elk river minnesota: Fireworks in Elk River Minnesota - 06/28/14 07:42 AM
There Will Be Fireworks in Elk River in 2014!
Come on down and have some fun.  The fireworks display will start at 10 pm in Lions Park which is at 1104 Lions Park Drive in Elk River. 
Admission is free as are all the oooohs and aaaaahs. 
This celebration was in peril, but the City stepped up and is footing the  shortfall ….for NOW! 
Anyone wishing to donate to offset some of the cost should contact the City of Elk River and/or mail in your donation specifically marked as for the Fireworks!

elk river minnesota: Elk River Minnesota - The Taste is Coming May 17 2012 - 05/14/12 11:27 AM
Elk Riverians, Elk Riverites Elk River Citizens....that's sound better. 
The Taste of Elk River will be this Thursday,  May 17 from 5 to 9 p.m. in Lions Park.  So you need to move fast. 
Music will be provided  by Steve Blexrud, a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Minneapolis. He is lead guitarist/vocalist for the Twin Cities band “Thunderheads” and is also an accomplished solo artist.
And, the food, beer, wine and spirits will be situated on top of the parking lot at Lions Park Center.  So, come hungry and thirsty.  Listen to some great music or take part in the karaoke will be back so that … (14 comments)

elk river minnesota: Elk River Minnesota's April 2012 Volunteer of the Month - John Weicht - 05/10/12 08:53 AM
Elk River’s Volunteer of the Month for April is John Weicht.  This honor is especially important because Mr. Weicht is elderly and gravely ill.  His children accepted the award on behalf of their father and read a statement. 
“After 64 years of living in Elk River I’m thankful to have lived here. Elk River has been so good to me I feel I’ve needed to give back. The more you give the easier it is to give. My one regret is that I won’t be around any longer to continue giving.”
Doesn’t that hit you? 
He was honored at … (7 comments)

elk river minnesota: Powered By Nature - Elk River Minnesota - 04/27/12 08:27 AM
Here in Elk River, sometimes things get a little slower than in some of the other northern suburbs.  But, recently Elk River has been on the map in some great ways. 
The races held recently were a huge success, and I will talk more about those later.
A blog has been created (www.poweredbynature.blog.com) and a website is under development (www.poweredbynature.com). Additionally, two videos are on YouTube that feature local residents and business owners talking about the brand. One video is called “Elk River is Powered by Nature” and the other is called “Doing Business in Elk River.”
More than 30 businesses … (15 comments)

elk river minnesota: I Just Checked the Experts at Realty Times About Our Market....Could You Be Any More WRONG? - 04/17/12 09:01 AM
Realty Times has our market listed as a Buyer's Market today.   Let me tell you that is not the case.  Short sales, foreclosures, regular sales, if they are priced correctly are getting multiple offers above list. 
Yes, you read that correctly....MULTIPLE OFFERS above list.  How do I know this?   By being both a listing agent and selling agent, I have the bird's eye view of what is out there. 
I know that if a property has good bones, has a decent price and is in a fair area of Sherburne County, it will sell quickly. 
That is the key....correct pricing to … (40 comments)

elk river minnesota: Elk River Minnesota Accepts Bid for Housing Study to Be Completed in 2012 - 04/05/12 10:02 PM
The Elk River Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) agreed Monday to hire Maxfield Research to do the a housing  study . The last housing study was done in 2003.
“The anticipated outcome of the study is to determine availability of different segments of housing in Elk River and to plan for the future of the housing market in Elk River,” according to Clay Wilfahrt, Elk River’s assistant director of economic development.
Maxfield Research is a Minneapolis-based company whose web page summed up what will be done.
“In response to a need expressed by city and county governments, Maxfield Research Inc. developed … (6 comments)

elk river minnesota: Elk River Police Department Rewarded and Praised for Safety - 03/30/12 05:49 AM
There's a new sheriff in town...in a way.  Thanks to a new speed-measuring device provided by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety, law enforcement officers in Elk River are better equipped to identify vehicles driving at illegal and unsafe speeds.
The Elk River Police Department is one of only nine law enforcement agencies in Minnesota being awarded a Kustom Signal, Pro Laser III, LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) unit for participating in the Towards Zero Deaths enforcement effort (formerly known as Safe & Sober) that took place during the month of October.
“It’s impossible to tell exactly … (7 comments)

