exp realty: It is Our Honor and Pleasure to Welcome.... - 03/29/19 01:57 AM
. It is our honor and pleasure to welcome Amanda S. Davidson to EXP Realty !  We are so excited to have her as a member of the brokerage we love calling home. Amanda had her own brokerage before joining EXP Realty and you can find out more about why she elected to jump by reading her blog today...clicking right here.
         How well we know that feeling/belief that you are "always and forever" going to stay planted in the brokerage where you currently park your license. We had that feeling too before we came to EXP.
     Each of us … (16 comments)

exp realty: Mmmmm Breakthrough Broker How Do I LOVE Thee.... - 12/13/18 10:58 AM
.  If you have been in real estate...or business period....for any length of time...you have realized the value of a business plan. Not the one you wrote in November, reviewed in December and filed until next...that's the one that...well..uh "didn't work"....you didn't WORK it !  The road to a good business plan is often paved with good intentions...and that is where the road ends.
     You did not include the money for Uncle Sam...the fee to your broker...ooops...there is the cell phone bill...and your health insurance... and...and...and...easy to "forget"....or choose not to remember how much goes where and realistically what you … (10 comments)

exp realty: Hello ExP...We are Sooooo Excited ! - 07/07/18 01:37 AM
. After a lot of research and careful consideration...yesterday was the day we "Jumped" from Keller Williams to ExP Realty ....Broker's licenses in hand...and we took a running start...and made a soft landing at our new Cloud based home. We have known about ExP for some time...and we are from the "never say never" school....for lots of reasons...this for us, is the right place to be and while there will be a learning curve...we know these two old dogs will "get it" and be blissfully doing business as we always have with different technology and a model we believe is better … (37 comments)

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