greenwich ct: Charging a Tesla in Greenwich, CT 06830 - 09/01/16 11:48 PM
A Tesla is a fully electric car manufactured by Tesla Motors. There are different models, including the Tesla Roadster, the first highway-capable all-electric vehicle in mass production for sale in the United States, and the Tesla Model X, a full-size crossover SUV with seating for up to 7 adults. Teslas do not run on gas. The batteries can be charged at home using equipment manufactured by Tesla for home charging, or on the road using Public Charging Stations or the Tesla Superchargers.
When charging at home, the most convenient time to charge is at night, when your car is parked in your garage. Tesla … (4 comments)

greenwich ct: Time to Test Your GFCI Outlets in Stamford, CT - 10/05/14 07:58 PM

I would like to explain what exactly is a GFI. A GFI, or GFCI, as it is known, stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. It looks like a regular outlet, but it has two little buttons in the middle. There’s a test button and a reset button, and they are designed to turn off when they detect moisture. They are required in various places in the home, including bathrooms, on the kitchen counter, garages, basements, as well as your swimming pools and any outdoor outlets. There are a few locations in the home in which they should never be installed and … (30 comments)

greenwich ct: Homeowners, Learn To Save Money In Central Greenwich, CT With These 3 Electrical Tools! - 09/29/14 04:07 AM
As an electrician in the town of Central Greenwich, CT 06830 people always ask me how they can save money. Keep reading to find out what 3 Money-Saving Tools I recommend you should have as a homeowner and how to use it!
Non-Contact Voltage Detector
Price:$10 to $20
So what is this? It can detect live current through the insulation on a wire. The one I use is made by Klein Tools; I use this electrical tool everyday. So let’s say that you turn the switch on a lamp and it does not work. The problem could be the bulb, the switch, or … (3 comments)

greenwich ct: Why Does my Furnace in Greenwich, CT 06830 Not Get Electricity? - 08/24/14 01:14 AM
I was at a customer’s house in Greenwich, CT last week when he was complaining that his furnace was not getting power. I started at the electrical panel and tested each circuit breaker. Each breaker had the right voltage, so I know the problem was not outside the house, and not in the panel.  He had some work done in his basement recently and was concerned that a worker had cut a power cable by accident.  The problem was somewhere within the house. 
The next step was to check the most obvious causes.  In most cases, the National Electric … (3 comments)

greenwich ct: How to Plug USB Cords in the Right Way Every Time - 01/25/14 03:46 AM
After my post last week about USB receptacles (here), I wanted to provide a helpful hint about plugging in USB devices.  USB cords, like any other plug can only be inserted one way.  The problem is that we always try to plug them in the wrong way first.  Then, we rotate them around and eventually are able to connect them.
To solve this problem, I suggest cutting a small square of self adhesive Velcro strips (available at hardware stores or craft store) on the bottom of ech USB cord you own.  That way, you can feel the Velcro with your finger … (6 comments)

greenwich ct: If in Greenwich, CT 06830 Check Out the Makerbot Store for 3D Printers - 01/23/14 10:14 AM
3D printing is a new type of technology that is revolutionizing the way we think about our world.  The company leading the way is Makerbot, which manufactures the 3D printers and scanners.  The company has three stores, one of them being in Greenwich, CT.  If you are anywhere nearby that is one retail shop not to be missed.  
I recently stopped in to see this technology in person.  For those of you that unfamiliar with the concept, a 3D printer nozzle moves to one location and puts a tiny dot of melted plastic, then another spot and puts a … (1 comments)

greenwich ct: USB Outlets are the Coolest Electrical Outlets in Greenwich CT 06830 - 01/20/14 05:12 AM
USB Outlets are the Coolest Electrical Outlets in Greenwich CT 06830
USB outlets are a new type of electrical receptacle becoming more and more prevalent in Greenwich, CT.  In this continually connected society that we live in, we are constantly using our smart phones. We use our phones as GPS devices, Internet hotspots, video cameras, remote controls and hundreds of other uses.  The problem is that all those features and apps draw more power and leave us constantly trying to charge our devices.  Whenever I go to an airport, I see passengers getting off a plane and immediately trying to … (9 comments)

greenwich ct: 100 Amp Electrical Service May not be Enough in Cos Cob, CT 06807 - 01/11/14 09:02 AM
In Cos Cob, CT and other parts of Fairfield County, CT, a 100 amp electrical service is not enough to keep up with the demand of the average house.  Over the last several decades, the power requirements of homes in the area have significantly increased.  It is said that the average kitchen draws more electricity than the whole house if it was build over 30 years ago.  
One of the causes of this surge in the demand for electricity is the proliferation of central air conditioning in houses.  Air conditioning, by its very nature, is an inefficient process, so … (2 comments)

greenwich ct: Portable Generator Safety is Very Important in Greenwich, CT - 01/09/14 02:50 AM
Portable generators are a hot item these days, and safety is a very important element when operating one of these units in Greenwich, CT.  

The proper placement of the generator when it is running is critical to safe operation.  The operating instructions for many units state that the portable generator is not to be exposed to rain or other elements.  So, many people place the generator in an area with less than ideal ventilation, such as an open garage, or under an overhang and create a potentially harmful situation.  Without proper ventilation, the exhaust fumes can be extremely dangerous, … (1 comments)

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