's fascinating about the KW numbers is that during the time that commission rates were falling, agents were actually making more in the average amount commission amount they were earning."
Is that a subliminal recruitment … (3 comments)

fairfield: News That Moves??? - 03/28/09 12:16 AM
There is no HOORAH for a change in housing.  Just a steady hum of hope for better days.
I was reading the housing market headlines, and was trying to do the math. What is the public perception of the housing market based on these stories?     
I see that home prices rose in January and home sales fell. Then I see home sales up, because prices are declining.
These headlines are not so motivational to either the buyers or the sellers.
 US existing home sales fall 5.3% in Jan - Reuters
WASHINGTON - The pace of sales of existing home in the United States fell 5.3 per cent in January … (0 comments)

fairfield: A Professional and Purposeful Life at 88 Years Old - 03/26/09 07:42 AM
    If you have ever read any of my posts you know that I have grammatically faux pas'd here, and misspelled there.  My mind is faster than my fingers. But good fortune has smiled upon me.  I have my own professional editor.  My father-in-law, Robert Baron Ruthman. 
    "Uncle Bob", as he is affectionately known, was a professional journalist, and television writer.  He has interviewed John F. Kennedy, and the likes of others. Wrote a play with his friend, the late Kurt Vonnegut, and even did stand-up with Phyllis Diller. 
    So you can imagine how much courage it takes to present a paragraph or two to my father-in-law.  I sit there … (5 comments)

fairfield: Home Buyer Survey: What Would It Take For You To Buy A Home In Today's Housing Market? - 03/05/09 04:33 AM
    You must have seen the television commercials out there: homebuyers are sitting on the fence waiting to buy a house,  or kicking themselves in the butt because they missed an opportunity to purchase a home....but what is important to you.
     What is important to you?  What would get you to move in today's housing market?  Take the survey .


fairfield: Big Real Estate Company Exposure Using A Small Company - Value Marketing - 02/26/09 06:44 AM
It has been said a million times, print advertising does not sell homes.
Say it with me again, print advertising does not sell homes.
That's right!  Print advertising does not sell homes. 
Home Buyers Are Online.  (Print advertising is usually marketed  online, as well). 
Big Real Estate Company versus Small Real Estate Company
Sellers will not necessarily net more in this market if Seller pays more, and Sellers do not necessarily need a bigger company to sell in this market.
Consumers should know the power of the Internet Data Exchange.  IDX.  The sharing of Multiple Listing Service that allows all brokers to share the same properties on their iindividual company … (0 comments)

fairfield: Plastic Film on Windows - Is That A No-No When Selling - 01/18/09 02:12 AM
 Recently while looking for properties for a first time homebuyer,
I came across a photograph of a lovely older home.  As I added the charming home to my list for showing,  a certain thing caught my eye:  "Plastic film on the windows". 
Buyers have concerns about  fuel costs, and homes being efficient.  The plastic film may save (somewhat) on fuel costs, but detracts from its attractiveness for a better sale price for the seller.
To me, it states: need to replace windows. 
        What do you think???

fairfield: The Voter Next to Me - 11/04/08 08:55 AM
     Like many good Americans, I voted today. 
     I stood in line for only a few minutes, and was quite pleased when I was finally handed my red folder with a single piece of paper inside.
    A gentleman pointed me in the direction of a free privacy cubicle. I walked over to it, and  just as I was opening the red folder I was handed, a woman in the cubicle next to me,  "pssst'ed me". 
    I was a little shocked. I felt like I wasn't supposed to be talking to anyone. 
    The woman, who was about my age, (ok...maybe a little younger), was … (7 comments)

fairfield: House on the Side of the Road - 10/20/08 02:15 PM
     Before I go to sleep in a bed that is well-over 150 years old, and quite opulent with a deeply carved headboard reaching over 8 feet tall.  I walk past a fireplace, and glance at a  small silhouette wall-hanging.  It is not in pristine condition, but I love (and live by) the sentiment on the glass which covers the print of rose-covered cottage:
House by the Side of the Road
Samual Walter Foss public domain 1899
THERE are hermit souls that live withdrawn In the place of their self-content; There are souls like stars, that dwell apart,In a fellowless firmament; There are pioneer souls that blaze the paths … (0 comments)

fairfield: An Ethical Question Regarding Customer Thank You Testimonials - 10/12/08 07:47 AM
     Last night I received a wonderful email thanking me for the good job we have done on following up on a transaction.  In this, "makes me feel good - that's why I am in real estate" kind of email, the customer mentions the name of the company that they were working with previously. 
     So, here is my question:
     Can I post the actual email verbatim?
     Should I post it verbatim?

