hansonrealestatenet: ENCORE Open House 4 bed Beauty in Franklin WI - 04/06/19 05:32 AM

hansonrealestatenet: This "Valentine" MORE than any other...Warms Our Hearts - 02/14/18 08:50 AM
   It was our honor and pleasure to be of service to this family who had lost a sibling far too young.  To be chosen to help a family that worked so hard to honor their sister's memory  in every way possible, was certainly something we were very pleased to have a small part in doing and are so pleased that they are pleased with the services we were able to provide. Having worked with a number of estates, we can tell you we have never seen such excellent cooperation in the spirit of rememberance.  Diane...I know you are as proud … (14 comments)

hansonrealestatenet: Where have all (most) of the flowers gone....long time passing - 08/04/17 07:59 PM
  We don't have very green thumbs at our house....and we have trees and a collection of bushes.  We have a street lamp
with a mini retaining wall which had a collection of japanese lilies...a vibrant red....with other ...yes purple blooms that surrounded them.We have two "raised beds" in the front of the house that both have treese and are surrounded by an assortment of day lilies with long lasting and various colors of blooms....they spread and we divide and share them with "lily-less" neighbors and friends...they come back every year stronger and more vibrant than ever.   Yes....these would be a … (18 comments)

hansonrealestatenet: Wauwatosa Colonial SOLD by the Hansons ! - 06/01/17 03:56 AM
  The three bedroom, three bath home at 623 Glenview Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI  will be the new address for our buyers who are thrilled to be located close to their employment at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Fireplaces in both the formal living room and master bedroom are two of the features that they will enjoy along with a steam shower and hot tub for relaxing at its finest.
   Gleamng hardwood floors and updated kitchen and bathrooms...
a finished lower level and backyard patio....just say WOW !   A place to entertain....and a joy to call home, oit more than completed everything … (13 comments)

hansonrealestatenet: No, We Don't Think You Should Write an Offer on This House... - 03/11/17 03:53 AM
  The phone rang with the call every Realtor loves getting..."Could you come over we want to write an offer on the house we saw this afternoon."  We had their pre approval and buyer agency agreement. The house had just the right number of bedrooms and baths....and on to the "Home Work."   We knew the subdivision very well...and had shown this same house the last time it was on the market a few years ago....not one thing had changed.   That would include the windows that leaked and the updates that were not done then and had not been done … (14 comments)

hansonrealestatenet: Cute Hartland WI Ranch for Sale - Call the Hansons to Call it Home ! - 02/10/17 02:50 AM
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hansonrealestatenet: Hartland WI Home Now Pending with the Hansons - 01/24/17 04:43 AM
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hansonrealestatenet: Is Thinventory Disappearing in Southeastern Wisconsin ? - 01/21/17 12:55 AM
 Ahhhh Thinventory....that condition ....and our associated graphic...when  the demand far exceeds the supply of homes on the market...It is beyond  a Seller's market....it is a desert of no available listings. Discouraged Buyers and Sellers afraid to sell for fear they will not be able to find suitable housing to upsize or downsize.
   In the southeastern Wisconsin MLS we are inching closer to even when we compare last years closed sales to the current year to date total. By month's end,  2017 sales may well surpass the year to date number of 2016 both in terms of numbers of sales and dollar … (10 comments)

hansonrealestatenet: SOLD - Multi Level Home in Franklin WI by the Hansons - 09/08/16 04:25 AM
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hansonrealestatenet: Sale Pending Franklin WI Home with the Hansons - 08/31/16 09:11 PM
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hansonrealestatenet: St. Martin's Fair in Franklin WI - A Labor Day Tradition - 08/28/16 09:55 PM
 St. Martin's Fair is a Labor Day weekend tradition in Franklin Wisconsin that everyone looks forward to attending. If you enjoy a Farmer's Market field trip...this event is sooo much more !  
Sunday of Labor Day Weekend - 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.  
Monday of Labor Day Weekend - 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
   You can find everything from fresh vegetables, plants and flowers to spices, shoes, hardware, furniture, antiques, crafts and gifts...whatever you imagine.Food vendors are everywhere from cheese curds to kettle corn, hot dogs and fresh roasted corn....Mmmmm...the last taste of summer with fresh grilled aromas floating through the long fair route while music … (13 comments)

