los angeles: Real Estate Investment Options, Include Trust Deed Loans - 4.5.2013 - 04/04/13 05:31 PM
There are many ways to save and many ways to invest. Trust deed loans are a low risk choice.
With April 15th just around the corner, many people are already spending their tax return. At least in their head. Those who will receive money back may use it to pay off bills or buy something they’ve been longing for. Some may decide to take their money and turn it into an investment hoping to increase their gain even further.
When it comes to investing, as we all know, there are many options. Real estate investing alone, provides multiple … (1 comments)

los angeles: Find Out What People Are Saying About Source Capital - 4.3.2013 - 04/02/13 06:23 PM
Buying, building or investing? Source Capital can help!
As a consumer, it is always helpful to have a recommendation from someone. When it comes to something that involves our finances or security, a trusted referral becomes even more important. Private money lender, Source Capital gives opportunities to those that want to invest, those that want to buy and those looking to make improvements. Whether a private real estate investor, first time home buyer or someone in need of a construction loan, Source Capital is a beneficial resource.
If you are searching for a private lender for yourself, your … (0 comments)

los angeles: Build It and They Will Buy - A Rise in Construction Spending- 4.1.2013 - 04/01/13 05:16 PM
Across the country, construction spending is on the rise.
What do you do if there aren’t enough houses for sale to satisfy the demand for them? Build more!  With the prominent shortage of real estate inventory and the increase in demand for property, builders have gotten busy.
According to a report cited in the article at the link below, U.S. builders’ spending has increased twenty percent from this time last year. Twenty percent! With the slowing of foreclosures and short sales and more buyers in the financial position to spend, the real estate market is definitely in a different … (0 comments)

los angeles: The Beauty of Low Risk Trust Deed Loan Investments - 3.29.2013 - 03/29/13 05:53 PM
Trust deed loans provide a low risk investment opportunity.
There are many ways to invest in real estate. You may choose to purchase a fixer-upper and flip it for a profit. Another option is to buy commercial real estate or an apartment complex and collect monthly rent, as the property value increases. But for those that are looking for an investment that will require less of a time commitment, private lender trust deed loan programs are worth considering.
A buyer needs funding. If they need it fast or they aren’t able to qualify for a loan they can apply … (0 comments)

los angeles: Phoenix, Arizona's Luxury Market Strikes A Good Balance - 3.28.2013 - 03/28/13 02:58 PM
I know I may have been redundant, as of late with all my reports of inventory shortages, rising prices and bidding wars between buyers.  Well… surprise! I have a real estate market stand out to report today.
Phoenix is a great market for luxury home buyers.
While other areas of the country are weighing favorably on the side of the sellers, the Phoenix, Arizona luxury housing market has seemed to have struck a rare balance. Prices are rising, but not skyrocketing and there are ample choices in the market for high end buyers. The changes in the … (0 comments)

los angeles: Napa Valley Real Estate Market's Changes Since 2012 - 3.26.2013 - 03/26/13 05:25 PM
Napa Valley is well known for many things, including its vineyards.
I’ve never been there, but I have heard Napa Valley, California is beautiful. It’s also known, of course for the wine the area produces. A lot of people visit Napa, but what would you think about living there? If you are in the market for property, perhaps Napa is a place to consider. Either for a lovely full time residence or a relaxing and fun part-time vacation getaway.
I found the article at the link below interesting and educational about the Napa Valley real estate market. As I … (0 comments)

los angeles: San Francisco Real Estate Predictions for 2013 and 2014 - 3.23.2013 - 03/23/13 09:29 AM
The streets of San Francisco. Well... one of them.
I think it’s important to stay in the present moment, as much as possible. I have found that that practice alone helps one to enjoy life. However, gaining perspectives about possible future outcomes can help us better plan today to create a more enjoyable tomorrow.
We are only a few months into 2013, yet it was interesting to me to look ahead to 2014 when I came across the blog article at the link I am including in this post. Sorry to jump ahead, but as we become … (0 comments)

los angeles: The High Cost of Housing from Los Angeles to Paris - 3-21-2013 - 03/21/13 06:15 PM
The high cost of living in L.A. is trumped by Miami, New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Monaco.
If you find yourself complaining about your monthly rental rate or mortgage costs, you might feel better if you read the article at the link below. It features the most expensive real estate markets in the world. As far as U.S. cities, Los Angeles and Miami made the top 20, but the only American city to make the top ten was New York.
International cities on the list include London, Paris, Moscow and Sydney. Read all about who’s … (0 comments)

los angeles: Investors Buying Vacant Lots in San Diego County - 3.17.2013 - 03/17/13 04:11 PM
  Buying a house can be a challenge in today's market. Source Capital can help!
I have shared in my blog before about the increase in home purchasing being done by real estate investors. Now I’m going to add vacant lots to the equation. Although, we could have assumed this, it always seems to make facts more real when specific reports are made. Below is a link to an article citing one such instance. An investment group, which includes a local homebuilder, just purchased 41 residential lots in a gated community in Rancho Sante Fe, a beautiful and prestigious area of San Diego County. 
Read the … (0 comments)

los angeles: Adding a Twist to Going Green with a Living Wall or Roof - 3.11.2013 - 03/11/13 05:23 PM
Sure. Why not. Plant a garden in a shoe! While you're at it, try live greenery on a wall or roof!
Okay, so let’s say you have the home or office building you’ve wanted and you want to do something different. Have you considered adding a garden wall or green roof? I actually don’t remember ever seeing these living structures in person, but I can picture them. And I like the picture!
In researching what’s new in real estate, I came across this interesting article in the Union Tribune San Diego. It highlights two affiliated San Diego based … (1 comments)

los angeles: Low Inventory and a Competitive San Diego Housing Market - 3.6.2013 - 03/06/13 05:06 AM
San Diego County has so much to offer! If only there were more homes for sale!

