buying a home: I Have 11 Offers said the Listing Agent... - 06/17/19 05:24 AM
   Our Buyers were in Love...with each other as newlyweds....and the house that was exactly what they wanted...where they wanted it...decorated as they dreamed...on an acre lot...the stars had aligned !
    We called the listing agent, a newcomer to the business who was amazed at the number of showings and multiple offers. When we called to find out the desired closing date and other things important to the Sellers she also said that the Sellers did not want any escalation clauses in the offers. That's a new one for us...we relayed that to our Buyers and sat down to craft … (15 comments)

buying a home: Permit Us...To Teach a History Lesson.... - 12/07/17 02:55 AM
   In  Wisconsin,  each Seller is required to complete a document called a Real Estate Condition Report....(RECR in agent lingo) and it is basically a questionnaire asking about the "physical fitness" of the house...has there ever been an issue with.....the roof, foundation, electrical system, plumbing etc.   IF there has been an issue how and when was it remedied.  Common examples might be...during the storm in 2012...the power went out and there was some water in the basement because the sump pump was not functioning. The roof was replaced in 2015 due to age, etc. 
        When the Seller is … (28 comments)

buying a home: Can a Home Buyer Suffer From "Under Buying " ? - 07/16/16 11:16 PM
  Yes...yet another term to add to the real estate dictionary...with Curbalicious and Thinventory, etc....Under Buying. What is UNDER BUYING ?
      Under Buying is a "syndrome"....or condition that some Buyers have sometimes founded in fear. The thought of 30 years of debt is terrifying.  It is accompanied by a long list of "what if's" . What If There is:
Job Loss Divorce Illness Major unaffordable repairs The market drops and equity is gone  
      To "lessen " the What IF list....the choice is to buy a house that is less than the Buyer wanted but to them … (11 comments)

buying a home: Decisions Decisions... Buyers Weigh Carefully ! - 04/03/16 10:23 PM
 This weekend it was our very great pleasure to take our Buyers out "shopping"...the forth transaction with this family...parents and siblings having bought and sold with us ...(love those purple envelopes !) 
     We saw several homes and the choices were narrowed
to two...calls during the showings indicated that there were
offers on both homes and if our buyers wanted to write..
there was no sleeping on the decision...NOW was the time !  For now...with such Thinventory....there is NO Sleeping...just making sound decisions...prepared with approvals...and knowing what things are important.
   The houses were in two different suburbs each offering different attributes and both good choices. … (8 comments)

buying a home: Loving the Inside of a Home.... But...Beware of the Outside.... - 03/30/16 09:05 PM
   Watching a Buyer falling in love with a house is a wonderful thing...a joy to see the twinkle in their eye, the spring in their step, watching the decorating wheels turning as they image their furniture in the home and see their family at the kitchen table, parties in the rec room...relaxing beside the makes a Realtor glad they chose this dream making profession.  The emotion of the experience for everyone involved is unduplicated. a Buyer's agent ....we tour the outside of the property with the prospective Buyers....this is sometimes where the excitement and enthusiasm can be tempered … (11 comments)

buying a home: What Size are Your BIG GIRL/BOY Pants ? - 03/05/16 12:12 PM
   Lots of parts of the country are experiencing the markets Realtors dream of....Buyers everywhere not only willing AND able to pay what a property is worth...but more importantly...ABLE to do it !
     There are multiple offers...multiple counters,  over asking offers...grateful letters that accompany back options for Sellers...and the  list continues for Buyers to be the ones chosen to get the house of their dreams.  Some Buyers are stuck in the times of a Buyer's market ....wearing their "liitle pants" and forgetting that one of the "interesting things" about real estate is that times, prices, conditions...change !  Choosing an … (11 comments)

