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There will always be Buyers regardless of their age and experience...that "know better" than any Realtor.  They heard one that time that..their cousin, neighbor, uncle, friend wrote an offer  X% UNDER the asking price and  BOOM....they got an accepted offer.  Is that the "Norm" ? Not in our exper...
Real life and TV are not always mirror images of each other with both time and money issues quickly solved...within the program's length....and in reality....hnmmmm... While home rehab TV shows can be great entertainment and provide some insights into the industry, they don’t show the full pictur...
                      Micro ResolutionsAn Evolution in RESolutions  !  Tiny Steps to Make  BIG LEAPS !!!     The “new improved” theory of making resolutions is to take the goals for change in “tiny bites” rather than BIG MOUTHFULS which are hard to swallow…and may require a lot of ambition at one...
This is the time of year when buyers are most especially conscious of the level to which a furnace functions...cuz  Baby it's COLD outside !  When a furnace blower door safety switch is taped. Your HVAC system comes with a variety of safety devices, and they are all there to increase personal saf...
       Our friends at Keeping Current especially appropriate place for this infographic are giving some examples of the things that should be updated in a a home before it goes on the market. The pricing may or may not to have your Real estate agent suggest qualified con...
. We very much love to entertain....and have found that we can do it more often with some planning ahead and the "divide and conquer" kind of approach we take to cooking.  We may have frozen batches of home made french onion soup that is a course...or a marinade.  Meatballs are often made in lar...
This new year when change and trying new directions is prevalent seemed a great time to renew Lou's wise words. When It’s Time to Adjust . . . . Do It “Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action or you take wil...
An excellent quiz that homeowners can give themselves when they are weighing the idea of moving to another home !    5 Signs It May Be Time To Move From Your Current Home Recent studies show that homeowners average about 9 years in their homes. There are varying reasons a homeowner decides it’s t...
The New Year is bringing changes in tax laws...and  knowing them certainly helps prepare you for the year ahead. While in some cases, that may mean you cannot change your present  may mean how you make changes in how you plan for the year ahead.Mortgage interest deduction reduced t...
  As many of our regular readers know, part of our blogging design goal is the promotion of local businesses. Beyond posts, we may also design special events, help with public relations programs, graphics and other marketing activities.  It is part of our give back to these businesses AND to the ...

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