maui: Invest in Maui Vacant Land in Kapalua - 12/20/21 03:12 PM
Finding that perfect piece of paradise where all your upscale needs and wants have been met can be quite the challenge for most buyers. Fortunately, with our expert luxury Maui realtors, discovering those lush spacious yards and dynamic spaces is more than possible!
If you’re looking for prestigious luxury vacant land in Hawaii, Kapalua real estate is the perfect go-to option. It is one of the most sought-after places with its quiet, tranquil atmosphere of Maui’s beloved countryside while maintaining close proximity to award-winning white sand beaches. Not to mention that most Kapalua residential communities are also close to golf courses, upscale … (1 comments)

maui: Duke’s Beach House – Top West Maui Restaurants Spotlight - 12/20/21 03:02 PM
Most visitors come to Hawaii to enjoy its beautiful beaches, pleasant climate, ride the rolling hills through volcano country, swim in the cerulean ocean, and soak up the aloha spirit. But all of that becomes more magical when Hawaiian food enters the picture. The island is a known cultural melting pot with mixtures of different cuisines from Japan, China, and Polynesia. Indeed, the Hawaiian taste is simply magnificent.
Full Article Here: Duke’s Beach House – Top West Maui Restaurants Spotlight

maui: Featured Beachfront Luxury Maui Real Estate – Coconut Grove 21 - 12/20/21 03:01 PM
Kapalua provides one of the grandest and luxurious experiences on the island of Hawaii. Its incredible landscapes and convenient vacation environments have become one of Maui’s premier resort areas. Some of the spots to check out here are the beautiful West Maui beaches, restaurants, cultural landmarks and heritage, and world-renowned golf resorts. Most tourists fall in love with this place, wishing they could stay here for longer.
Full Article Here: Featured Beachfront Luxury Maui Real Estate – Coconut Grove 21

maui: Is Hawaii Real Estate on Maui a Good Investment? - 10/01/21 05:22 PM
Among the 137 islands in the Aloha State, Maui is one of the most popular destinations that many people know. Because of its warm weather all year round, world-famous white-sand beaches, and beautiful sceneries, tourists from all parts of the globe flock to Maui. But aside from these travelers, there is another group of people who finds Maui an attractive site.
Those who are looking for real estate investment opportunities also have their eyes set on the second largest Hawaiian island. But is Maui real estate a good investment decision? Buying property whether for long-term investment or to generate income is a … (2 comments)

maui: Charming Condo Unit with Exquisite Views of Maui Nature for Sale at Kapalua Ridge - 10/01/21 05:20 PM
Instead of enduring the loud traffic noise, pollutants, and fast-paced lifestyle in the city, why not move to West Maui and enjoy your days relaxing and basking under the Hawaii sun? Life in West Maui is all about the tropical paradise experience. It has always been the dream destination for many people because of its perfect weather all year round, the Aloha spirit, and the people’s laid-back culture.
Although West Maui is more developed than the South, you will still be greeted by green, picturesque tropical scenery and lush mountains wherever you look. The best part, there’s a selection of high-end resorts … (3 comments)

maui: Moving to Hawaii Pros and Cons – Should You Make the Move? - 09/08/21 03:03 PM
Are you thinking of packing up your things and moving to Hawaii? Hold your horses because it is best that you know the good and the bad things about Hawaii before making any life-altering decisions. Many of us know that Hawaii is famous for its year-round tropical climate, breathtaking sceneries, and friendly people, but just like any other place, Hawaii also has its drawbacks, like the terrible traffic and the high cost of living.
We have compiled a list of the Pros and Cons of moving to Hawaii to help you in your life-changing decision on whether to move to Hawaii or … (0 comments)

maui: West Maui Real Estate Trends for May 2021 - 07/28/21 06:37 PM
May is one of the best months to be in West Maui because of its perfect weather. Similarly, it seems to reflect one of the best months for home sales, according to the Realtors Association of Maui (RAM) report.
West Maui remains one of the best luxury spots for a grand Hawaiian residence or vacation resthouse. That is why there’s never a shortage of robust buyers who are also aware of the low mortgage rates. Various properties are available in the area, from single homes, condominiums, vacant land, beachfront, or oceanfront real estate.
Full Article Here: West Maui Real Estate Trends for May … (2 comments)

maui: The Best Places to Eat in Maui – Must Eat and Fine Dining - 06/15/21 05:18 PM
If you are someone lucky to live on Maui, always remember you have a plethora of great places to try whenever you are craving delicious and luxurious meals. These must-eat fine dining places offer different varieties of food and even provide takeout and delivery options if you prefer dining at home. To help you decide which restaurant to try out, we’ve compiled the best places you can dine in on Maui.
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maui: Dreamy Kapalua Home with Vast Ocean Views for Sale in Pineapple Hill - 06/15/21 05:13 PM
Watching the sunset with loved ones while taking a sip of a refreshing drink is a dream life that many people covet. For some, experiencing this luxurious island lifestyle where you are surrounded by nature’s best sceneries and the warm ocean breeze is only possible when going on a vacation. But for the lucky residents of an exclusive Maui Luxury Real Estate, the marvels of a tropical paradise are integrated with their daily life. If you dream of the lulling ocean waves, mesmerizing panoramic views, and year-long ideal weather, this gem of a home is waiting for you.
Full Article Here: Dreamy … (1 comments)

maui: March 2021 West Maui Real Estate Stats are In - 06/15/21 05:11 PM
The real estate report from the Realtors Association of Maui for March 2021 showed the increased sales activity in this part of the island. This positive trend is due to two significant reasons – normal spring and the relaxing of COVID-19 protocols. March has been very busy in the West Maui real estate market as the demand for properties increased exponentially despite the rising mortgage rates as well as the prices of homes. People who sell their homes remain low along with new construction activities.
Full Article Here: March 2021 West Maui Real Estate Stats are In