fairfield: Private and Confidential Post - Many Thanks To Robert A. Swetz - 10/10/08 07:31 AM
Home : Nevada : Clark County : Las Vegas : ROBERT A.SWETZ
Dear Robert,
Thank you for your thoughtful consideration for the "creature" feature!   A Small Creature In My Garden
Looking through my PC windows at the Activerain community, I have noticed you are an exceptional person. 
Lots of us go through our daily lives without so much as a pat on the back, so I want to tell you I appreciate the considerate invitations to your groups.  
Respectfully and sincerely,
Ruthman Real Estate
...AND For those of you reading this personal thank you note, here are some great groups … (0 comments)

fairfield: Re-Invent the Wheel - Especially If It Has Not Been A Goodyear. - 09/22/08 09:24 AM
     Well, it hasn't been a Goodyear (pun intended) for the housing market.  Which reminds me of a manager I once knew who said, "Why Re-invent the Wheel"?  This was his way of a mind-obstacle; discouraging agents from leaving the company path.
    For me, being a co-dependent independent contractor was not the road I wanted to stay on.  I felt too much like a passenger in my own career.  Riding shot-gun was not for me.  I wanted to take the wheel, especially during this slippery slope housing market. 
         My point being, have you ever looked at the different"wheels" for different terrains:

I visualize … (0 comments)

fairfield: Unnatural Nature - Venti Puff Balls - 09/22/08 09:07 AM
   Our weather in Fairfield County Connecticut has been a little damp latey, and strange things are appearing.    As I drove down my driveway, I saw three balls nestled near the drain.  I thought perhaps the neighbor kids up the street lost their soccer balls.  On closer examination, and the lack of black, I got out of my car to find that these three objects were "Fungi".  They were quite enormous, but I didn't want to go all the back up the driveway for a ruler, so I used the next best thing to show how big they were...A Starbucks Venti* Coffee. 

That evening, I went … (0 comments)

fairfield: Don't Let 'Em Guess About Your Intent - 09/22/08 08:32 AM
Inspired by: Bad Members or Just Bad Posts? 
Mary Bowen, The Woodlands Texas Real Estate & Relocation Specialist The Woodlands, TX
Thank you, Mary
     I agree whole-heartedly with Mary's post.  I also respect the fact that she wrote such a great post with some not so great things going on in her life.  Now that's a lady that can keep  it together!

     I think the "emotion"or the spirit in which some thing is posted can be lost in the translation.  A person may harmlessly tease someone, and the other person could misunderstand.  I would never attack an individual, but I may disagree with … (0 comments)

fairfield: Lehman Brothers "Memoriabilia" on eBay - 09/22/08 04:16 AM
643 results found for "Lehman Brothers" on eBAY.  I suppose that is one way to make a buck after you cleaned out your desk.
     I found the Global Conference Binder and Materials is probably an interesting read, and probably the best value:  FREE Shipping.
    Lehman Brothers Global Conference Binder is up for bids by ebays: thankfulhearts4

    What is the real FREEDOM OF THE PRESS? Well, we  know that  print adveritising is definitely not FREE.
    My question is:  
     Do newspapers charge "advertisers" to be included in news articles?      I know newspapers sell bulk advertising,  and will even negotiate those prices. But, does how much a real estate company pays in advertising on a certain newspaper allow them to be important enough to be interviewed for real estate news articles.
       Have you noticed that the real estate company named in many newspaper articles are the newspapers biggest advertisers?      This past summer I kept an eye on a certain (local paper) independent journalist who habitually interviewed the same … (0 comments)

fairfield: Competing Managers - Competing More - 09/18/08 08:48 AM
Flipping through the local paper, there is a PR article regarding the Assistant Sales Manager of an office as being the Top Selling Sales Associate.  Of course, in the article her actual position with the office is not disclosed. 
    Recently, from the same office, the Sales Manager sent out flyers with her own photo and name, and phone numbers without disclosing her position in the office.
     I am an independent broker, so this scenario has no consequence for me.  But what about those independent contractors (real estate professionals) being recruited or being associated with an office with a competiting manager.   Do these competiting managers explain away their … (0 comments)

fairfield: Open House Reminder-Properly Store Prescription Medication - 09/12/08 03:45 AM
This morning there was a "friendly reminder" about the Prescription Medications on the Greater Fairfield County MLS.  see below:
Welcome To The Greater Fairfield County CMLS


fairfield: Connecticut Home Sales Down - 09/11/08 01:04 AM
Home Sales Down More Than 20 Percent. Again.
Single-family home sales in Connecticut plunged 23.8 percent in July from a year ago, the ninth consecutive month that sales have fallen by more than 20 percent, according to The Warren Group, The Commercial Record's parent company.  It was the worst sales pace for the month of July in 13 years.
According to information regarding Single Family Homes listed in the  Greater Fairfield MLS:
January 1, 2007 to September 11, 2007, 7384 houses sold.
January 1, 2008 to September 11, 2008, 4649 houses sold.
There are presently:
8225 Single Family Homes For Sale on the … (0 comments)

fairfield: Investment Banks Stand to Gain From Government Bailout- CEOs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Earned Roughly $30 Million in Salary Last Year - 09/09/08 11:55 AM
I would love to know how many in government officials own preferred stock in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae...just curious.
CEO Salaries Weather Mortgage Crisis
CEOs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Earned Roughly $30 Million in Salary Last Year
By JUSTIN ROODJuly 21, 2008
The chiefs of the nation's two largest mortgage lenders reaped roughly $30 million in salary, incentives and other perks last year, despite setting their banks on courses which now may require government bailouts.
 Here is an interesting paragraph: 
"What worries me is the complete lack of accountability by Fannie's and Freddie's executives" and investment bankers who stand … (0 comments)


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