buying a home: Give Yourself a Raise...Buy a House ! - 12/27/15 06:13 PM
  We are pleased to be working with a number of young professionals who are seeing the wisdom of home ownership in the near future.  The very real threat...make that reality of contined rent increases....the lack of privacy....the desire to have someplace that they can call "their own" are all factors that combine to put them in the home buying market.
    In addition....when we have our Buyer consultation...we have the "Did you know that buying a house can also 'give you a raise' ?"  discussion. 
  First time buyers have never experienced the tax deductions  of interest and property taxes.  We … (18 comments)

buying a home: "My Buyer Added up Eveything that HAS to be done....And Here's the Offer," said the Selling Agent. - 08/11/13 07:54 PM
"My Buyer Added up Eveything that HAS to be done and here's the Offer," said the Selling Agent. The list must have been a long one....the offer was 65 % of the asking price....hmmmm.
  We get have to write  what the buyers say....but are you really doing them a favor by not showing them the list to sale average in the area ?  
   "I never thought of that," admitted the agent.   If the buyer makes lists of what the house DOESN'T have....instead of what it DOES have....chances of making a house, home are pretty slim.   Yes...there are … (80 comments)

buying a home: An Offer is the Trumps MLS......Beeee Careful ! - 07/14/13 08:38 PM
     While the market is better in most parts of the country than we have seen in a long seems that some Brokers either continue to...or become more creative in how they are justifying taking more commission or one party or the other not paying for this or that ...the buyer or seller 'understood' that/this was included. 
   Let me preface this by saying...this is what happens in Wisconsin and  should there be some other law in some other state that "trumps" a written contract...that applies for that state.
     We close all of our listings with an attorney. … (19 comments)

buying a home: "I'm Sorry that Property has an Offer on It...." Today's Mantra - 06/29/13 07:52 PM
MANTRA - an often repeated phrase.   For agents who are primarily...or exclusively...listing agents...the mantra is music....a wonderful melody that brings out the finger snapping toe  tapping beat that accompanies a recovering market.
Homes are listed and quickly have offers leaving buyers who just started looking...who slept on the decision one night too long...who waited for a more convenient time to take a tour....with no choice but to mooooove on to the next house....continue their search and hope that the outcome would be different the next time .
   What is a BUYER to do ?
    as ready to buy … (24 comments)

buying a home: "Dear Buyers: We Have Your Back...Front....Insides....." - 06/05/13 08:51 PM
  The excitement of buying a new home...the first home...the dream home...the move up or waterfront great cause for advice.....from family who offers protection from the evils of fraud....From friends....who may wish they too were buying a new home...from co-workers who know the process...after all they have lived in a home and know all about the process. 
       In the excitement....the Buyers forget the detailed discussion and safeguards explained to them before and during the buying process. 
We will carefully review the condition report before we see each property to be alerted to any mechanical conditions reported by … (14 comments)

buying a home: "We Know it's Not Your First Rodeo...." Commented the Buyer - 05/20/13 09:43 PM
   Sometimes Buyers do choose you as an agent because you are the listing agent.  The "argument" from a listing agent is often that the listing agent is working for the Seller so the Buyer should choose someone else to represent them.
   The reasoning from a consumer may be...that the listing agent knows the house better...though a selling agent can certainly learn through observation and inspection by professionals all that they can about a house.  There are those buyers who believe too that they will undoubtedly (?)get a "better deal" if they deal directly with the listing agent.
    We … (16 comments)

buying a home: Welcome to Sonny Wisconsin...Let us Cher a Peace of our Home State with You ! - 08/25/12 09:49 PM
  "We've Got You...."....and your Babes, Babies, Cousins...Aunts and Uncles...with all the great state of Wisconsin has to offer homeowners. Outstanding schools, beautiful countryside, a blend of many ethnic cultures, terrific restaurants, beautiful lakes....we will Share it All !
    If you are looking to buy or Sell a home in southeastern the agents who have made education the hallmark of thier practicce....and have fun practicing a profession we love !
  Prompt Professional Service and Proven Results....Sally & David Hanson - Keller Williams Realty.

