dental implants for good health: This may Look Like an Ordinary Summer Treat..... - 06/07/19 02:19 AM
       This may look like an ordinary summer can find it all summer at festivals, fairs and BBQ's. My Mom's last summer when she lived with was something David got her every day from a stand where it was freshly was a lunch treat she loved  and seeing it each season brings back the many wonderful memories she left us for a lifetime.
   But is the "trophy" for the end of tooth journey ! A year and a half of 11 dental implants, temporary appliances that gave me a slight lisp....GONE !
  I know Mom … (17 comments)

dental implants for good health: Just say Cheese....And Thank YOU Dr. Eslami and Dr. Flynn ! - 07/01/18 02:47 AM
. It has been a long....but oh soooo worthwhile process.  In January, I began the process of getting dental implants.  The highly recommended and in much in demand Periodontist (Dental implant specialist) Dr.Ahmed Eslami was my surgeon of choice to do this restoration process.  It is a process...just completed...however, the adage: Anything worth doing is worth doing well certainly  applies to this procedure to give you a lifetime of restored SMILES !  I am a believer in seeing specialists...My Grandfather used to say that there will come a time when there is a right eye specialist and a left eye specialist...we may … (17 comments)

dental implants for good health: A Choice for the Highest & Best in Dental Implants in Wisconsin - 01/31/18 07:34 AM
   We know that first impressions are priceless....and part of that impression is 
an award winning smile....with pearly whites on display !  Sometimes the pearls are not as shiny as they might might need additional help...not just from a cosmetic standpoint but also in assisting you in the ability to chew and later digest your food without any problems.   As with everything we do from remodeling a house to ....well.....body parts...we do our homework. We want to know that the people we choose as professionals...regardless of the task at hand ...or mouth...have the expertise and successful experience to bring us the … (13 comments)

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