advice: 6955 Dorr # 51, Toledo, OH $89,900 - 06/26/12 06:33 AM
NOW A SHORT SALE!  $89,900 for a condo in Stoney Creek Farms off Dorr St..  Located towards the end of the condos where there is room to roam.   Sharp looking condo.
   2 BEDROOM CONDO              1 BATH                       YEAR BUILT--1985           Sq.Ft.--1388                  

advice: New Listing--4434 BOYDSON, Toledo, OH 43623 64,500! - 06/26/12 06:11 AM
West Toledo by Westfield Franklin Park Mall (by Red Robin restaurant).  Almost totally brick, super large kitchen, nice living room, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, sun room, full basement.  Very clean and ready to move into.!  NOT A SHORT SALE!  $64,500

3 BEDROOMS     2 BATHS     YEAR BUILT 1948           SqFt.  1,088           Basement            2 CAR GARAGE

advice: The RE/MAX Preferred office in Toledo, OH - 09/25/10 02:04 PM
Being a RE/MAX agent I thought I would show you some pictures of where I work.  There are four offices of RE/MAX Preferred associates--Toledo, Maumee, Oregon and our Temperence, Michigan office.  This office is located at 3306 Executive Pkwy in Toledo, Ohio and is the largest of the four RE/MAX Preferred offices. 
The first pictures are of our office in Toledo, Ohio.  We are located at 3306 Executive Parkway near the Westgate Shopping Center. 
      The entrance & reception areas
         Kathy Kuyoth
          John Mangas
I hope … (1 comments)

advice: Ideal Home For Sale in Maumee, Ohio - 07/27/10 07:44 AM
This is a cute home in Maumee, Ohio that have four bedrooms and a fun decor throughout. A nice front porch to sit on any time of the day with lots of windows for ventilation.  Inside the home is a dining room with original touches of the owners, a nice size living room, a newly painted kitchen and a fourth bedroom on the first floor.
There is a two-car garage and the back yard is an oasis of waterfalls, Lilly pads, rocks, and foliage.
Downstairs is a really neat family room decorated with original drawings of the owner that set it … (1 comments)

advice: Affordable Condo Listing in South Toledo, Ohio - 07/27/10 07:26 AM
For those of you who remember Southwyck Shopping Center it was one of the popular places to go.  Sadly, Southwyck closed down and around this center there are many condominiums and homes.  We all hope that some day there will be a new mixture of shopping and additional living spaces.
I have a condo listing near this area that is one of the nicest and most affordable condos in the area--$34,900.  It offers two full bedrooms (one room has two large closets), a large living/dining room, a kitchen and eating area (the counter tops have been updated), and a porch overlooking … (0 comments)

advice: New Listing in Maumee, OH - 07/27/10 06:06 AM
I recently listed a home in Maumee, Ohio that offers one of the few large back yards in the area.  It is wooded, fenced, plus it has an outbuilding that used to be a pidgeon coop (all the pidgeon remains have been removed).
This all-brick one-story home has three nice bedrooms (with a master bathroom) a kitchen that has new marble counter tops, new glass top buyners, hardwood flooring.  The dining room with sliding doors looks out over the back yard and the living room  has a wood burning fireplace with brick surrounding it. 
The finished basement is unusual with its … (1 comments)

advice: Smartphones Easily Invaded, Researchers Find - 07/13/10 02:53 PM
Smartphones Easily Invaded, Researchers Find  By David SarnoRISMEDIA, July 8, 2010--(MCT)--Security researchers Nick DePetrillo and Don Bailey have discovered a seven-digit numerical code that can unlock all kinds of secrets about you.It's your phone number.Using relatively simple techniques, this duo can use your cell phone number to figure out your name, where you live and work, where you travel and when you sleep. They could even listen to your voice messages and personal phone calls - if they wanted to."It's really interesting to watch a phone number turn into a person's life," DePetrillo said."Everyone's taught to keep their Social Security number … (3 comments)

