wesellupsidedownhomecom: The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow... - 02/07/18 03:14 AM
  If at any time, your practice involved a significant amount of short sales and you had no moments when your heart ached, became joyful...you cried...please see your cardiologist...
these transactions provide all of that roller coaster of emotions.   For people who tout "leave the emotion out of it" this is a business transaction"...again..911 Cardio may be able to rescue you...you can only hope !
    One of the very good things about practicing real estate in southeastern Wisconsin is that while the "highs" never hit what agents see on either coast in terms of prices spikeing...we typically do not experience the … (28 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: Cute Hartland Ranch....Waiting for A New Buyer...NOT for Long ! - 11/18/16 04:31 PM
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wesellupsidedownhomecom: I Will Do a Short Sale When It's Court Ordered, Said the Divorcing Wife - 08/23/16 08:50 PM
    Divorce is an interesting niche in our real estate practice whch can be, understandably, very emotionally charged.
    The spirit of cooperation to maintain the marriage, the home and in some cases, just civil conversation, has long since been overtaken by anger and the blame for a situation that neither spouse welcomes.
    While short sales are not as prevalent now as they were a few years ago, we see them because of our divorce niche. The second mortgage or refinancing that was done to pay for the....name that expense....has now made the mortgage(s) total more than the market price … (21 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: "I'm Going to talk to the Bank....we can work this out," Claimed the Seller - 08/05/16 10:35 PM
 We are often referred to couples in our divorce niche who would like to creatively deal with their mortgages.  After both spouses no longer live under the same roof...it is not unusual for payments to stop. This may or may not be with the benefit of a  understanding.  The spouse still residing in the house, sometimes has primary placement of the children. A move means one more disruption in what is already a chaotic time of life and not welcomed by this about to be single parent.
     Talking to the bank will not change the months of delinquent payments. The … (11 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: "I can't let my kids see a FOR SALE sign," sobbed the Short Sale Seller - 07/11/16 12:37 AM
  While short sales are not the huge part of the market that they once were...they are here....and to some degree....they will always be here.  There will always be someone who has lost a job, a spouse who died unexpectedly, an illness that cripples, a divorce that lessens income...or some combination of hardships which makes paying the mortgage an impossibility.  Food, medication. transportation to a job or to look for one take priority over the payment of the mortgage...more often than not...more than one mortgage.
        The stories are very real...the documentation very authentic....the heartbreak unimaginable. No one gets … (33 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: "Do I Have to Attend the Closing?" sighed the Short Sale Seller - 05/06/16 10:34 PM
  The Loss of a home is always accompanied by many other hardships...I commend our Sellers for the courage they have had in endurance of the deck they have been dealt.  More than that...the strength to move on and have a brighter vision for the future with the hard work it takes to "get back on that horse" after multiple personal issues have plagued them.  
   No one gets married imagining divorce...the perfect job that got down sized...the spouse who was taken ill...the disability no one planned...and the list goes on and on...and tears fall and we share them during the … (7 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: "I am advising my clients not to sign your Addendum," said the Selling Agent - 02/23/16 08:14 PM
  Everyone has their own style in real estate....and as long as you are working within the confines of the law....whatever method you choose that works is the one that you use.
    We have done short sales for years....for years it was...and sometimes still is, an essential part of our divorce niche.  Our way of doing them is not how everyone does them....for us,  it has proven to be the way that they close...and there is a new beginning for our distressed sellers and a happily ever after for the Buyers.
   We worked with an attorney to write an addendum … (12 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: "No, I won't tell Our Seller to Declutter..." I told the agent - 02/01/16 06:41 PM
 Yes, Yes...we know ...decluttering...new carpet...If only....we hear you.....and are choosing to ignore you, Mr. Showing Agent. The listing is a short sale....
   If the house were dirty, the sidewalk unshoveled, there were health/safety hazards you might incur in touring the house....we would be the first ones there to make your tour safe and "hazard free."
    What there was....was a toy room that could have been picked up...your showing was on short notice.  You have no idea what hardship this single parent is experiencing. Job loss, illness...and you know of course, this family is losing the house they called home.
   To … (69 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: Robber: 80/20 Loans Victims: Too Many Consumers - 12/04/15 10:12 PM
 As many people know who read our blog regularly...two of our niche markets are divorce and short sales....sometimes these are the same clients.
  The recent trend for these sometimes overlapping niches, are consumers who fell victim to taking out 80/20 mortgages.  This was a no money down financing program with the 20% portion being an "interest only" loan and the 80% a traditional mortgage at what was then, a reasonable interest rate.   
        This loan was proposed by loan officers not only for first time buyers who may have had minimal funds for a down payment...but for other … (19 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: Cute Glendale Cape for a Short Price from the Hansons ! - 11/12/15 11:10 PM
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wesellupsidedownhomecom: New Kinds of Buyers.... - 01/21/15 08:32 PM