hansonrealestatenet: New Berlin Wisconsin....Hansons Home Sweet Home - 08/21/16 06:07 PM
  New Berlin, Wisconsin is the second largest city in Waukesha County in terms of population....the last  census in  2010  listed the population at 39,584 in an area of just under 28 square miles.   When we work with our relocation, we refer to New Berlin as "the gateway to Waukesha County." The next county to the east is Milwaukee county and the cities  of Greenfield and Hales Corners are at the eastern border of the city.
   We take the quality of life very seriously in New Berlin...with 26 parks totalling 855 acres offering residents a variety of recreational opportunities in every … (12 comments)

hansonrealestatenet: Appliances ARE Sexy ! - 08/20/16 10:17 PM
  Mmmmm....have you looked at appliances lately ?  You are missing a new choice in color and finish if you have not...and it's soooo sexy !
Not like anything you have ever seen....and like any other change...you will love it ...or not.  It just seems that in the course of normal business we have been asked by Buyers...now Homeowners ...to help them with designing and decorating selections as they work to make their house they bought, their home.
        We take a long time in talking about their vision...how long they will stay in the house...their likes and dislikes...How they … (17 comments)

hansonrealestatenet: "Thank you for Loving My Daughter..." the Buyer's Mom said Tearfully - 08/19/16 11:39 PM
              It had been a more bitter than usual divorce....and anything one even dared to think, the other immediatelty rejected....and so it was with suggesting that the current Realtor,  "a friend of the Bride" who had suggested remodeling, painting....and listed the house far too high, be fired and that we take her place with the reality of what could be done, should be done and how it should be priced....this time as the very cold reality of a short sale.   The Bride was not happy...not only had she not chosen the wrong  groom she … (11 comments)

hansonrealestatenet: Franklin WI Multi Level With Offer by the Hansons ! - 07/06/16 09:35 AM
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hansonrealestatenet: It's A "Middle Sale" Accelerated Marketing Required - 06/27/16 07:04 PM
    As agents who have chosen divorce as a niche, we sometimes encounter what we have chosen to call, a "middle sale."   This can happen without a divorce...it can be an estate...or a "traditional sale. "  We define a "middle sale" as one where the property has equity, but the  Seller(s) for reasons of hardship...or death, have stopped paying the mortgage.
   No...the bank does not care that you
"have been  a good customer for years" ...or that now you can make up the missed payments since you have a new job..it's a business to them. While there may well … (10 comments)

hansonrealestatenet: Congratulations Dan...Welcome to Cumberland Drive in Waukesha ! - 06/24/16 02:43 AM
  Thinventory made the house hunt a  very diligent effort on the combined part of our Buyer with all eyes...Dan's, David's and mine on the listings that came on the market in Waukesa county.   Positive thinking and persistence paid off...Today is the proud owner of his new house on Cumberland Drive in Waukesha. This 3 bedroom beauty had competing buyers as soon as it came on the market.
   With a spring in his step and the "fresh jingle " of new house keys in his pocket, Dan left the closing with a smile on his face and a happy heart … (9 comments)

hansonrealestatenet: Franklin WI Four Bedroom, 3 Bath Multi Level Listed By Hansons - 06/19/16 09:06 PM
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hansonrealestatenet: Hansons Sold New Berlin Ranch OVER Asking in Hours ! - 05/23/16 09:47 PM
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hansonrealestatenet: "I'm just putting up walls in the basement...I don't need a permit..." - 03/27/16 09:28 AM
 All the "Do it Yourselfers" out there in homeowners' land are sure they know...what does and does not need a permit...how well they know how to update this and change that...improve this and build their instant equity in the house that is their dream home.  Sometimes it IS about saving money...not hiring a
contractor....the proud moment when things "fit together" and the project is complete !
   What does or does not require a permit varies from one location to another and this post does not claim to be able to tell our loyal readers what those things might be in your particular … (11 comments)

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