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  We got a call today from a nervous Mom....she is a widow and her 20 something year old daughter bought a house a couple years money down and a part time job while still in college...and without her Mother's knowledge...and now...she is upside down....Her mother says her "heart aches".....
   We have a number of different traditions at our house...many at the holidays...traditional menus, presents, decorations....and one that we encourage everyone to think about as the holidays draw one of having other people have the opportunity to share in your family's traditions.    ...
  We got a call the other day from an agent...who asked...                      "Can my buyers keep looking after they write on your short sale ?"    Golly gee whiz....if your buyers aren't willing to wait...and this is not really the house they want...please don't write an offer on our short sal...
Outstanding Value...3 bedrooms...a bath on each floor..fenced yard, newer drive and 2.5 car garage..fresh decorating...newer kitchen appliances included...this is a real TREAT at a short sale value price you will appreciate ! Sally K. Hanson | Keller Williams | 414-525-0563/877-525-0563 650 S 69...
    It seems that as technology has evolved we have gone from saying that     " We read it in the newspaper"                    to      "We heard it on the radio"                    to        "We saw it on TV"                  to         "We caught it on Cable"                   Now.....         ...
                                            Decisions    Decisons     Decisions         Realtors say it, buyers and sellers repeat it...lenders echo it...appraisers contribute to's the phrase we hear more often now than ever before....and sometimes the same people who say "It's the Marke...
   We are not movie buffs....and could not quote very many lines from any movie...but When Harry Met Sally was the first movie we watched at my house as a couple before we were married and that line still brings a Sally (Meg Ryan....gotta love her !)  overhears the orgasmic utterances...
  We know that Matt Anderson stays up nights thinking of creative ways to help is what he does....and what he wants you to do by attending the Farve-B-Que at Matty's Bar in New Berlin,WI....Whether you miss Brett...never missed Brett....don't know Brett...Brett WHO ?  It's all in good...
Enjoy the Chuckle...Brought to courtesey of Anna Banana in Arizona....have a great weekend !Friday Funnies: Flu Update!! Q. What is the difference between Bird Flu and Swine Flu? A. For Bird Flu you need tweetment and for Swine Flu you need oinkment! ********************* Thinking of buying or se...
An Open Letter to the Buyers and Sellers....Who are "Stuck" in Indecision     - To Buy     - To Sell    - To  Lower the Price    - To Downsize     - To Upsize  With every buying and selling experience,we learn more. We take more classes than are required in salesperson"ship", technology, law, met...

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