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The exterior of the home was beautiful.  Brick masonry adorned the front of the home with wonderful accents that would make any buyer feel affluent. We laughed as we walked up the stairs to view the home. As we hit the top of the stairs, I started to sniff.  What was that?  As I cracked open the ...
Al Donohue accused me of only being on AR for entertainment value. I don't want to disappoint him.  So Al, this video is for you. I want to be just like this guy. How in the world did I miss this training class??  If any of you are strugging in this market, take note of his techniques...  
  One of the great things about living in Oregon is just the natural beauty that surrounds us.  What makes living in the Mid-Willamette Valley so great is the ability to get to the coast and out to the mountains fairly easily.   This past Saturday it was around 105 degrees here in the valley.  T...
  I love old homes. I love the details and wondering what the owners were like 100 years ago. I like seeing the original water closet as it is reminiscent of our past and where we have come from. Salem has several designated historic districts, including one downtown. We have two residential his...
View Larger Map I just wrote a post a couple of days about about "old" Englewood. Despite the fact that Englewood is one area, there really are to vey different atmosphere's to the neighborhood.  East Englewood runs from 23rd to around Park and is made up of homes built in the 1950-1970 range.  V...
Everyone has their favorite sources to read.  I like to read Business Week.  The latest issue to hit my mailbox, left my jaw dropping. Just Charge That Mortgage by Jessica Silver-Greenberg caught my eye. Y'all know where I'm going with this right?  Apparently using homes as ATM's during the boom ...
Englewood.  Doesn't it seem like many towns have an Englewood neighborhood?  Salem is no exception. Sandwiched between Market Street and D Street, Englewood runs from about 17th to 22nd, and East Englewood runs from 23rd to around Park.  Centrally located in Salem, Englewood is actually a patchwo...
Located between Lone Oak and Sunnyside, Ironwood Estates is in a prime location in South Salem.  If you find yourself driving on Whipplewood, Cherrywood, Peachwood, get the idea, right?  If you find yourself in a cluster of streets that end in wood in south Salem, then you a...
I get the whole web 2.0 thing, really I do. If I didn't want to be open, I wouldn't blog.  I have to say that I was floored when I received a call last week asking me for a specific report that I had written in the past. I was getting ready for vacation and didn't run this report in a while.  I g...
I wrote a blog about some homeowners in Yachats Oregon that tried to have an essay contest in order to "sell" their home.  The advertised like crazy; it was all over the news here. Unfortunately, they did not get as many entries as they needed in order to hold the contest.  So, after extending th...

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