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What a really good article!  As a home inspector you knew that there were problems and that the bank had sent a "professional" to do the repairs.  Im's going to quote your ending comment because it says a whole lot about repairs that are not followed up on nor was anyone present when they were co...
Recently, I came across an article by Zig Ziglar that I thought I would like to share with you.  As real estate agents we have a responsibility for our own personal development.  Most of the time we stay on tract but every so often we need to reinvent ourselves and remind us what should be our da...
Google Chrome has the ability to do a webpage screenshop, edit, or save screenshopt in Google Chrome. Here are the options you can choose: When you click on the extension iconin  the Chrome address bar after installation, you see the three options Visible Screenshot, All Page Screenshot and Beta:...
Words well spoken and sadly not always followed by the real estate agents.  If your company works on a professional level, as mine does, it is easy to observe and sense that the agents are there to create business professionally.  Office updates, training programs, individual assistance, brokers ...
This is a really big deal and I can see why people are crying foul.  If you are a big producing Realtor you like the idea.  If you are in the middle of the pack maybe not.  And if you are at the bottom of the pack definitely not.  However, just because you are at the top of the real estate agents...
 When we buy a Microsoft product do we know what the support life cycle is?  Probably not.  The support life cycle is defined as:  "the time the developer or manufacturer of the product supports it with updates and staff to help users in support related tasks."  The real issue is that updates, an...
An article that appeared web page today says that the UK is going to censor explicit contents on the ISP level.  The four ISPs who have come to this agreement are:   Sky, British Telecom, Talk Talk and Virgin. This is something that I think our country (the USA) should get involved in ...
I like "Tire Kickers" myself.  I don't care if they are not going to buy a home right now, I don't care if they have a home to sell.  I don't care if their house is not on the market.  I just plain don't care! Why?  Because I get their name and information plus their email.  I let them know that ...
I'm sure that all the people that suffered damage up the Atlantic coast recently have read their policies and are finding what they thought was covered was not (or just partially).  Thanks for the wake up call about checking your policy and making sure it is up to date and covers all the parts yo...
I too have a refrigerator in my garage.  However, when it gets cooler it stops keeping things cook and everything goes into the home.  That's when we turn it off and wait for warm weather to return.  Out refrigerator is used in the summertime when the weather is warm and we entertain a lot. We ha...


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