reo: A SHORT REcap - If YOU or Someone You Know is Underwater and Does Not Know What to Do--Look Here! - 12/17/09 02:18 AM

reo: NEW Bank-Owned Pool Home--NOT a Short Sale! - 12/16/09 03:38 AM

reo: It's a FEEDING FRENZY--the Bottom Feeders are out--Are We At Bottom?!? - 07/03/09 02:10 AM
There has been so much activity lately of the 'shadier' sort here in Pinellas County, Florida--I thought it pertinent to mention yet again some of the scams which have surfaced, proving yet again that greed really brings out the worst in many.
From Trulia this morning:
Our house is getting ready to go into foreclosure, we've got an investment firm wanting to "buy it". Distressed Homeowners:  PLEASE don't sign over your deed to anyone--this does not release you from any obligation with your lender--all it does is remove your rights. It is quite clear that we have reached the point, at least … (1 comments)

reo: A Bird's Eye View of Beacon Woods in Hudson or Bayonet Point Florida - 03/07/09 02:22 AM
Some more onsite video I've taken of the BEST DEALS to be found in Pasco County--highlighting Beacon Woods, which is a lovely, deed-restricted golf community in Bayonet Point (a section of Hudson), Florida.
If you or anyone you know is currently creeping into default, please call me, email, or check back here--I'll be hosting a Distressed Property Help Seminar and special call-in lines to help answer your questions.

For more Tips and strategies if you are facing foreclosure-check my website


reo: HELP!! I'm Lost in Countrywide Short Sale HELL...and NOW--SAXON?!? - 08/21/08 06:14 AM
I spent two hours on the phone with Countrywide Short Sale Department yesterday--no, I take that back, I spent hours ON HOLD attempting to speak with a negotiator for Countrywide.  I did speak with FOUR different people, and the first was actually trying to put me through to the negotiator, Norberto Canno, who does not answer emails, btw--in case you've tried the suggested email format. 
I have followed all of the prescribed practices on submitting shortsale offers, the package, especially the SECOND package I submitted (now, here's a clue--do NOT attempt to submit a second offer when there's one in … (7 comments)

reo: Beacon Square in Holiday Currently Has THIRTY Foreclosure Deals - 08/18/08 12:57 AM
Beacon Square, a popular neighborhood in Holiday, due to its proximity to the Gulf, affordability, and easy access to Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, is showing a turn in foreclosure sales.  Since January of this year, 32 foreclosure homes have sold, and there are now only 30 on the market (I look at sales for the past six months vs. current inventory). 
Many of these homes need considerable work to bring them up to a quality standard, however, for the buyer willing to put in some sweat equity many of these could make lovely homes for less than the cost of renting!

reo: California Governor Signs Bill Effective Today as Emergency Measure to Staunch the Flow of Foreclosures - 08/08/08 01:56 PM
California leads the way in subprime mortgage default legislation--Governor signs much-amended bill initally opposed by many members of the CLTA (California Land Trust Association).  Will this measure be no more than a band-aid on a severed limb?  How many other states will follow, and will Florida be next?
SB 1137 became effective July 8th as an urgency measure.  However, requirements pertaining to the notice of default and the posting and mailing of an entirely new notice will not become operative until 60 days after the effective date.
The provisions of the new law outlined below apply to loans secured by owner … (0 comments)

reo: The Foreclosure Bus Rides Again! Preview Some West Pasco Deals Here! - 07/22/08 07:13 AM
If it ain't fun, don't do I'm trying to make this FUN--I hope you enjoy my quirky sense of humor and...ok, weirdness--it's just weirdness. Hop onboard the Tampa Bay Foreclosure Bus and see what's out there in foreclosure homes!
Take a look, and if you see something you like, or have questions--you know what to do--in the words of Blondie:  CALL ME! 


Be sure to tell us how many tickets you'll need, the cost for the … (1 comments)

reo: A "Retro" spective: Last Week's Tampa Bay Foreclosure Activity Report~Pinellas County - 07/21/08 11:21 AM
Pinellas County stats week of July 13- 20, 2008
There are currently 1450 properties currently For Sale in Pinellas County in some stage of foreclosure.
417 foreclosures are Under Contract in the same area, while 68 have already SOLD this month.  (That's 33% of all foreclosures are either under contract or sold for this month!)
Sales were spread out all over the county, but the highest concentration, not surprisingly, was around St. Petersburg--as shown here.  The average sale price was $151,865, which is around $114 per square foot.  Interesting to note as well, is that the nine homes which are under contract listed in … (0 comments)

reo: Pasco County Hindsight Report - Last Week's Foreclosure Activity - 07/21/08 10:46 AM
Foreclosures, Pasco County July 13-20, 2008:  1198 Active, In Contract, or Sold since June 30.
There are currently 877 properties on the market in Pasco County FOR SALE, as of today's date.
269 foreclosure properties are currently UNDER CONTRACT in Pasco County.
52 foreclosure homes SOLD in the first half of the month, and the average price per square foot was $76.84.
Sales in Pasco County were distributed as follows:

