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Commercial Real Estate Brokers are quite aware of how few transactions are occurring in the current marketplace. We feel it in our own pocketbooks. As much as it hurts brokers financially, it may be that we are coming into an extraordinary situation. What is happening in the commercial leasing ma...
The New York Times has a very interesting and important article regarding what is happening on the commercial side of the foreclosure crisis. Check out this link: NYTIMES ARTICLE   Office Space San Francisco
Being a broker in this current economy keeps me on my toes. Office lease rates are moving pretty quickly (down that is). In some cases, rates have dropped quickly enough that tenants will start negotiations at one price and then come back with a lower number as they hear of other deals that come ...
It became public knowledge a few years ago that there was a movement to get free public Wi-Fi all over San Francisco. Apparently EarthLink and Google both tried to make it a reality. However, there were many snags having to do with financing and city politics that derailed both attempts. A local ...
There is new information out regarding the state of the retail market. Unfortunately for everyone, the news is not encouraging… and neither are the projections for 2009. However, the truth is that people still buy even in the worst of economies. Being strategic and making the most of one’s busine...
In San Francisco, many (if not all) of the residential and commercial developments that have been in the pipeline are completely stalled out due to the condition of the economy and the lack of demand. However, there are still some projects that are so lucrative that even a failed economy can't st...
First the bad news... AT&T is cutting 12,000 jobs (4% of its work force). See Business Times Article. This is going to further hurt our economy - where more and more jobs seem to be disappearing each day. However, It isn't bad news across the board. Several local San Francisco based companies are...
John King wrote an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that I think is helpful for understanding what is going on in the Mission Bay redevelopment zone. As you walk through the area, it is easy to notice both the newness of the buildings and construction, but also the fact that there are still...
I hate to be taken advantage of. Thus, I am a person who is always leery of scams or bait and switch schemes. Because I am this way, I regularly identify these tendencies in othes who are equally leery. This comes up often when people talk to me about finding a space to lease. They want to know, ...

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