austin: Things To Do In Austin, Texas - August, 2015 - 08/05/15 12:34 AM

Things To Do In Austin, Texas – August, 2015 – August is a fun-filled month here in Austin! Take advantage of the last few weeks of summer by heading to these exciting events. Here are 5 things to do in Austin this August:
Texas State Capitol
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7a.m.-10p.m., 
Sat & Sun 9a.m.-8p.m.
Location: 1100 Congress Ave
Cost: Free
One of the most stunning buildings in Austin, the Texas State Capitol is open to the public for guests to tour and experience its historic ambiance. While inside, make sure to visit the senate chambers, capitol rotunda, as well as the sculpture and art work dedicated to important … (1 comments)

austin: Price War: Tips For Pricing Your Home Right in 2015 - 03/12/15 02:54 AM

Price War: Tips For Pricing Your Home Right in 2015 – Pricing your home for the market can be a tricky task. You don’t want to set the price too high and detract buyers, but at the same time, you don’t want to set the price too low and lose money. It’s essential to come up with an appropriate price for your home when putting it on the market, and we’ve come up with several tips to help with this process.
Use Online Calculators – This is a good place to start your process. Online calculators are free, simple and quick tools that can … (0 comments)

austin: New Restaurants in Austin, Texas - 02/12/15 12:31 AM

New Restaurants in Austin, Texas
Whether you’re new to the area, or you just want to try something new, there are plenty of restaurants in Austin, Texas. No matter what type of food you’re looking for, there are restaurants popping up left and right in the Austin area. Here are six new restaurants in Austin, Texas, for you to try.
Jeffrey’s Restaurant
Price: $$$
If you’re looking for something on the fancier side, Jeffrey’s is definitely worth checking out. The food is classified as fine American dining, and with an extensive bar you can’t go wrong.
The Original New Orleans … (0 comments)

austin: 5 Things To Do In Austin, TX This September - 08/29/14 06:47 AM

5 Things To Do In Austin, TX This September - Happy September! Are you and your family back in the zone when it comes to your school and activities schedule? The weeks are probably packed with appointments, practices, activities and more, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had on the weekends! There are plenty of fun festivals, events and activities that will be great fun for your whole family during September. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below; check them out and get ready for a fabulous start to fall!
Here are our top picks of things to do … (1 comments)

austin: 4 Myths For First Time Home Buyers - 08/11/14 03:24 AM

4 Myths For First Time Home Buyers - There are plenty of myths out there about buying a home. For a first time home buyer, it can be confusing to separate fact from fiction. We’ve gathered our top tips to help home buyers through the experience.
1. You must have a 20% down payment - Buyers are encouraged to put down 20% or more on their home to avoid paying private mortgage insurance. However, there are loans available that require a much lower down payment, some even as low as  3.5%.
2. Renting is less expensive - While the current trend of renting is popular among young adults, … (0 comments)

austin: 5 Things To Do In Austin, Texas This August - 07/29/14 05:15 AM

5 Things To Do In Austin, Texas This August - Summer has flown by! Can you believe back-to-school season is almost upon us? Your kids are probably experiencing the end of summer blues, dreading leaving summer vacation behind. Don’t you want to make the last days of summer extra fun for them? Luckily, there are plenty of great events and activities going on in Austin to get the kids out of their slump. Below are a few of our favorite things to do during the month of August; check them out and enjoy the rest of your summer!
Here are our picks for … (0 comments)

austin: 5 Home Luxuries For Less - 07/22/14 02:02 AM

5 Home Luxuries For Less – Everyone wants more luxury in their life, right? While many home upgrades can tend to be expensive, there are affordable improvements out there that can add extravagance without breaking the bank! From at home spas to sound systems, we’ve gathered the best options to create home luxuries for less:
1. Spa Shower - The bathroom is one of the best places to add more luxury in your home. Switch out your regular shower head for a “rain” shower head which can either be attached to the ceiling or the wall with an extension arm. This simple change will make your … (0 comments)

austin: 5 Things To Do In Austin, TX July 2014 - 07/01/14 02:57 AM

5 Things To Do In Austin, TX July 2014 - Can you believe it’s already July? This summer is flying by! This month always seems to go quickly with the holiday, vacations, and all of the fun events and activities going on in the area. This is also the part of the summer where the newness of having no school leaves kids in a bored state of mind. Get them out of it by shaking up the routine! There’s plenty to do in Austin to keep your whole family active and out of the house, and have a ton of fun. Below we’ve listed some of … (1 comments)

austin: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Homeowner - 06/24/14 06:31 AM

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Homeowner – The decision to become a homeowner is exhilarating but it ultimately is a major commitment. Before you decide to move forward, it’s crucial to know if you’re absolutely ready for home-ownership. Check out the following questions to guide you in your decision making.
1. Why Do I Want A Home?
You need to question why you are buying a house.  Are you doing so because it’s part of your dream or because you are ready for it?  Home-ownership is a full-time job.  Can you handle it?
2. Can I Afford It?
Houses … (1 comments)

austin: 9 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Home - 06/12/14 06:46 AM

