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Information about buying and selling homes in Fair Oaks, escrow problems, life's dramas, my childhood, how to buy a home, stupid pet tricks, how to sell a home, stuff about Fair Oaks, how I learned stuff, my best vacations, real estate terminology... heck - It's whatever I feel like writing about after 3 decades of being a Realtor, mom and wife. Your Fair Oaks Realtor



Let's face it. Times have changed.  Most buyers are sitting in their jammies searching for their perfect home online.  But where is the best place to look? You want to look to a source that is directly connected to the Realtor's MLS, or Multiple Listing Service. Otherwise you may not have factual...
I can't speak for the rest of the country, but here in Fair Oaks and the Sacramento Area, you write a deposit check at the point you write an offer.  But what happens to your deposit next?  It depends on the type of home we write the offer on. A. Regular Sale with a real owner - a Mom and Pop sal...
If you have ever had an FHA loan, Uncle Sam may owe you a refund.  HUD has been stepping up efforts lately to identify people who have a refund due, but have not collected.  "Could that be me", you ask?  Let's find out. Go to HUD's website at www.HUD.gov  and look for the FHA LOAN REFUND program....
Zosh is a pretty cool app for your iPhone, enabling you to email yourself a pdf document, then open it on your iPhone. You or your client can then sign it using your finger on the screen. Or even add text if you like. Then rotate and resize the text. I have saved a copy of my walk through form, t...
Fair Oaks has its own Farmer's Market, and it's a special one, with a very special twist.  I stopped by Sunday as they were closing up, but managed to snag some organic peaches, nectarines, a melon, onions, Chinese long beans, Thai basil, and Mom bought some flowers. They were all grown locally b...
Yesterday, someone Released the Kracken.... all over my escrow. All Hell broke loose.  The seller's moving truck was primed to move 3700 feet of stuff to another county. The buyer was nipping at their heels, ready to move in before the dust settled.  Color coded packing tape detailed the order of...
 I learned all the classic Broadway show tunes at the Music Circus as a kid, and still remember belting them out at the top of our lungs on long drives to Seattle to see the family.  "oooooooOOOOOOOOAK-la-ho-ma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...." "Pigs and ducks and gees better scu...
Last night some poor guy was quietly shopping in Big Five when a zebra trotted by.  "WWHHHAaaaa....!!" "Guess who?", said my hubby at the breakfast table, peering over his Dean Adell bifocals, paper in hand. "It's gotta be Michael." In deed it was. Michael is a mule trainer, mule trader,  horse t...
My daughter left my home in Fair Oaks a few minutes ago for a bike ride.  20 minutes later, I'm looking at this incredible photo on Facebook, taken from her iPhone. How lucky am I to live in Fair Oaks, on the banks of the American River, just minutes from the stupendous 32 mile American River Bik...
In his youth, my Dad was a drummer. During the Big Band era, he played drums in bars and dives where the band members were the only white faces in the joint.  He was a fan of Tommy Dorsey, Gene Krupa and Duke Ellington, but has forgotten most of it.  He is now 88, and content to sit in his barca...

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