certified chimney inspector: The Anatomy of the Masonry Fireplace Part 3: The Smoke Chamber - 06/28/10 04:18 PM
The smoke chamber is an integral part of the operation of a fireplace.  Smoke chambers have many code requirements including clearances to combustibles, height and overall dimensions.
Typically, this is a seriously deficient area of a poorly constructed fireplace.  According to the National Fire Protection Association, improper smoke chamber construction is the 3rd leading cause of home fires related to chimneys.
The smoke chamber is just beyond the damper.  Most can be fully viewed with a strong light shining up from the firebox floor.  Most homeowners have probably never seen their smoke chambers.  These 2 examples of terrible smoke chambers are really … (1 comments)

certified chimney inspector: The anatomy of the Fireplace Part 2: The Throat and Damper assembly - 06/24/10 08:48 AM
The Fireplace throat is one of the most important areas of the fireplace construction.  The throat is essentially the termination of the firebox and the beginning of the venting system of the fireplace.  This is where the traditional throat damper is placed during construction and is normally completely visable without any special tools are accesses. 
An Interesting point about the throat is that it is NOW required to be 8" above the face opening of the fireplace.  If your opening is 36 x 24, your damper/throat assembly must be at 32" high.  Formerly, the requirement was 6" above. 
If the throat … (0 comments)

certified chimney inspector: Asking for Contractor References is a WASTE of your TIME!! - 06/08/10 02:25 AM
But Dad, everyone is doing it!!   I know.  Let me explain.
Recently, I was in the middle of bidding on a very large job.  The potential client informed me that I was one of the finalists in the running for the contract, but that I only provided testimonials on my web site and the other contractor had supplied phone numbers etc. for previous clients.    I quickly told the potential customer that I would indeed supply such, but I needed a few days to get approval from these people to allow contact regarding my services.  Well, her impatience won her over.  … (1 comments)

certified chimney inspector: The Chimney Professional: What Certifications are out there? - 06/06/10 01:48 PM
I have seen the phrase "certified chimney professional" mentioned on this site and want to give clarity to the subject.
Currently, the chimney industry has 3 phases of certifications:
The Chimney Sweep  www.csia.org or Chimney Sweep Technician www.gotofire.com
The Chimney Inspector www.gotofire.com
The Installer (hearth Appliances) www.nficertified.org
All of these require a certain level of committment to the area in which one is being certified.  The best way to have a full understanding of a chimney to obtain more than one certification. 
Always verify someone credentials, it takes just a few seconds on the internet. 

certified chimney inspector: Fireplace and Chimney Inspector Logo Recognition - 05/25/10 08:55 AM
These are two trademarked logos that need to be recognized.   This is how you know you are getting a trained chimney inspector and not just a chimney sweep!    www.gotfire.com and www.iafcipro.com 

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