9 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Home  - There are several aspects of our homes that we don’t think about regularly- that is until they stop working. Read our 10 things you didn’t know about your home that may be in need of some extra attention.
1. Do you have access to your garage without power? Many garages do not have side doors-   which can make getting to your vehicle very difficult should the power go out. Make sure you have a plan to access your car if this happens.
Do you know how to shut off the main water, as well … (6 comments)

austin: 8 Ways To Save Money For A Down Payment - 05/14/14 04:00 AM

As if searching for the right home isn’t stressful enough, new homeowners also have to plan on coming up with enough money for a down payment on their new abode. When you’re a first-time home buyer, this task can seem to be especially daunting. But don’t worry – we’ve come up with eight ways to drum up enough funds for a down payment on the house of your dreams.
Here are a few tips for saving for a down payment:
Crunch some numbers. Start by doing some math to get a general idea of what kind of sum you’ll need to begin saving … (0 comments)

austin: 10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home - 04/17/14 04:01 AM

10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home - Sprucing up your home can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. Whether you want to spruce up your home for the summer season or you just want to change things around a bit, here are 10 helpful tips for you!
1. Let’s start with the entrance to your home: the front door. Throw a fresh coat of paint or a new knocker. While you’re at it, make sure the door bell works properly!
2. Whether you live close to the water or not, a beach atmosphere … (1 comments)

austin: 5 Apps To Make You Feel Safer - 04/10/14 02:44 AM

With advancements in technology, your entire life has become available at your fingertips.  Everything from your address book to your day planner can be stored virtually on your phone.  However, phones can serve purposes greater than just your daily routine.  There are apps available that are practical, helpful, and can make you feel safer.
Anti-Virus – You may have anti-virus software on your computer or laptop at home, but you should also download it on your phone. You may think that your phone and your computer are completely different, but phones are becoming more and more like computers.  Everything you can … (0 comments)

austin: Things To Do in Austin, Texas - May 2014 - 03/28/14 05:57 AM

Austin, Texas, is beautiful in the month of May; it’s the perfect balance of spring and summer. There are a plethora of events for you and your family to attend in the area this month. Here are five events going on near you in Austin in the month of May.
The Old Pecan Street Festival
When: May 3 - 4
Admission: Free
The Old Pecan Street Festival is a great family-friendly event to attend this month. This is the largest arts and crafts festival in central Texas and brings in millions of dollars to the community. So head out … (0 comments)

austin: Things To Do in Austin, Texas - April 2014 - 03/28/14 05:44 AM

Austin, Texas, has plenty to offer to residents and visitors, alike. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly activity to occupy you on the weekends, or a fun night out with friends, you will have no trouble finding what you’re looking for in Austin. Here are five things going on near you in Austin, Texas, this month.
The 13th Annual Lonestar Round Up
When: April 4 - 5
Admission: $15, kids 12 and under are free
The lonestar roundup is a family-friendly outdoor car show and live music festival. You will also have the opportunity to buy from local vendors, and … (0 comments)

austin: How To Stage Your Home To Sell - 03/06/14 05:12 AM

Getting ready to sell your home can be stressful. Follow some of these tips to make it easier on you, and get your home sold quickly!
De-clutter: Getting rid of all the clutter in your house allows others to picture living there too! While we all love our knick-knacks and stacks of cozy blankets, it takes away from what your home can truly offer. Keep it Smelling Fresh: A fresh smelling home is inviting to visitors. Make Necessary Changes/Upgrades: Any upgrades that you need to make should be made before you stage your home, that way potential buyers will have no reason to deduct from … (2 comments)

austin: 8 Home Maintenance Tips For Spring - 03/04/14 02:54 AM

8 Home Maintenance Tips For Spring - It’s almost that time of year! Spring cleaning, organizing and annual maintenance will soon be under way. Be prepared to get your home in tip top shape this year with this simple tips…
Inspect the AC: A technician can tune up your cooling system and make sure you don’t spend the first hot weekend of the year with an out-of-commission air conditioner. Dirty filters make your air conditioner work harder, increasing energy costs and possibly damaging your equipment. Check them monthly and replace them as needed!
Clean Out The Gutters: Gutter cleaning generally costs $90 to $225 … (3 comments)

austin: Texas Winter Home Maintenance Checklist - 01/03/14 03:23 AM
In the Winter, "colder" months here in Texas we may not have to prepare as much for 12" of snow. We still should prepare our homes for the climate change and if anything, as an opportunity to check up on our home. Here are a few tips for your Texas Winter Home Maintenance Checklist
Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts to protect exterior surfaces and keep water out of the basement
Seal any gaps or cracks around windows and doors with weather-stripping and caulk to reduce drafts and to keep the heat in
Inspect roof for damaged or curled shingles, corroded … (3 comments)

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