stamford ct: Time to Test Your GFCI Outlets in Stamford, CT - 10/05/14 07:58 PM

I would like to explain what exactly is a GFI. A GFI, or GFCI, as it is known, stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. It looks like a regular outlet, but it has two little buttons in the middle. There’s a test button and a reset button, and they are designed to turn off when they detect moisture. They are required in various places in the home, including bathrooms, on the kitchen counter, garages, basements, as well as your swimming pools and any outdoor outlets. There are a few locations in the home in which they should never be installed and … (30 comments)

stamford ct: Homeowners, Learn To Save Money In Central Greenwich, CT With These 3 Electrical Tools! - 09/29/14 04:07 AM
As an electrician in the town of Central Greenwich, CT 06830 people always ask me how they can save money. Keep reading to find out what 3 Money-Saving Tools I recommend you should have as a homeowner and how to use it!
Non-Contact Voltage Detector
Price:$10 to $20
So what is this? It can detect live current through the insulation on a wire. The one I use is made by Klein Tools; I use this electrical tool everyday. So let’s say that you turn the switch on a lamp and it does not work. The problem could be the bulb, the switch, or … (3 comments)

stamford ct: 5 Things to Know When Selecting an Electrician in Stamford CT 06905 - 01/12/14 07:34 AM
Before hiring an electrician in Stamford, CT, there are at least five things to ask about.  
Are they Licensed?
The first question to ask is if the person doing the work has an electrical license.  In Stamford, CT, an electrical license requires 8,000 hours of on-the-job training, and 720 hours of classroom work.  If the person has gone through the process, they will be more than willing to show their license to you.  If you are unsure, please visit the website of the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and you can verify a license here: .
Are they properly … (3 comments)

stamford ct: Circuit Breakers: What To Do When They Trip in Stamford, CT - 01/06/14 04:33 AM
A circuit breaker is a device that’s specifically designed to prevent dangerous electrical situations from happening. Those dangerous situations include a short, which means that the hot and the ground or the neutral are touching before getting to the light bulb or load on that circuit. And it can produce a lot of heat and it can eventually lead to fires. That’s why we use breakers that trip to prevent that kind of situation. Besides that they also trip when there is an overload. An overloaded circuit typically happens when you’re using several devices that require a lot of electricity on … (5 comments)

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