san diego: Investors Buying Vacant Lots in San Diego County - 3.17.2013 - 03/17/13 04:11 PM
  Buying a house can be a challenge in today's market. Source Capital can help!
I have shared in my blog before about the increase in home purchasing being done by real estate investors. Now I’m going to add vacant lots to the equation. Although, we could have assumed this, it always seems to make facts more real when specific reports are made. Below is a link to an article citing one such instance. An investment group, which includes a local homebuilder, just purchased 41 residential lots in a gated community in Rancho Sante Fe, a beautiful and prestigious area of San Diego County. 
Read the … (0 comments)

san diego: Adding a Twist to Going Green with a Living Wall or Roof - 3.11.2013 - 03/11/13 05:23 PM
Sure. Why not. Plant a garden in a shoe! While you're at it, try live greenery on a wall or roof!
Okay, so let’s say you have the home or office building you’ve wanted and you want to do something different. Have you considered adding a garden wall or green roof? I actually don’t remember ever seeing these living structures in person, but I can picture them. And I like the picture!
In researching what’s new in real estate, I came across this interesting article in the Union Tribune San Diego. It highlights two affiliated San Diego based … (1 comments)

san diego: Low Inventory and a Competitive San Diego Housing Market - 3.6.2013 - 03/06/13 05:06 AM
San Diego County has so much to offer! If only there were more homes for sale!

I know a very nice couple that is desperately trying to buy a house in San Diego County. They are San Diego natives and qualified buyers, ready to spend! The problem? Low inventory and all cash buyers!
The first issue they have run up against is lack of suitable homes. They are having a hard time finding property in their area of choice that meets their needs. Then, once they find something they like, they are often shut out of deals. Sometimes … (0 comments)

san diego: Continued Gains for the U.S. Housing Market - 2.26.2013 - 02/26/13 02:09 PM
San Francisco, Los Angeles and Phoenix markets continue to show positive gains.

I like to bring you the most current real estate news, but lately I feel like I am just repeating myself over and over with talk of price increases and a healthier market. I am sorry if I am being redundant, but the real estate market keeps improving!
The housing market strengthened in the last quarter of 2012, but it hasn’t stopped with the arrival of the new year. January showed an even greater increase in home sales, demonstrating that we are continuing to move upward and … (1 comments)

san diego: The Competitive San Diego Real Estate Market - 2.21.2013 - 02/21/13 04:04 PM
Beautiful San Diego waters are just one of the many things to love about living here.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, the market is becoming increasingly competitive with the number of cash in hand buyers. If you have to wait for a loan to be approved and/or the approved money to be available, you are no match for those that already have the funds. This can be frustrating and lead to even the most qualified of buyers missing out on making the sale.
In keeping with this topic, I wanted to share the Fox5 article … (1 comments)

san diego: Rising Prices of the Southern California Housing Market - 2.16.2013 - 02/16/13 04:47 PM
The trend continues with a decreased number of foreclosures and short sales and an increase in interested parties. This continuing pattern is causing the prices to rise in the southern California housing market. You can find more details in the recent Los Angeles Times article at the link below.
More About the Rising Southern California Home Prices
Whether Santa Barbara, Los Angeles or anywhere in southern California, home prices are on the rise.
Whether you are looking for a new home in Santa Barbara, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles or anywhere in southern California or you are looking … (0 comments)

san diego: Housing Market Recovery Reports Continue - 1.29.2013 - 01/29/13 01:24 PM
As the housing market improves, you may see more new construction. We give construction loans too!
If you follow this blog, you have seen reports of a recovering United States real estate market. It has been widely confirmed and is apparent in many areas. The market seems more active and healthier, with no signs of going backwards.
I found the article at the link below posted online earlier today by the Union Tribune San Diego. Although it shares views about the increasing health of San Diego real estate, it also includes information about other areas of the country, including Phoenix, … (1 comments)

san diego: 2012 Reflections and 2013 Predictions for Real Estate - 1.5.2013 - 01/05/13 12:35 PM
Looking for 2013 real estate market predictions? No books needed! Just follow our blog!

Here we are on the fifth day of 2013. I remain excited about the fresh start that the new year seems to have made room for. I hope you are enjoying your weekend, and that you too are enthusiastic about the new year’s possibilities.
I have shared a variety of insights and predictions for 2013′s real estate market. And… I’m not done! Today I found an article you can read in its entirety at the link below. It both reflects on what happened in 2012 … (2 comments)

san diego: Location, Location, Relocation to Arizona or California - 12.18.2012 - 12/18/12 03:36 PM
We've all been there.
I just moved from one location to another. As we all know, it is a huge job! No matter how much time we spend getting organized and preparing for the big day, or as in my case, days, it seems to always take longer than anticipated.
In addition to packing, packing and more packing you need to communicate with the post office to ensure your mail will still be received, change your address on your driver’s license, contact anyone who sends you mail, whether creditors, friends or family, start and stop cable, internet and any … (1 comments)

san diego: Real Estate Education Available at University of San Diego - 12-12-12 - 12/12/12 02:30 PM
Sunny beaches near by the University of San Diego.

I live in San Diego County. Although it is where I have lived for over five years, I am still learning about things that are available here. Today I discovered that at the University of San Diego there is an education center for those interested in getting involved in the professional side of real estate.
 According to the UCSD website, the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate was founded in 1993. Find out more about the center at the link below.
University of San Diego Center for Real Estate

san diego: Happy Thanksgiving from Hard Money Lender, Source Capital - 11.21.2012 - 11/21/12 02:53 PM
No matter how you celebrate, enjoy it!