elk river minnesota: Don Heinzman - Another Successful Outcome for the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Program in Elk River - 03/21/12 07:35 AM
Don Henizman has been named the City of Elk River’s Volunteer of the Month for March.
According the Elk River Star News: 
"Heinzman, retired editor of the Star News, chairs the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon program in Elk River. He is a board member and past president of the Elk River Rotary Club, helped organize and is a charter member of the Three Rivers Community Foundation and is a charter board member of the Elk River Boys and Girls Club. He also is a founding member of the Elk River Citizens League, served on the Community Education board, is a Chamber … (6 comments)

elk river minnesota: Elk River Area School Board Considers Adding an Election District - 03/11/12 08:05 AM
The Elk River Area School Board will consider adding an election district once the city and county have finished drawing their new wards and districts.
The way it stands, the district has two election districts and the rest of the seats are decided by an at-large vote. The election districts were added after a citizen got a petition circulated to force the question onto a ballot question for District 728 voters.
Now that there has been a redrawing of the  congressional, legislative, county districts and city wards, the Elk River Area School District must alert the state if they have any … (8 comments)

elk river minnesota: Shiver Elk River Events are February 25 2012! - 02/12/12 12:57 PM

Elk River will be hosting its 2nd annual Shiver Elk River on February 25th.  There will be events all over town: Handke Pit with hockey, Lake Orono for the Shiver Plunge and ERX Motor Park for snowmobile races for the kids.
The Shiver Elk River is sponsored by the Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce.
Here’s a rundown of events:
•A key feature is the Shiver Plunge. Last year 45 plungers raised more than $11,000 for 12 different local non-profits when they jumped into Lake Orono. An even larger number of jumpers is expected this … (6 comments)

elk river minnesota: Elk River Minnesota Fire Department Task Force - 02/09/12 12:59 AM
Elk River Minnesota is developing a strategic plan for the Elk River Fire Department, the first step of which is to appoint  an Elk River Fire Service Task Force. 
In addition to developing the strategic plan, the other goal is  to lay the foundation for meeting the community’s service needs with respect to fire/rescue capabilities and code enforcement/fire prevention, according to Fire Chief T. John Cunningham.
The Elk River City Council approved the creation of the task force at the meeting on Monday, Feburary 6, 2012.  
Mayor John Dietz and Council Member Jerry Gumphrey will serve on it. And other members … (8 comments)

elk river minnesota: Local Teacher with Ties to Elk River and St. Michael - Albertville Slain - 10/14/11 11:22 AM
We have had the opportunity to have really great teachers in the Elk River School District, and Tim Larson was one of them. 
Tim had recently been working in the St. Michael-Albertville School District for three years before this incident occurred.  He will be remembered not only by staff, faculty and students in both districts as a great human being, but also a great addition to those with special needs.  He had been in the Elk River School District for four years prior to accepting the position in STMA.
His funeral service was held today.  He was only forty-three years old.
The … (9 comments)

elk river minnesota: CAER Spaghetti Dinner from 4 to 7 PM on October 16th, 2011, Elk River Minnesota - 10/13/11 11:34 AM

Grab your bibs and your kids.


CAER is hosting a fundraising spaghetti Dinner this Sunday evening.  CAER is a great service in the community for middle to low-income families to supplement their groceries in an effort to keep everyone in our community healthy. 


Please come, bring your appetits and maybe a donation, too.  Their urgent needs are listed at the bottom of the post. 


And, thanks, for CAERing!