buying a home: "Why are they moving ?" Asked the Buyer - 05/27/12 09:01 PM
Why are the Moving ????  If you have been a licensed Real Estate agent for more than a week and taken a buyer to a are apt to be asked this question. There are lots of reasons for moving...job relocation, upsize, downsize, divorce, etc.
   Unless and until an agent has the permission of the Seller to disclose the reason for moving...OR it is required...because it is being handled by a relocation company which will require additional forms to be completed by the buyers.  OR if the house is a short sale and there may be a waiting period...the buyers … (47 comments)

buying a home: Who is Ernest and Why Should I give him Money to Buy a House ? - 05/24/12 08:52 PM
    We take soooo much for granted....the terms we use every day....this "question" contest....thank you Banana Lady...made us search our memory for this question....when we were Newbies and had no outline of the steps that are required in the purchase of a house.
     Ernest is not really the character pictured at the left...he is not really a character at all...Ernest is Earnest.....Investopedia defines Earnest  Money as: A deposit made to a seller showing the buyer's good faith in a transaction. You as a buyer, are showing the Sellers YOUR character...what you are willing to financially show them to secure an … (7 comments)

buying a home: Our Sellers Are Electing NOT to Respond to Your Offer..... - 04/02/12 08:18 PM
  Bring on the Sellabrations...the Buyers are Out ...the Buyers are Out !  It was an exciting weekend with multiple offers on several well priced properties.....and as you browse through MLS you see the "Active with Offer" indicators everywhere...HURRAY !!!
   Homes all dressed up and ready to sell...priced at appraisable prices...ARE selling....a wonderful welcome to spring...and a boost in recovery to the market.
    Along with the wonderful offers....written by agents and buyers who understand that some homes...even those recently listed ....ARE priced to SELL and not to sit....and with that in mind, got out their pens and put their … (174 comments)

buying a home: Is the HIGHEST offer Always the BEST ? - 03/13/12 08:46 PM
    We are the listing agents....who want your "highest and best" offer the first time...not fond of multiple counters with twists and turns...inclusions that are not listed as being included....closing dates that no one could possibly accomodate, pennies for earnest money and the all time favorite "Seller to pay closing costs of up to and including $$$$$".
   We believe the best offers are offers where the Buyers have shown some "skin in the game."   The choice to buy a for down payment, pay closing costs, due a timely inspection, are taken care of by the buyer(s).
   Of late, … (119 comments)

buying a home: “Our agent is on vacation ….Can You Show us some houses ?” Asked the buyer. - 02/04/12 11:12 PM
   We could show you houses…but if we show you the house, we are also your agent for the houses we show you. It is better for you to decide to who you want to work with and stay with one agent.  The buyer said that they had another agent who had shown them a few houses but they really didn’t feel he was listening to their needs and that he understood what they wanted. He did not know the areas they had chosen based upon their commute to work….they were not comfortable with him and had no buyer agency … (149 comments)

buying a home: Giving Sellers One More Thing to be Thankful for.... - 11/23/10 11:32 PM
  This morning, I began my ritual...a taste of Active Rain and a coffee sip...looking at the calendar of events...the showings we have had...the interest that has been expressed and knowing how hopeful the sellers are that the showings become offers and whether they are short sale or traditional sellers...that they would have one more thing to be grateful for this holiday weekend with having received an offer this holiday weekend. I took our list of listings and the e-mails of the agents/buyers who had shown an interest in the properties and sent them an e-mail:         "Happiest of holiday wishes … (10 comments)

buying a home: "I'll buy another house as soon as this one is paid for...." - 06/25/10 12:14 AM
  Sounding like a realtor, we are all excited that the market is seeing
Best Prices Great Interest Rates Super selection Outstanding Condition and so the sales mantra is sung coast to coast..."It's the very best time to buy"  Not wanting to be left out of this choir ....our song had the same chorus and lyrics.
    We met a young professional man who had recently had a groicwng family and were quickly outgrowing their first home...looking to plan ahead with more bedrooms, a bigger yard...looking at school districts.
  Soooo....we began the happy song....waiting for nodding heads in agreement with … (19 comments)

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