The greatest concentration of 35 home sales was in the Western part of the County, West of US 41, and the median home price was $109,087--and average price per square foot … (3 comments)

reo: FHA TOP 5 Requirements--DO YOU Know If Your Home Would Qualify? - 07/09/08 08:11 AM
In today's market, one of homebuyers' best choices in loan programs, whether they are a first-time buyer or not, is going to be FHA.  Rules have changed, however, and it pays to know what an FHA appraiser will look at if you are in the market to buy OR sell a home right now, because the largest pool of buyers will be looking with this type of financing in mind!
When viewing a property, an appraiser is required to note those repairs necessary to make the property complaint with FHA's minimum property requirements.  The appraiser determines whether repairs, alterations, or … (0 comments)

reo: Happy Independence Day, Active Rain and Tampa Bay!! - 07/04/08 10:10 AM
Happy Independence Day!! 
I hope you will join me in honoring all those who have served our wonderful country, and take a quick fly-by tour of local foreclosures on the market, too!  For full preview, check the links below, and to get tickets for the foeclosure bus, just go to


reo: Sneaky Peeky L@@Ks at Pinellas Foreclosures for the First Half of 2008 - 07/02/08 12:28 PM
So, if you've already looked at Pasco County Foreclosure numbers, what about Pinellas County?  Here's a quickie breakdown:

And, what does this mean?  Let's do a breakdown--down & dirty:  373 sold in the first 2 quarters of the year, an average of only 54 days on the market.  We now have only 262 on the market, another 147 under contract, for a grand total of 409 total, which may look worse, until you factor in the average days on the market, which is 2 months or less.  Since 373 is the number of sales for six months, our current inventory … (0 comments)

reo: Tampa Bay Foreclosure Bus Tour Preview of Foreclosure Homes in Pinellas - 06/26/08 01:02 AM
A totally unique concept--SEVEN Real Estate and Mortgage Consultants from SEVEN DIFFERENT companies all joining together in a unified effort to BEST SERVE our local Tampa Bay area consumers!  The Foreclosure Bus Tour has its first run scheduled for July 19th 12-5 PM, but tickets are nearly sold out, so get your reservation in NOW, before it's too late!
Easy Fill-in FORM ONLINE:


reo: Palm Harbor Foreclosure ~ The Bus Stops Here ~ Pool Home in Need of 'Lipstick' - 06/24/08 08:51 AM
Take a l@@k at this lovely Palm Harbor pool home!  Poised between Palm Harbor and countryside--this area would be perfect for the family with teens or pre-teens--the schools are great, the neighborhood safe.  With little more than elbow-grease the house is a steal at just over $200K.
The next bus tour is scheduled for Saturday, July 19th, from 12PM to 5PM and will cover the area of North-Eastern Hillsborough County to Southwest Pasco (Westchase to Wesley Chapel).  For reservations, please

Be sure to tell us how many tickets you'll need, the … (2 comments)

reo: Which Would YOU Rather--FIVE Years or ONE Year? - 06/24/08 08:41 AM
If you or anyone you know are considering "letting go" of your home to foreclosure--be sure you know ALL the facts first!  The rules are changing, and have changed--used to be the difference between a Short Sale and a Foreclosure was about a hundred points on your credit, and a year or two of 'ineligible' loan status.  No more!  Lending rules have changed, and the new Fannie Mae guidelines which have already gone into effect as of May 31, 2008 are FIVE YEARS of ineligible status.  Beginning to sound more like bankruptcy now, isn't it?
Just last week I had a … (0 comments)

reo: ForeclosureBusTampa stops in Oldsmar for a Super Deep Discount! - 06/24/08 05:41 AM
The Foreclosure Bus will be starting locally on July 19th, but there is no guarantee that THIS home will still be available, but there will be others!  This one needs new carpet/flooring, and appliances, but it has also already been run through for FHA loan approval, so some of the legwork has been done for you!
The next bus tour is scheduled for Saturday, July 19th, from 12PM to 5PM and will cover the area of North-Eastern Hillsborough County to Southwest Pasco (Westchase to Wesley Chapel).  For reservations, please

Be sure to tell … (0 comments)

reo: Tour Preview in Dunedin~ Spanish Acres - 06/24/08 03:07 AM
 Here's another great three bedroom, two bath home--in need of just the basics--flooring and wall treatments, so for less than $5K in repairs you could have a great home in a great neighborhood! 
The next bus tour is scheduled for Saturday, July 19th, from 12PM to 5PM and will cover the area of North-Eastern Hillsborough County to Southwest Pasco (Westchase to Wesley Chapel).  For reservations, please

Be sure to tell us how many tickets you'll need, the cost for the entire day will be only $25 per person. Thanks for your interest, and best … (0 comments)

reo: Palm Harbor Hosts Preview of Foreclosure Homes - 06/22/08 01:03 AM
Palm harbor has been my home for over thirty years, so I guess you could say I'm a little biased when I feature this community.  I think it is one area that has everything--including easy access to all of the other small local communities, such as Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, and Safety Harbor, as well as Fred Howard Park and Clearwater Beach.
The following video features a new foreclosure POOL home, in a deed-restricted community, and for the new homeowner who does not mind putting in a little sweat equity, this would make a lovely new home!

reo: Tour Preview ~ Tarpon Springs, Florida - 06/22/08 12:52 AM
Did you hear the news yet?  The FORECLOSURE BUS is happening in the "Real" World, Tampa Bay, so hop onboard here for an instant PREVIEW of the kinds of homes you can explore, inspect, and perhaps make your new home!
In case you are unfamiliar with blogs and how to quickly and easily locate what you are looking for--a brief tutorial:  If you want to see all blog posts on the Foreclosure Bus--look to the right and scroll down to the list of TAGS, and select "Foreclosure Bus Tour".  You will then see a list of all posts on this preview.  … (0 comments)

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