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Information about buying and selling homes in Fair Oaks, escrow problems, life's dramas, my childhood, how to buy a home, stupid pet tricks, how to sell a home, stuff about Fair Oaks, how I learned stuff, my best vacations, real estate terminology... heck - It's whatever I feel like writing about after 3 decades of being a Realtor, mom and wife. Your Fair Oaks Realtor



Drive down the streets of the Northridge area in Fair Oaks and you better be careful.  Be on the lookout for golfers in their carts... or turkeys.  You are just as likely to see one as the other.   Both the turkeys and the golfers love the proximity to Northridge Country Club, one of our area's f...
Some towns have their Cheers Bar where everyone knows their name, but in Fair Oaks, we have our own old fashioned hardware store - Oaks Hardware.  It's definately the local hangout, and the only place to go to find that hard-to-find tool or screw-ball sized screw. Owner Dave Hill took over from h...
Rollingwood, in Fair Oaks, CA, is a beautiful neighborhood known for it's massive oaks tree and picturesque natural settings. At the edge of the American River, ridges of gorgeous homes jut out into the ravines that make their way down to the river. Natural beauty abounds, as deer, wild turkeys, ...
The Phoenix Field neighborhood of Fair Oaks is one of Fair Oak's finest. With nearly 500 homes, it's big enough to have it's own distinct personality, but small enough for neighbors to know each other. It's old enough to have mature landscaping, yet knew enough to have homes with contemporary des...
Pigs have just flown, it froze in Hell, and the bear just pooped in the woods (oopps, wrong saying... sorry).  Anyway my life has been turned upside down, in a good way, by some hocus pokus stuff. After a lifetime of migraines (2 - 3 a week growing up) I not only have found how to deal with them....
His name was Joe.  He was my chief antagonist, and later my best friend. He was my brother. Joe was my hero early on.  He could find rubies in the sand like no other.  I still see his little brown back scorching in the hot Tuscon sun, hunched over his knees as he poked through the sand, tweezing...
Many of you laugh at those who watch "So You Think You Can Dance".  But last night magic happened in a tribute to breast cancer.  If this doesn't move you to tears, you might as well pack it in. This piece shows why dance has been the backbone of our communication forever, and can take you places...
I'm paraphrasing here, but President Kennedy said we should hurl a few guys strapped into a metal box into the stratosphere and aim for a tiny hunk of cheese in the sky not because it would be easy, but because it would be hard. He said it would force us to organize and measure the best of our en...
I turned 18 the summer of '69... the summer of Woodstock and the Moon Landing.  And I got to see both.  Sort of. I worked as a maid that summer at the Spring Lake Hotel, up in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, in Parksville. Being a long blonde-haired California girl at a Jewish resort ...
Termite... dry rot... leaks... fungus... earth-to-wood contact.  Yuk.  Who wants to talk about this stuff?  Don't all hold your hands up at once. I know it's a drag, but ignore getting a pest inspection, and watch your dollar bills go flying out the window when you finally do.  You want to nip pr...

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