advice: For Your Clients: Have You Thought About an Outdoor Kitchen? - 07/13/10 02:50 PM
For Your Clients: Have You Thought About an Outdoor Kitchen?  By Jean PattesonRISMEDIA, July 8, 2010--(MCT)--The outdoor kitchen is rapidly becoming the social hub of the home, much as the indoor kitchen is the favorite gathering place for family and friends. The trend is especially strong in areas where the climate favors outdoor living almost year-round."It's a hot item," said Scott Redmon, owner of Alfresco Living in Maitland, Fla. "And the outdoor kitchen is becoming a lot more than a grill and a sink in the corner of the porch. It's a whole entertainment system. People have a higher expectation for … (1 comments)

advice: Tax Credit Closing Deadline Now Sept. 30 - 07/13/10 02:45 PM
By Amanda Okker, RE/MAX Times Online Editor
U.S. homebuyers who are eligible for a Homebuyer Tax Credit now have until Sept. 30 to close the transaction and receive the credit.Congress has extended the closing deadline, which had been June 30, by an additional three months. President Barack Obama signed the legislation July 2. 
The action affects an estimated 180,000 homebuyers who were under contract by April 30, but because of circumstances beyond their control, had been unable to close on their purchase by June 30. Short Sale and REO transactions are holding up many of these closings.
Read a Reuter's news article … (0 comments)

advice: Valspar Has High-Definition Paint - 07/13/10 02:31 PM
Valspar Has High-Definition Paint  RISMEDIA, July 9, 2010--Good news, painting aficionados: Valspar has unveiled high-definition paint. Valspar Signature Colors Paint with Hi-Def Advanced Color System technology is enhanced with super saturated pigments and superior ingredients to deliver ultimate hide, exceptional color accuracy and superior fade resistance.Hi-Def Advanced Color System:* Ultimate hiding formula which gives exceptional color accuracy* Superior fade resistance* Uncompromising durability* Paint and primer in one product* Available in over 3,000 colors* Low VOC, low odorYou can find more information on Real Estate Today's radio broadcast at Lowe's  segments are broadcast every Saturday.For more information on Valspar's High-Definition Paint, … (2 comments)

advice: Mortgages Can Help, Rather than Hinder, Finances - 07/13/10 02:25 PM
Mortgages Can Help, Rather than Hinder, Finances  By Dan SerraRISMEDIA, July 10, 2010--(MCT)--While most financial-savvy consumers do their best to avoid debt, one debt that is unavoidable to many families is a mortgage. Because many of us feel more in control of our home and expenses without a mortgage, a common question is whether to pay it off as quickly as possible.The answer depends on each person's financial situation. A mortgage can actually be a blessing to some.For example, mortgage interest is tax-deductible. This deduction saves taxpayers about $103 billion a year, according to the U.S. Treasury. The benefit is less … (0 comments)

advice: How to Make Your Visualizations a Reality - 07/13/10 02:22 PM
How to Make Your Visualizations a Reality  By Maya Bailey, Ph.D.RISMEDIA, July 10, 2010--"Visualize your success" is something we hear a lot of these days. However, we don't always know how to make our visualizations powerful enough so that they become a reality.Myth: "I'll believe it when I see it"Fact: "You'll see it when you believe it"The first step in any visualization process is to believe that you can have it.As an example, let's consider success in your real estate career. Before beginning to visualize your success, you need to believe that it can happen.As Henry Ford once said," Whether you … (0 comments)

advice: Ask The Experts: When are Taxes Due on Sale of Inherited House? - 07/13/10 01:24 PM
Ask The Experts: When are Taxes Due on Sale of Inherited House?  By Claudia BuckRISMEDIA, July 13, 2010--(MCT)--How to handle the sale of a parent's home is a question many baby boomers face after their parents are gone. Here are two different situations answered by Internal Revenue Service specialist Jesse Weller and estate planning attorney Tracy Potts.QUESTION: My parents lived in a 1910 home until they passed away in the '60s. Eight siblings were willed the home, but we allowed one brother to live there until he died in 2009. The home was sold in 2010 and proceeds divided among eight … (1 comments)

advice: From Townhouse to Rental Studio: Woman Finds Freedom from Money - 07/13/10 01:21 PM
From Townhouse to Rental Studio: Woman Finds Freedom from Money  By Kara McGuireRISMEDIA, July 13, 2010--(MCT)--Courtney Zinter doesn't have a big house with rooms full of stuff, a fancy car or a manicure habit. But she still has it all. Just not how the Joneses next door would define it.With a well-paying job, Zinter had no problem paying the mortgage on her 1,600-square-foot townhouse in Chaska, outside Minneapolis. But at 29 she sold it and moved to a $590-a-month studio apartment that overlooks a freeway on the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis.She could have certainly afforded a rental that had at least … (0 comments)