  The not so long ago and far away real estate crisis has produced a new kind of buyer.  We may now have a couple....one divorced that has gone thru a short sale, married to a new spouse with good credit and income.  Combined income is great number.....but as we all know...you can't use "just" the income both spouses wit

hout using the credit scores of both spouses.Or.....is there another way to help people who had a past short sale....and help give them a new start...faster than the current federally backed loans allow.  
   Should potential homeowners … (17 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: Short Sale Approval Letters are Not Popcorn - 01/09/15 07:20 PM
 Over the last seven years we have done a great number of short sales...when we saw the decline of the real estate market...we took a class in Illinois....and then jumped a plane to Florida and took CDPE certification training.  We have continued over the years with more training and updating on this segment of the market.  
   As divorce specialists, it was a requirement to be prepared for  short sale with significant losses in income with the end of a marriage.  The tide has turned for the most part and we now find more homes in divorce right side up … (16 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: We Really DO Love Short Sales..... - 02/18/14 06:13 PM
  There are lots of agents that will tell you that short sales are the worst kinds of transactions that they have ever dealt with....tales of those that did not close...that extended for years...or felt as though they did....if they figured out the time spent....it would be less than a dollar an hour.....and the list of complaints continues.  The reason we do them is because everyone needs help sometimes....there are legitimate tragedies....illnesses, deaths, unemployment that happen through reasons beyond control of a homeowner and we are honored to be the helping hand that can begin to change that life and offer … (24 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: "We have added your past payments, balances and expenses....if you get more than that for your house...You can keep the balance !' said the bank - 11/22/12 07:35 PM
  Lenders continue to amaze us with their communication...or lack thereof.....a short sale seller recently got the title message from his lender...we have heard/experienced some....shall we say...less than 'by the numbers' appraisals....but REALLY ???
   That mathematical calculation sounds like every would-be, wanna-be, wish-they-could be Seller's formula for determining a price.
    Our Seller has an offer on his short sale....and is no longer amazed...has become amused with the communication he has gotten from the lender. It would be easy for him to believe the bank....add all the expenses and expect the house to appraise for that amount...and better yet...get a bonus … (7 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: Delafield Ranch Open Concept...Open for Offers...Hurry & Call this Home ! - 07/20/11 07:58 AM


wesellupsidedownhomecom: Come Home to New Berlin, WI - Outstanding Colonial- Exceptional Value ! - 07/09/11 12:46 AM

                                                      15135 West Harmony Drive                                                  New Berlin, WI  53151                                                           MLS 1211076
                                                                                $215,555 Exceptionally well maintained and updated...isn't that just what you were looking for in a new home ?  We found it for you ...right here on Harmony Drive...WOW !
Popular Regal Manors East Sub-division is the location for this corner lot curbalicious colonial with 3 bedrooms and a bath and a half.  Updates everywhere from the light fixtures of … (5 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: A Whale of a deal in Wales Wisconsin...Cute Country Cape ! - 06/27/11 12:51 AM
                                                                    492 East Welsh Road                                                        Wales, WI                                                        MLS 1204596

If you are looking to be just  "a little bit country"  with almost an acre of land...updated kitchen...open concept, natural fireplace....4.5 garage spaces, first floor laundry....could you have it all ?  Sure you can !  Call the Hansons and we'll give you a tour of this great house and an explanation of … (2 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: Please Don't Show Our Short Sale Listing.... - 06/11/11 12:20 AM
      Short sales are not for everyone...not every agent, not every buyer.  Listing agents with successful experience know, understand and empathize with the plight of a distressed seller.  We cannot imagine having to choose between eating and paying the mortgage...clothing children...having health insurance and many of the other things that people take for granted as being necessities. We share the tears, the hugs and listen as long as need be to the stories of how credit scores have been dashed to meet the bare needs of distressed homeowners.     
    We recently closed a home for a Seller...her spouse died after … (17 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomecom: Colonial in Orchard Hills...West Allis WI 4 bedrooms...Lots More ! - 04/19/11 07:13 AM
                        MLS 1196417
     3222 South 122nd Street, West Allis, WI  53227
Outstanding Colonial in sought after Orchard Hills sub-division....mmmm..well maintained, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths...a 3 season room overlooking a well landscaped backyard.  Lower level invites you to a media/play room and office as well as a bathroom. This short sale has a great price....a little patience and you will have a great home. Call the Hansons for a private tour 414-525-0563 and know that this experienced short sale team will bring your transaction to a smooth closing. 

wesellupsidedownhomecom: Country Colonial....Room to Roam at a Super Price in Vernon Wisconsin - 04/04/11 10:52 PM
                                      W235S7880 Vernon Hills Drive, Vernon, WI  53103-9480
                                                            MLS 1193581                                                               $239,000
You will find all the room you need inside, outside and with five garage spaces...who could ask for more ? The kitchen boasts an island and tons of cabinet and counter space complimented by a dinette and on to a HUGE great room with a fireplace.
    The first floor laundry is a feature you will enjoy...a half bath completes the first floor.  Three generously sized bedrooms upstairs with a full bath. All of this on an acre lot in Vernon...just … (7 comments)

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