hawaii real estate agent: Who Determines Hawaii Kai Real Estate Values: Buyers or Sellers? - 03/10/11 11:25 AM
When sitting down with one of our Hawaii Kai sellers and discussing the sale of their home, inevitability we will discuss price. "How much are you going to list my home for? " is what the seller will ask. Now this is often times a double edged sword question because if you spit out a number that is much lower than their expectations the seller will say "But so and so said they can get much more for my property". If you spit out a number that is too high, they will love you now and hate you later when you … (3 comments)

hawaii real estate agent: The Three Most Important Hawaii Kai Real Estate Professionals To Pay Attention To - 03/10/11 07:55 AM
During the home buying process in Hawaii Kai Hawaii, it's important to get advice and expertise from experienced individuals. The three most important professional advisors you'll find during the home buying process are: An experienced Hawaii Kai real estate agent, your Hawaii Kai loan officer and your Hawaii Kai home inspector. In this article, we'll talk about what each of these real estate professionals can do for you.
Your Hawaii Kai Real Estate Agent
Your real estate agent is the single most important real estate professional you'll be working with throughout your home buying process. Your Hawaii Kai real estate agent … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate agent: Solid Advice on Buying a Hawaii Kai Home - 03/09/11 11:43 AM
Solid Advice on Buying a Hawaii Kai Home
When buyers are looking for a new Hawaii Kai home, it can be a very exciting time. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to start searching for new property. Unfortunately, many buyers go about this process in completely the wrong way. Here are some common mistakes that buyers make:
1.  Going at it alone: It is very tempting for buyers to go out and pick up Hawaii real estate magazines around Hawaii Kai looking for their new property. It seems like it would be very simple to purchase your … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate agent: Learn How to Stage Your Hawaii Kai Home to Sell - 03/07/11 10:21 AM
If you are ready to sell, every buyer that enters should get the full experience of your Hawaii Kai home.  After all, you have to convince them to buy your home over every other Hawaii Kai home they look at.  So how do you do that?  You do it by making your home stand out in their mind.
Everyone knows about curb appeal so we'll assume that you take great care in maintaining your lawn.  But when they enter the front door, then what?  First, what will they smell?  Yes, if there is an overwhelming odor that takes their attention when … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate agent: Helpful Information For Hawaii Kai Real Estate Buyers - 03/04/11 08:00 AM
If you are thinking about purchasing a home in Hawaii Kai, here is some helpful information about the Hawaii Kai neighborhood.
Hawaii Kai is one of the larger neighborhoods on the eastern side of the island of Oahu, Hawaii and is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. It is bordered by the breathtaking Koolau Mountain range to the north and gorgeous beaches such as Hanauma Bay and Sandys to the east. In fact, both Hanauma Bay and Sandys are world renowned beaches. Being a fish sanctuary, Hanauma Bay is known for its phenomenal snorkeling and Sandys is world famous for … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate agent: Get the Most Out of a Hawaii Kai Property Inspection by Asking These 5 Questions - 03/02/11 06:24 AM
Now that you've found a house you're interested in purchasing, the next step is to make sure that everything is in order both inside and outside the house. In this article, we'll go over a series of questions you should ask your home inspector during the inspection. These questions will help you get a good idea of what condition your property is in. Remember that you're paying for a service when you have a home inspector come by. Don't be shy about asking questions. Most home inspectors expect their customers to ask a lot of questions.
Question #1 Have the Foundations … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate agent: Ideas For Proper Due Diligence with Hawaii Kai Hawaii Investment Properties - 03/01/11 12:58 PM
Due diligence is the process of double checking everything before finalizing a purchase. Proper due diligence is an absolutely crucial part of every profitable investor's success. In this article, we will talk about the best ways to do your due diligence for Hawaii Kai Hawaii real estate.
Due diligence should start with the proper verification of the books. You should check all the rental agreements and double check all rental histories. Review at least the last two year's financial statements and see if there's anything unusual that raises a red flag. Also double check the file for repair receipts and work … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate agent: What is the Right Price to Offer for a Home in Hawaii Kai - 02/24/11 06:31 AM
Once you've found a home you're interested in purchasing, the next step is putting an offer on the table. How do you determine that right price for a home in Hawaii Kai? In this article, we will discuss exactly what you should consider when you're picking a number for your offer.
Tip 1 Understand the Hawaii Kai Real Estate Market Conditions The first step is to consider what the market conditions are. Real estate conditions in Hawaii Kai have had both upswings and downswings in the last several years. Is it a buyer's market right now, or a seller's market? Is … (0 comments)

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