advice: 90 Percent of Americans Do Not Regret Buying Their Current Home - 07/13/10 01:18 PM
90 Percent of Americans Do Not Regret Buying Their Current Home  RISMEDIA, July 13, 2010--A new study released by Bankrate, Inc. shows that, even with home prices sliding and mortgage rates the lowest in decades, the vast majority of Americans do not regret buying their current home. The poll, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, can be seen in its entirety here: 1.aspx.Among the findings:-- Ninety percent of homeowners say they don't regret buying their home versus a mere nine percent who said they do;-- Among those who regret buying their homes, the most common reasons cited were because … (0 comments)

advice: For Your Clients: The Right Decisions Can Save Money During a Move - 07/13/10 01:16 PM
For Your Clients: The Right Decisions Can Save Money During a Move  By Gregory KarpRISMEDIA, July 13, 2010--(MCT)--Moving a residence is often fraught with high emotions and involves a to-do list a mile long. So, it's tempting to give only passing attention to hiring a mover and the related incidental costs.That could be a mistake - for your wallet and your peace of mind.Moving can be quite expensive. A typical full-service interstate move costs about $4,300, while the same in-state move might cost about $2,500, according to the American Moving & Storage Association.And while the moving industry has many fine companies, … (0 comments)

advice: 4 Tips for Creating a Better Listing Presentation - 07/13/10 01:13 PM
4 Tips for Creating a Better Listing Presentation  By Paige TeppingRISMEDIA, July 13, 2010--When you walk into an appointment with a prospect, you must be prepared to guide your seller through the home selling process. Many agents do this with a scripted sales presentation while others choose to wing it. Top producers don't read a sales script line-by-line, but they do have a well-thought-out outline for what they want to talk about in their meeting with prospects.The best listing presentations are ones where you've created and memorized a planned presentation that concisely explains the selling process and any frustrations, concerns, and … (2 comments)

advice: For Your Clients: Keeping it Cool with Air-Conditioning Tips - 07/12/10 04:13 PM
For Your Clients: Keeping it Cool with Air-Conditioning Tips
By Kristy Eppley Rupon RISMEDIA, July 9, 2010--(MCT)--
Keeping it cool. Some tips for keeping your air conditioning running smoothly during the ultra-hot months and what to do if it breaks down from Deborah Evans, owner of Evans Heating & Cooling in Elgin, S.C.:
Change the air filter once a month.
Don't use the ultra-thick, expensive filters because they will restrict air flow and cause the unit to work harder.
Have the unit maintained twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall If the unit ices over from … (2 comments)

advice: Road Trip this Summer? Check Out These Festivals - 07/12/10 03:57 PM
Road Trip this Summer? Check Out These Festivals  By Patricia Rodrigue TerrellRISMEDIA, July 10, 2010--(MCT)--The United States is no longer an agricultural nation, but you wouldn't know it from the way we like to celebrate produce. From sea to shining sea during the summer, we're awash in festivals celebrating the fat of the land.Garlic, watermelon, lentils, cherries, even the world's biggest mushroom - if you can grow it, someone has decided to build a party around it. So pack your eatin' pants, and plan a trip to one of our favorite foodie festivals this summer.National Cherry FestivalTraverse City, Mich.July 3-10History: This … (0 comments)

advice: Smart Tips Smooth Out Family Travel - 07/12/10 03:54 PM
Smart Tips Smooth Out Family Travel
By Heidi Stevens RISMEDIA, July 10, 2010--(MCT)--It takes a village to raise a child, and at least as many to entertain one on an air­plane. With that in mind, Nina Willdorf, editor in chief of Budget Travel, collected travel advice from her readers for a handy new book, "The Smart Family's Passport: 350 Money, Time and Sanity Saving Tips" (Quirk Books, $14.95).
Here, a few of our favorites:
 —I write my cell phone number on the inside of rubber bracelets ... and have my children wear them when we're away from home. That way, should … (2 comments)

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