hawaii kai short sales: Important Clauses To Include In any Hawaii Kai Real Estate Purchase Contract - 05/10/11 03:10 PM
Once you've found a piece of Hawaii Kai real estate that you like, the next step is the purchase offer. Buyers are often times intimidated by what seems to be a complicated legal document. In reality, the purchase offer is much simpler once it's explained and properly understood. In this article, we will give a brief overview of the purchase offer process, including the most important clauses to include in your purchase offer.The purchase offer is a binding legal document that covers all the details of the sale. It includes the sale price, contingencies, financing details, closing costs, repairs needed, closing … (1 comments)

hawaii kai short sales: Some Tips for a Successful Open House in Hawaii Kai - 04/29/11 01:14 PM
Having an open house has been a proven marketing tactic for decades now. Giving a lot of buyers the chance to look at your house is a great way to gain exposure and interest among buyers. In this article, we will discuss in depth how to appeal to buyers in the Hawaii Kai real estate market using the open house.Tip #1 Meticulous StagingStage your house beautifully. Everything should be spotless and clean. The house should be well lit and lightly scented. The overall impression should be that the house is in top notch condition.Tip #2 Collect Contact InformationTo increase the likelihood … (2 comments)

hawaii kai short sales: Things To Consider When Purchasing In A Hawaii Kai Neighborhood - 04/15/11 01:43 PM
Purchasing a new house is an important decision, but choosing its location is just as important. If you don't properly research the area where a home you plan on buying is located, this could cause problems and cost you a lot of money and headache. A real estate expert will always educate you that performing proper research on the area is a vital part of buying a new home.
When looking up Hawaii Kai homes for sale, a lot of prospective buyers will look into how far these homes are from their workplace. This is an important concern for many buyers, … (2 comments)

hawaii kai short sales: What You Should Know When Negotiating Hawaii Kai Properties - 03/31/11 01:55 PM
Looking for a new home in Hawaii Kai can be an exciting adventure and when you finally find "the one" you want to do whatever  it takes so that you don't lose it.  However, at the same time you have to be careful that you go about it the right way.Consider using a Hawaii Kai real estate agent for the process.  A buyer's agent is paid by the seller and will, in essence, be working for you for free, so utilize them.  Never contact the agent who has the house listed.  They are working for the seller and have guaranteed them that … (0 comments)

hawaii kai short sales: What To Know When Buying Your First Hawaii Kai Foreclosure - 03/29/11 01:21 PM
Purchasing Hawaii Kai foreclosures has become quite popular lately. There are dozens of foreclosed properties hitting the Hawaii Kai market each and every day. These properties can be both gold mines and land mines depending on how you go about it. In this article, we'll discuss some simple ways to help ensure that your first foreclosure purchase is a successful one.Opt for a Low-Repair Property for Your First DealWe've all heard about people who make thousands of dollars buying foreclosures in need of TLC, fixing them up, and selling them for a profit. The reality is, however, that making sizable profits … (0 comments)

hawaii kai short sales: Three Easy Steps To Sell Your Hawaii Kai Listing For The Highest Price Possible - 03/28/11 02:25 PM
It's only natural to want to sell your Hawaii Kai house for the highest price possible.  In this article, we'll review several steps you can take to ensure your house sells for a premium price.Tip #1 - Have Amazing Curb AppealSpend a large amount of time tending to your buyer's first impression. Your front lawn and the outside appearance of your house will make a big impact on your buyer's impression of the home.If the outside is dirty, at the very least have the house power washed. If the paint is old to the point where it's noticeable, it'll pay dividends … (0 comments)

hawaii kai short sales: Some Tips When Investing In Hawaii Kai Homes For Sale - 03/23/11 02:24 PM
Investing in Hawaii Kai can be a very profitable business for the wise investor. Unfortunately, you can also lose a lot of money in Hawaii Kai real estate if you don't know what you're doing. In this article, I'll go over several tips to help you ensure a profitable investing career in the Hawaii Kai real estate market.Pick a SpecialtyWhen you're going in to real estate investing, you'll likely find that there's an overwhelming amount of available information on all kinds of investing tactics.Rather than specializing in being "a real estate investor," pick something more specific. Perhaps you'll specialize in small … (0 comments)

hawaii kai short sales: What Every Hawaii Kai Homeowner Should Know About Mold And Mildew - 03/21/11 11:20 AM
When you check out Hawaii Kai homes you should naturally take a look at the building itself and carefully examine it. However, certain things such as mold, can often be undetectable to the naked eye.
Homeowners in any area can have problems with mold and mildew. A lot of homeowners think that they would not be affected by these problems as they do not have moisture in their homes. In a lot of cases, the problem occurs in an area that is hidden from view. If it is not addressed quickly it can rapidly spread and become a major headache for … (1 comments)

hawaii kai short sales: Buyer Representation Is A Must When Purchasing Hawaii Kai Homes For Sale - 03/18/11 04:59 AM
One of the most common questions that Hawaii Kai home buyers ask is why do they need a real estate professional to help them buy a home? It might seem like it would be a lot easier to just go out on your own, drive around Hawaii Kai, and find the house that you're interested in. Many buyers do this and just call the listing agent directly to proceed with the real estate transaction. However, this can present a problem in some cases.
Most of the time, the listing agent on the house represents the seller. Many listing agents do not … (0 comments)

hawaii kai short sales: Budget your Money before you buy a Home in Hawaii Kai - 02/23/11 08:10 AM
Budget your Money before you buy a Home in Hawaii Kai If you are going to buy a new home Hawaii Kai there are many details that you should tend to before you can even get started. One of the most important is your budget. If you do not have any clue as to how much money you have or how much you can afford, you are going to get yourself into a bad situation. The fact of the matter is that your budget has a lot to do with the type of home that you can afford, and also with … (0 comments)

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