I know a very nice couple that is desperately trying to buy a house in San Diego County. They are San Diego natives and qualified buyers, ready to spend! The problem? Low inventory and all cash buyers!
The first issue they have run up against is lack of suitable homes. They are having a hard time finding property in their area of choice that meets their needs. Then, once they find something they like, they are often shut out of deals. Sometimes … (0 comments)

los angeles: Builders Eager to Please Buyers in Today's Housing Market - 2.28.2013 - 02/28/13 12:48 PM
Home builders are eager to please buyers in the current market.

Although the economy has had an impact on what many of us can and can’t by, when given the choice, we still have preferences. The increase in real estate purchases and the higher prices of property purchased has added excitement and new life to the market. To best serve buyers and investors, builders are interested in what amenities are most sought after currently.
The CNBC article at the link below highlights the topic of desired amenities and what builders are doing to help accommodate the positive changes in … (1 comments)

los angeles: Continued Gains for the U.S. Housing Market - 2.26.2013 - 02/26/13 02:09 PM
San Francisco, Los Angeles and Phoenix markets continue to show positive gains.

I like to bring you the most current real estate news, but lately I feel like I am just repeating myself over and over with talk of price increases and a healthier market. I am sorry if I am being redundant, but the real estate market keeps improving!
The housing market strengthened in the last quarter of 2012, but it hasn’t stopped with the arrival of the new year. January showed an even greater increase in home sales, demonstrating that we are continuing to move upward and … (1 comments)

los angeles: The Competitive San Diego Real Estate Market - 2.21.2013 - 02/21/13 04:04 PM
Beautiful San Diego waters are just one of the many things to love about living here.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, the market is becoming increasingly competitive with the number of cash in hand buyers. If you have to wait for a loan to be approved and/or the approved money to be available, you are no match for those that already have the funds. This can be frustrating and lead to even the most qualified of buyers missing out on making the sale.
In keeping with this topic, I wanted to share the Fox5 article … (1 comments)

los angeles: The Competitive Real Estate Market in the Inland Empire - 2.18.2013 - 02/18/13 03:24 PM
You need money fast to compete with cash in hand investors. Source Capital can help!

Some people are not just thinking about buying a home, they are 100% ready to make their purchase. Unfortunately in some areas of the country, being prepared is not enough in today’s market.
Although property prices are on the rise throughout the United States, prices are still lower than we once ever imagined they would be. In buyer’s markets, such as the Inland Empire of southern California, investors with cold hard cash are swooping in on good deals without warning, walking away with … (0 comments)

los angeles: The Phoenix Real Estate Market is Getting Healthy - 2.13.2013 - 02/13/13 02:36 PM
There is much beauty to go along with the vitality of the housing market in Phoenix, Arizona.

As I have reported in previous blogs, the real estate market in many areas of the United States is getting healthier. Since Source Capital is licensed to handle trust deed loans in Arizona and California, those are usually the areas I cover.
Today’s research led me to the article at the link below highlighting the healthy market of Phoenix, Arizona. With a decrease in foreclosures and short sales leading to less inventory, prices are on the rise. Again, less supply with a … (0 comments)

los angeles: Top 15 Most Popular Real Estate Websites - 2.11.2013 - 02/11/13 04:22 PM
Find the house of your dreams, then let Source Capital help you fund it.

In researching for this blog, I have vastly increased my real estate knowledge. As the market has changed, my goal has been to keep you up on what’s happening and where. As I learn along the way, I enjoy sharing information with you.
Below is a link to an article featuring the top 15 most popular real estate websites. You may have come across others, but this list includes information on both property for sale, as well as rental information. Looks like a pretty … (1 comments)

los angeles: First Time Home Buyers Face Competition in the Marketplace - 2.9.2013 - 02/09/13 02:36 PM
Don't let lack of funding or a slow moving loan process keep you from buying your dream home!

Buying your first home can come with mixed emotions. It can be exciting, fun, scary and also be stressful. Not only is applying for your first home loan a learning experience it can also be a slow process. That’s okay, if time is on your side, but in many cases, it simply is not. Although active and prominent first time home buyers are a sign of increased health in the market, they are currently facing some issues. Because the market is … (0 comments)

los angeles: Construction Loans and Tips on Staying Safe and Warm - 2.8.2013 - 02/08/13 02:52 PM
Even if you don't live in snow country, you may need help keeping your home warm.

Most parts of the country have gotten at least a little share of extreme cold this winter. Not only can it be challenging for us, but it can also be problematic for houses and other buildings.
Below is a link to a Los Angeles Times article with some helpful ideas on how to help protect your home and keep it safe and warm this winter.
Tips for a Safe and Warm Home
Not only does preventative maintenance bring more comfort … (0 comments)

los angeles: Construction in Phoenix Is Creating More Homes and Jobs - 2.4.2013 - 02/04/13 06:01 PM
If you need funding for a construction project in Arizona or California, call Source Capital!
Their are many aspects to the real estate industry. Buying and selling, property management and other aspects having to do with completed commercial and residential dwellings. Another important sector helps create opportunities. Opportunities for those that buy, sell and manage. It also helps to create new jobs. I’m talking about the field of construction.
This may be true anywhere new homes and high rises are being built, but according to the Phoenix Business Journal article at the link below, it is definitely apparent in … (1 comments)

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