appraisals: I Want a Copy of the Appraisal Said the Accepted Offer Seller - 07/20/14 01:48 AM
   After the offer is accepted, part of the job of the Buyer's lender is to get an appraisal on the property.  The lender wants to be assured that the value of the house matches what the buyer(s) agreed to pay.  Typically the appraisal is done without the Seller at home. 
     In our markets in southeastern Wisconsin, we are notified when the appraisal has been received by the Buyers....and know that the property is or is not valued at the  contract price. The appraisal itself is paid for and belongs to the Buyer and not the Seller and is not … (22 comments)

appraisals: Assessed Amount, Appraisal, Fair Market Value..What is a Buyer, Seller to Do ? - 01/15/14 08:31 PM
  There are Sellers...Buyers and Realtors who want the value/price of a home to be easily determined by a formula and beyond that widely accepted by the buying/selling public in the market.
   "It's Easy" they claim.....and then espouse their own "theory of relativity....that the price they have chosen list, write or directly related to .....the number they chose to relate to....the assesment...the appraisal  or the "Fair Market Value" that appears on the tax bill.
    Whatever is a Buyer/Seller or Realtor to do with so many yardsticks not all measuring the "value" arriving at the same … (13 comments)

appraisals: We Used to Believe in Appraisals.....Now...not soooo much... - 08/25/13 07:37 PM
  Appraisals WERE...or we believed that they were ....what you could hang your hat on...a more sophisticated market analysis. An analysis that looked at every aspect of the property...the square feet, the location, the rooms, age of construction, condition, updates. A detailed review of the subject property and an accurate comparison when  viewed against other properties in the market.
    At a time when money is supposed to be more carefully watched, and lenders more cautious about mortgage dollars...we are seeing appraisals speed past the logical and what we see as rational numbers right into the "over the top" no one … (24 comments)

appraisals: Appraisers - Buy Them One and All? Protection or Prostitution ? - 06/03/13 10:31 PM
  Consumers, Realtors, Lenders ...Everyone wants to believe that a appraisal is the protection offered a borrower...a guarantee...a certification...the reality of what a property is REALLY worth...isn't it ?  Isn't it...that the hundreds of dollars that a buyer pays...really the studied document that clearly shows that when compared to other properties in the immediate area...that are similar...or have been adjusted for their IS the Holy Grail of lending..the Borrower's "guaranty" that they got what they paid for...or in some cases...MORE than they paid for...that is the value of an appraisal.
      Appraisers are given the offer....they know what the buyer offered … (18 comments)

appraisals: To Buy a Listing or Live With Yourself....Which Do YOU Choose ? - 03/10/09 05:09 PM

 A few years ago, when the market was a bit different..."Jason and Jennifer" (their names are changed to protect us...their nasty former realtors) were about to be married and bought a condo with of course, no money down.  They became part of our sphere....and got our mailings, calendars, holiday presents...and their family daughter and they started thinking about a house and selling their condo.  So last summer we looked at houses and they told us that they could sell their condo on their own...we explained that there was some liability there...and if was our position that any … (11 comments)

appraisals: An Appraiser Called..... - 01/21/09 11:12 AM
The other day I got a call from an appraiser....she wanted to know why I would price a"perfectly good" property that had closed recently for a little OVER ASKING as I did.....all the other homes in the area had been $20,000 or more than our listing had been listed for...for what appeared to be fewer updates, worse condition, etc. I asked her to look at the days on market....."Oh....your listing sold MUCH faster !" wasn't a short sale...or a was a home in good condition...that we staged, had freshly painted, had "all dressed up and ready to … (2 comments)

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