I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving eve. I have had all different types of Thanksgiving experiences. I’ve spent it with family, friends, big and little gatherings and both traditional and unique events.
I don’t think there is any one way to celebrate. There are different food preferences and traditions and those that may enjoy something different. I know a family that opted for pizza one year. That may seem odd to some of you, but like everything in life, there are many directions you can go.
A little Thanksgiving information for … (0 comments)

san diego: Arizona Foreclosure Numbers Down in October - 11.16.2012 - 11/16/12 01:56 PM
Arizona sunset. There's nothing like the desert sky.

Happy Friday everyone! Here we are at the middle of November with the holiday season upon us. Next week is Thanksgiving, which tends to be a time of reflection and acknowledging things to be grateful for.
There are personal things to show gratitude for and there may also be professional accomplishments to list. If we are looking at the big picture, although there is still a steep hill to climb, changes in the real estate market shows signs of improvement. This is something to definitely be grateful for, as it indicates a … (0 comments)

san diego: The Rise and Fall of Home Prices in San Diego County - 10.22.2012 - 10/22/12 11:12 AM
San Diego County beauty.

With all of the reported changes in the United States real estate market along with mixed opinions, it is challenging to stay up on what is actually happening currently. As a resident of San Diego County, I was curious to find out what is going on in my area. I came across a recent article in the Union – Tribune San Diego sharing a helpful database. It offers information about median home prices in San Diego County through September 2012. You can sort property information by zip code, region and specific neighborhood. It is interesting … (0 comments)

san diego: San Francisco Real Estate Market is Booming - 10.17.2012 - 10/17/12 05:25 PM
San Francisco housing prices are on the rise!
When people find out I like cooler weather, they often suggest I move to San Francisco. Known not only for milder temperatures, but also for its city life excitement and beautiful waterfront, popular San Fran has a real estate market that is increasing in health and wealth! This is great news for sellersand our economy in general. It is also a reminder that the time to buy is now.
If you have been following my blog you are aware that the real estate market across the country is changing. There are less … (0 comments)

san diego: Home Prices Rise in 20 U.S. Cities in July - 10.15.2012 - 10/15/12 01:00 PM
If you have read previous blog posts you have seen my reminders that the current real estate market favoring buyers is temporary. According to a recent Associated Press article, home prices are definitely on the rise. In July the prices rose in 20 different US cities, including Phoenix, Arizona. Below is a link to the article highlighting this market change.
U.S. Home Prices on the Rise

Buy now while we still have a "Buyer's Market!"

If the thing getting your way of purchasing property is lack of funding, contact Source Capital! Source Capital Funding, Inc. is a direct, … (1 comments)

san diego: Hurray for Hollywood Real Estate - 9.16.2012 - 09/16/12 04:24 PM
Hooray for Hollywood!

Lately, I’ve got Hollywood on the brain! I started producing comedy and music shows in San Diego a little over two years ago. Later this month I will be producing my first comedy show in Los Angeles. Hollywood to be specific.
Although this is new territory for me, I already have an affinity for LA. I have performed stand-up comedy up there several times and have enjoyed different areas of Los Angeles County, as a tourist. I love the excitement of the city.
If you’re like me and drawn to big city living, check … (0 comments)

san diego: Southern California Real Estate Market Getting Stronger - 9.13.2012 - 09/13/12 07:35 PM
Southern California has a lot to offer.

Whether or not you follow real estate trends closely, you undoubtedly are aware of the market’s fall several years ago. I am happy to report that I found some good news! According to the Los Angeles Times article at the link below, August of 2012, is the strongest August Southern California has seen in the real estate market in six years. The information presented definitely shows signs of change.
Southern California Real Estate Market Gaining Strength
Although this is great news for sellers and the bigger economical picture, buyers are having to … (0 comments)

san diego: Remembering September 11, 2001 - 9.11.2012 - 09/11/12 01:15 PM
Today is September eleventh. I’ve found myself stopping at different times today to pause and reflect. It’s hard to believe that it has been eleven years since I awoke to the clock radio, confused by what I was hearing. Still groggy, I went into the living room and turned on the TV and couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. It was 9/11/2001.

This morning, over a decade later, I walked the dogs of a firefighter while he was at work. Afterwards I sent him a text to share my gratitude. I was glad that I was … (0 comments)

san diego: Redirecting to Reach Your Real Estate Goals - 9.7.2012 - 09/07/12 08:24 PM
Sometimes redirection is needed in order to reach the preferred destination.

What is on my mind right now is that sometimes things in our life don’t go as planned and we have to reevaluate and change our course of direction. We may feel disappointment when this happens, which is most likely because our initial expectations aren’t met.
I am the main organizer for the San Diego Theatre & Performing Arts Meetup group. I just took over this role in February of this year. I am going to share with you a success and a failure in relation to this … (2 comments)

san diego: Labor Day - 9.3.2012 - 09/07/12 03:54 PM
Whether you rested or labored on Labor Day, I hope you enjoyed it.
I hope you had a relaxing, rejuvenating Labor Day weekend. I know some of you reading this may have had to work and not have the holiday off. Those of you in the latter category, I hope you have some time off soon and are able to get your relaxation time in then.
Below is a link with information about Labor Day, including its history and definition according to Wikipedia.
Labor Day according to Wikipedia.
Whether you had to labor on Labor Day or enjoyed it … (0 comments)

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