greenwich: Charging a Tesla in Greenwich, CT 06830 - 09/01/16 11:48 PM
A Tesla is a fully electric car manufactured by Tesla Motors. There are different models, including the Tesla Roadster, the first highway-capable all-electric vehicle in mass production for sale in the United States, and the Tesla Model X, a full-size crossover SUV with seating for up to 7 adults. Teslas do not run on gas. The batteries can be charged at home using equipment manufactured by Tesla for home charging, or on the road using Public Charging Stations or the Tesla Superchargers.
When charging at home, the most convenient time to charge is at night, when your car is parked in your garage. Tesla … (4 comments)

greenwich: Why Home Depot is not your best choice for quality products - 12/17/14 08:03 PM

Home Depot offers cheap prices and convenient hours.  Sometimes you have to finish a project and need a can of paint at 5 PM on a Sunday.  In that situation you have no choice but to head to Home Depot.  The problem I have with Home Depot is that the quality is not the same as products from other stores.
Some vendors whose products are carried by Home Depot have told me that the store does not like raising its prices.  So, a company initially offers a quality product and gives the store a huge discount because of the large … (20 comments)

greenwich: Why Does my Furnace in Greenwich, CT 06830 Not Get Electricity? - 08/24/14 01:14 AM
I was at a customer’s house in Greenwich, CT last week when he was complaining that his furnace was not getting power. I started at the electrical panel and tested each circuit breaker. Each breaker had the right voltage, so I know the problem was not outside the house, and not in the panel.  He had some work done in his basement recently and was concerned that a worker had cut a power cable by accident.  The problem was somewhere within the house. 
The next step was to check the most obvious causes.  In most cases, the National Electric … (3 comments)

greenwich: USB Outlets are the Coolest Electrical Outlets in Greenwich CT 06830 - 01/20/14 05:12 AM
USB Outlets are the Coolest Electrical Outlets in Greenwich CT 06830
USB outlets are a new type of electrical receptacle becoming more and more prevalent in Greenwich, CT.  In this continually connected society that we live in, we are constantly using our smart phones. We use our phones as GPS devices, Internet hotspots, video cameras, remote controls and hundreds of other uses.  The problem is that all those features and apps draw more power and leave us constantly trying to charge our devices.  Whenever I go to an airport, I see passengers getting off a plane and immediately trying to … (9 comments)

greenwich: Who Cares about Google Plus? Google. That’s Who! - 01/13/14 08:58 AM
Google Plus is a social media platform that many people do not know about.  The joke is that only Google employees use it.  It is much newer than Facebook, and has just a small fraction of Facebook’s one billion users.  If so few people use it, why should we put time and effort into building and maintaining a Google Plus business page?  
The answer is that Google+ is important because Google thinks it is important.   Several years ago, the company paid people to drive around in special cars with cameras mounted on the roof and record and map … (9 comments)

greenwich: 100 Amp Electrical Service May not be Enough in Cos Cob, CT 06807 - 01/11/14 09:02 AM
In Cos Cob, CT and other parts of Fairfield County, CT, a 100 amp electrical service is not enough to keep up with the demand of the average house.  Over the last several decades, the power requirements of homes in the area have significantly increased.  It is said that the average kitchen draws more electricity than the whole house if it was build over 30 years ago.  
One of the causes of this surge in the demand for electricity is the proliferation of central air conditioning in houses.  Air conditioning, by its very nature, is an inefficient process, so … (2 comments)

greenwich: Why Extension Cords are Dangerous in Riverside, CT - 01/09/14 09:06 AM
Why Extension Cords are Dangerous in Riverside, CT
The correct use of an extension cord is in a temporary manner.  For instance, when using a power drill you plug it into an extension cord. Later, when you are done with the drill, you unplug the extension cord.  The cord becomes a problem when it is used in place of permanent wiring in the home.  I see this all the time in Riverside and other parts of Greenwich, CT.  Typically in older homes, the garage door opener is frequently plugged into an extension cord. Usually, when a garage door installer puts … (5 comments)

greenwich: Electrical Safety: Child Resistant Outlets in Old Greenwich, CT - 01/08/14 02:41 AM
Tamper Resitant Outlets 
There are many types of specialty electrical outlets, but tamper resistant receptacles are becoming more and more popular. Now you’ve all seen these things before:It’s a little piece of plastic that goes into a receptacle so children cannot put anything in there. We are all very familiar with these things. They are so effective at making sure nobody can put anything in there that we’ve all broken fingers trying to remove these things. 
So, yes, they work but they’re so effective they are a real pain to use. So there is another receptacle which is … (18 comments)

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