10/16/2011 - CAER Spaghetti Dinner from 4 to 7 PM The CAER Spaghetti Dinner will be held … (5 comments)

elk river minnesota: Energy City - Elk River Minnesota Part 2 - 10/07/11 02:19 PM
Yesterday, I discussed that there was an issue being discussed within the Council and the Mayor's Office about the Energy City
The mayor, John Dietz, who was sworn in on January 3 of this year, proposed a combination of cuts and revenue from other sources that would save the Energy City program,  The trade-off is that the annual Energy Expo will not exist as a stand-alone event.
Energy City’s proposed budget for 2012 is $56,800, but the program has been threatened by budget cuts.Dietz explained his latest proposal during a council work session Monday, Oct. 3.
The details of the mayor’s proposal … (4 comments)

elk river minnesota: Controversy Brewing in Elk River over the Energy City Progam - 10/06/11 02:32 PM
As I mentioned in a previous post, the City decided to forgo putting the "Energy City" logo on the water tower when it was recently repainted.  That "saved" the City $10,000 or so dollars.  (I put saved in quotations because it wasn't on the tower to begin with.)
However, now the Energy City program itself is in financial trouble. 
For those of you unaware of what this means, I will give you some background.  And, tomorrow, I will go more in depth as to what the cuts are, how the program might be save and who the mayor is asking for … (3 comments)

elk river minnesota: Taiko, an Ancient Japanese Dance Group Leads off at Elk River's Arts Alliance Performance Series - 09/26/11 09:38 AM
Taiko, ancient Japanese dance

I have to admit that I know nothing about this art form, but it will certainly be something different for our area as the Elk River Arts Alliance Performance Series starts the 2011-12 season Saturday, Oct. 8, at Zabee Theatre, 7 p.m.
Taiko is an ancient Japanese art, loud, strenuous and pulsating with adrenaline.
The Mu Daiko group is celebrating its 15th year of performing. They are featuring a guest artist, Hanayui, from Japan, for the Minnesota tour.
Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for members and seniors, and $10 for students. Call 763-441-4725 or … (4 comments)

elk river minnesota: Elk River Will Not Advertise "Powered by Nature" on Water Tower - 09/23/11 02:51 PM
I know.  You love the slogan.  Who wouldn't?  It has only been used time and time again to "power up" other ad campaigns. 
But, the "Powered By Nature" slogan won't appear wont' be on the water tower by the YMCA.
  The City Council considered adding the new "Powered by Nature" logo to this water tower by the YMCA.
The water tower was being repainted this month and the council considered adding the theme before the crew left. The cost of $14,400 to paint one 8- by 22-foot “Powered by Nature” logo on the tower and $12,400 for the second one sounded … (4 comments)

elk river minnesota: Locally Produced Film is Being Shown at the Plymouth Mann Theatre - 09/21/11 10:53 AM
A full-length movie filmed in Elk River by a fledgling local production company has made its theatre debut.
The faith-based and family-friendly drama called “Prodigal” is the first project of Lost Coin Productions, co-owned by Chet Borger of Elk River and starring his son Dylan. Filming was completed in August of 2009.
The movie will open at the Mann Theatre in Plymouth on Friday, Sept. 16, 2011. 
“It will run for at least a week,” said Chet Borger, adding that “private money” is allowing this to happen. “Depending on attendance that weekend, it could be showing longer than a week.” 
I checked … (1 comments)

elk river minnesota: Elk River Minnesota Homecoming.....Come and Join the Fun! - 09/21/11 10:25 AM
Homecoming in Elk River Minnesota is this Friday night, September 23, 2011. 
Homecoming candidates are as follows:
The girls are: Kelly Edwards, Nicole Hanson, Ana Ibanez, Andra Salfrank and Liza Whittet
The boys are: Zach Brown, Matt Madsen, Max Riebel, Moses Saygbe and Kevin Weeks.
A king and queen will be crowned at the pep fest and coronation at 7:45 a.m. on Friday, September 23rd.
The homecoming parad is at 5 pm. and the undefeated Elks will host the Monticello Magic at 7 pm.
This should be a good game...so come have a hot dog, enjoy the parade and the festivities. 
See … (1 comments)

elk river minnesota: Local Zimmerman News Update - 08/24/11 09:36 AM
There was a lot of really bad news that I didn't want to focus on this week.  The missing Zimmerman man was found, deceased. 
But this story was good enough to print. 
Used tennis shoes are being collected by Women of Today The Elk River Area Women of Today will be collecting used tennis shoes, in any condition, for reuse and recycling for the organization Green Sneakers (www.greensneakers.org). The drop-off site for donations is at Payless Shoe Source, 19134 Freeport St., Elk River. Each pair of tennis shoes should be placed in a plastic bag with the shoelaces tied together.  The … (3 comments)

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