gardner: Rural Development Home Loans - 11/18/08 07:13 AM
I cannot tell you how many Realtors I have spoken to in the Kansas City Area that just cannot seem to get a buyer or potential buyer interesting in purchasing a home.  The main reason seems to be the money down and the uncertainty of money.  I spoke to one Realtor today that said she was sure that you could not get a mortgage without at least 20% down.
Nothing could be further from the truth.  I have 1 conventional loan program for 100% but 2 government programs for no money down and flexible credit guidelines.  My favorite is the USDA … (3 comments)

gardner: Is America heading for disaster? What do you think? - 10/22/07 02:03 AM
What is going on?  All we hear on the news is the financial markets are crashing.  The housing market is in dissarray.  Home Inventory is up to nine months.  Liquidity crisis is forcing banks out of business.
Well individuals need to make sound decisions concerning their finances and so do businesses.  We need to save 15% of our income for our future why don't banks?  The last 10-15 years have been a windfall for banks and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac.  Profits have soured.  What happened to that money?  Why don't banks save for the rainy day. 
I try to coach all my first … (0 comments)

gardner: Should you Float, Lock, or just Give Up? - 10/04/07 03:00 AM
As a Certified Mortgage Planner I always try to help my clients understand how their home works as an investment.  In today's market Home Owners and First Time Home Buyers need to look at their home as a long term investment.  You can buy at reasonable prices and get locked into a reasonable rate.  Working a plan for the future with a Mortgage Planner you will be able to get your investment to perform over the long term.  During the last 10 years we have seen the consumers spend their equity and have sacrificed their financial future.
I feel we will see … (2 comments)

gardner: CMPS Mortgage Planning - 05/01/07 07:30 AM
Harvesting the equity in your home is a concept many homeowners are not familiar with.  Consuming the equity in your home is the philosophy of internet lending. 
 Mortgage Bankers have always built their business by helping clients obtain a good home loan.  With the mortgage certification (CMPS) being offered, consumers can know they are working with a professional.
 I am located in Olathe, KS and have been mortgage planning for over 8 years.  I not only know the proper way to help someone purchase for now but structure best for tax savings as well as wealth in equity.

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"Today, I see a mortgage loan, more than ever, not as a mortgage loan once was, but instead as a financial instrument that must be tied into your long and short term personal financial plan, allowing the consumer to create a debt strategy that helps in building long term wealth creation for the client and their family."



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