how i learned: How I learned... to put the FUN in Fundraising.... and channel my inner hillbilly! - 05/18/09 05:24 AM
Sweet Potatoe Sal here... befor I git kot jackin Sally's blog, I wunna tel ya'all bout my Hillbilly Olimpiks yesturdai, wher we razed $600 fer the Salvation Army and C.A.R.E.
See, Sal's ofiss has razed $200K fer char-ty, haff a which kame from soshul partees they throwd. Peeple bot thair tikets last November at a Chili Feed at Lyon Real Estate in Fair Oaks, then she got me, Sweet Potatoe Sal, ta kum up with some gamin and food fer the partee. It wuz at Ancil Hoffman Park in Carmichael - peeple hed ta ware thair Sunday best, as yul see … (19 comments)

how i learned: How I Learned.... You can live with breast cancer. - 05/12/09 12:38 PM
Last Saturday I walked with my daughter in the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Walk for the Cure. Our team was A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.  I'm in a pink shirt. I'm a survivor.  For me, it's been 3-1/2 years.
The day I got the call after my routine mammogram was a life changer.
I'm in the kitchen.  The phone rings. "Mrs. Dunbar, this is Kaiser."  Hmmm, why are they calling, this can't be good. "We need you to come in for a biopsy.... routine.... breast cancer.... percentages... blah, blah, blah...will next Thursday be OK?"
My mind went numb... head spinning. Reeling, to be … (11 comments)

how i learned: How I Learned.... Teach your children well, and they will learn. - 05/10/09 03:40 AM
I have always encouraged my girls to be specific in their thank you notes. To tell Grandma WHY they love their gift.  To tell their teacher specifically what they liked about them.  ...and that the best gift is a letter from your heart, with thought put into it about the truth.
That lesson came back to me in spades recently.  It was out of the blue.  But it's the best recurring Mother's Day gift I've ever received.  I  carry this in my wallet... and will forever.
Thank you for being the mom all my friends are jealous of.  No … (36 comments)

how i learned: How I Learned... I Won't Work with Just Anyone. - 04/25/09 02:04 AM
It was 20 years ago.  AH was referred to me like this:  "Sally, AH thinks he is the smartest guy in any room. He doesn't have many friends. But he needs to sell his house.  You are the only person I know who is strong enough to handle him. He agreed to call you."
Wow... I can do it.  I can handle anything, after all I know what I'm doing..... bring him on.  And yeah, I am strong!... Wow... thanks for the kudos... said my puffed up ego as I buffed my nails on my superwoman cape.
In my arrogance, I … (43 comments)

how i learned: It's Earth Day... How I Learned to Not Freeze at the Enormity of the Challenge - 04/22/09 03:59 AM
In 1975 I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Studies.  I recently found my senior paper, which included this reflection-
"I am bogged down by the enormity of the environmental problem, and don't know where to begin. I feel I should be collecting petition signatures, organizing a recycling center, going to congressional meetings, researching new energy alternatives, writing letters to the president, distributing birth control in India... SAVING THE DAMNED WHALES!"
I feel the same way today.  Where do I start?
It's just like being a being a Realtor.  When I became a broker 30 years ago, I practically slept with the MLS book.  … (14 comments)

how i learned: How to Get Your Groove on... From a Fine Feathered Friend - 04/16/09 09:28 AM
Next time you are in a slump... watch this.  This dude knows how to get his groove on.
Now go have an outrageous, melodious, groovalicious, finger-snappin, belt-it-out-in-the-shower, day.
And don't fall off your perch!
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.... Not freeze up at the enormity of the challenge
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.... Work hard, play hard
.... End a lifetime of migraines (the devil is in the details!)
.... Really LIKE my … (24 comments)

how i learned: How I Learned... To really LIKE my mom - 04/12/09 04:35 AM
I've always loved my Mom. She was a realtor for 20 or so years, and is awesome. Hard working, willing to do anything, and people love her. What's there not to love?.  But in 1997, I learned that I really LIKED her, too.
It started with a phone call.  "Sal... I just signed up for a trip to the Mediterranean.  10 days.  I'm going to Greece, Egypt, Israel and Turkey.  Wanna come?"
I thought of when I spent 9 months in Europe at 21 and lived in Greece for 4 months.  I'd die to go back.  I thought of my husband … (43 comments)

how i learned: How I Learned... Work Hard, Play Hard. - 04/10/09 11:54 AM
Life as a realtor is pretty wild and crazy... no two half hour blocks are the same.  There's a never ending To Do list, and someone always would like more of your time.  It's easy to get so engrossed in details that you forget there is a fun life out there.  To me real estate is WAY FUN.  But I'm talkin bonkers fun.  Get your groove on fun.  Wild and crazy fun.  That means putting on my goofy hat on occasion, and getting a little stupid.
*I dance wild and crazy with my daughters all the time... in the kitchen, camping, a … (67 comments)

how i learned: How I Learned to... "Leap and the Net Will Appear" - 04/04/09 11:38 AM
As a realtor we are faced with new situations all the time.  A new area, a challenging personality, new software, an "unsurmountable" escrow problem. While it may seem impossible to deal with some of these challenges, I've come to know you have to just take it one step at a time and know you will figure it out as you go.  I've learned to "Leap and the net will appear".
So how did I learn this?
I started dreaming when my youngest was a high school sophomore, about making a video for her class, and trying to capture some, a lot, … (20 comments)

how i learned: How I Learned... "The Devil is in the Details", and ended a lifetime of migraines without meds. - 04/01/09 01:48 AM
I've had migraines since I was tiny... at least 5.  Two to 3 a week.  When I didn't have a migraine, I felt crappy - tight shoulders, tight neck, throbbing base of my neck. Generally like I wanted to lie on the couch all day, but I didn't. Yet I was so happy to not have a migraine, I paid no attention. Never dawned on me it might be something I was eating. But I've discovered 13 nondescript, bizarre little stealth bombers that are the culprits. Things like guar gum, red wine vinegar (not balsamic, thank god), and whey.  Go figure.

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