maui: Retire in Hawaii – Pros and Cons of Retiring in Paradise - 06/14/21 05:37 PM
After working for several decades, many people look forward to their retirement. The thought of relaxing all day, exploring nature, basking under the sun, and doing activities you love most for the rest of your life seems like a dream come true. And what better place to retire than the tropical islands of Hawaii.
With some of the best beaches in the world, scenic locations, and fun adventures, Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the most popular retirement spots. However, there is more to its warm sunny skies and beautiful white sands. So, if you’re thinking of moving to The Islands of Aloha, … (1 comments)

maui: Own a Hawaii Oceanfront Luxury Home on the Private Alaelae Peninsula - 06/14/21 05:35 PM
Are you looking for a piece of property that exudes elegance in its finest? Kapalua is where you can find high-end mansions and luxury homes. Properties in this part of West Maui are much-sought by visiting tourists. Year-round, investors and homebuyers are looking for luxury homes for sale in Kapalua. The location itself is the epitome of an exotic island lifestyle, with a splendid coastline and world-class beaches. The lush tropical landscape is rejuvenating and soothing. It is home to famous golf courses, spas, galleries, and gourmet restaurants. It is no surprise that homeowners and their guests cannot help but claim … (1 comments)

maui: Hawaii Luxury Real Estate: West Maui Condos for Sale - 06/14/21 05:27 PM
Want a private, paradise home that makes it feel like you’re always on vacation? Perhaps, you are planning to relocate and break away from city life? West Maui in Hawaii is one of the perfect, idyllic places to consider, especially if you like living in a luxury condo that comes with all the amenities of some of the best resorts Hawaii has to offer.
Full Article Here: Hawaii Luxury Real Estate: West Maui Condos for Sale

maui: Luxury Living Awaits at 1010 Sunset Place in Maui - 12/30/20 11:36 AM
With the sweet smell of plumeria flowers, sound of waves crashing onto the white sandy shoreline, the sun beating down on you all year long, there are many reasons why we love living on the island of Maui and think you would too. The only trouble you might run into is trying to find that perfect luxury home for sale that suits your needs. But not to worry with that either. We have the solution for you. If you can’t find it, why not build it?
Full Article Here: Luxury Living Awaits at 1010 Sunset Place in Maui

maui: Top West Maui Restaurants Open for Takeout During COVID-19 Lockdown - 12/30/20 11:28 AM
The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed changed the way we dine and live. Due to the extensive lockdown all over the world, foodies are now finding practical ways to still enjoy their favorite comfort foods and beverages without spending too much time outside their homes. This why the need for takeout among restaurants increased. For avid food enthusiasts, it’s a better way to stay healthy and virus-free.
The best thing about West Maui is that it holds a plethora of excellent dining destinations, which at the same time, offer takeout. If you’re residing within West Maui and in need of a quick fix, … (0 comments)

maui: Beautiful Hawaii Tropical Home for Sale in Pineapple Hill, Kapalua - 12/03/20 03:32 PM
Hawaii offers so much beauty that’s quite hard to resist. The lush greenery, blue ocean, and tropical climate are just some of the great things that make Hawaii so appealing. This explains a lot why 69,600 people moved to the state from the year 2013-2017.
Thinking of moving to a relaxing abode situated along the shores of Hawaii? Why not consider this very private home in a tropical setting?
Full Article Here: Beautiful Hawaii Tropical Home for Sale in Pineapple Hill, Kapalua

maui: Top Walking Trails and Boardwalks in West Maui - 11/13/20 02:54 PM
If we were to write a love letter to Maui, there would be so many things we would say. Like how much we appreciate her beauty, her sounds, her sunny weather, and stunning beaches. But we would also like to tell her how much we love just walking around and being able to take in her beauty on foot.
One of the great things about living on this island, other than the amazing homes for sale in places like West Maui’s Kapalua and Kaanapali neighborhoods are the walking trails.
Here’s a list of our top walking trails in West Maui.
Full Article Here: Top Walking … (1 comments)

maui: Former Hawaii Home of Carlos Santana for Sale in Kapalua, Maui - 10/30/20 02:15 PM
With so much beauty surrounding you at all times, it would be hard to live anywhere but Hawaii. With the tropical trees and aromatic smell of beautiful flowers entrancing you at every corner paired with the multi-island and mountain views from every angle, why wouldn’t you want to invest in a Maui real estate property for sale? 
Already in the market for a property in Hawaii? We invite you to peruse this one-of-a-kind Hawaii luxury real estate opportunity!
Full Article Here: Former Hawaii Home of Carlos Santana for Sale in Kapalua, Maui

maui: Ideal Maui Beachfront Home For Sale at 4584 Makena Road - 10/16/20 04:33 PM
Have you been searching the Maui real estate market for a luxury property listing to call home sweet paradise to no avail? Well if you need some help getting pointed in the right direction, we have a wide selection of West Maui real estate but no other Hawaii property for sale can compare to this South Maui home for sale. 
Full Article Here: Ideal Maui Beachfront Home For Sale at 4584 Makena Road

maui: Maui Condo Sales See Increase in August 2020 Real Estate Market Stats - 10/02/20 05:15 PM
Despite a year full of ups, downs, and uncertainty, it looks like the island of Maui will be heading into the fall season full steam ahead when it comes to real estate transactions. Especially right now with the stock markets doing well and the overall mortgage rates very low!
According to the latest Maui real estate statistics from the Maui Realtors Association, the overall temperature on the island is one of optimism despite limited inventory. On the island as a whole, new residential listings decreased by 4.4 percent for single-family homes but increased by 97 percent for condos!
Full Article Here: Maui Condo Sales … (2 comments)

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