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 I know the end of September is approaching and my market reports are out a bit late this month, but we had some good news, temporarily anyway, about the Salem and Keizer real estate markets. With the MERS foreclosures heading towards judicial foreclosure and off the real estate market currently ...
A man in southern Oregon has been calling female agents up asking to see million dollar homes.  He wants them to pick him up at his motel.  He says he has cash, but when asked for proof of funds says his attorney says that he can't give it to a real estate agent.  He used the name Matthew Fox in ...
A glowing recommendation.  It's what everyone wants in their business.  Who doesn't want to be acknowledged as being good at what they do?   Gallup released their latest poll about feelings about different industries.  What's up with this touchy-feely stuff anyway?  Feelings, schmeelings... I'm i...
Back in the boom, MERS was a cornerstone of the real estate market offering a way to offload mortgages to investors allowing banks to continue to originate loans and make bundles o' money.  Apparently, my strategy of waiting at the end of the rainbow for my pot of gold wasn't a good one: should h...
The first  quarter ended in the world of real estate.  I can tell you that personally I saw an increase in buyer activity on my listings and other agents reported the same thing.  The proof is always in the data though.  Salem had the best first quarter in three years in terms of home sales.  Sup...
To my wonderful subscribers, I have a favor to ask...   My house hasn't been cleaned in ages as I've been so busy, so i'm hoping one of you really wants to come over and scrub my toilets for me.  Takers?  No?  How about pulling the weeds in my yard that have gone crazy with our Oregon rain?  No, ...
I could throw out some real estate cliches to start off my post, but I don't want to send your eyes rolling to the back of your head.  Really, it was the best February in the past three years for home sales in Salem Oregon.  I promise I won't spew out every other ad campaign created by the NAR me...
From: Jim To: Melina Tomson Date: Feb 13, 2011 3:05 AM Subject:  MLS Dear Melinda, I found you on Swillow and clicked through to your website.  I like your website and for an agent that's saying something because most of them suck.  I like the house at 777 Lucky to Know Me Street and want you to ...
If your house ain't selling in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call? Housebusters? I think not. That leaves just one man. Sometimes it just has to be done. Someone has to step up to the task and take it on. In Salem Oregon, the answer is obvious. John Kirk is a principal broker for Tomson Burnham,...
Home prices in Salem Oregon In January 2009,  I posted my predictions for real estate in Salem in 2010.  My guess?  Home prices would drop 5% in 2010.  The reality?  The average home price dropped 6.6% and the median shifted downward 6.1%.   Pffft.  I'm blaming the makers of Wheaties for not ser...

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