wesellupsidedownhomescom: Short Sale Tales Part 20 ADVANTAGES to the Home Owner - 11/25/08 12:32 PM
  You will know someone soon, if you do not already has missed a couple mortgage payments...OR is borrowing money to make mortgage payments....from friends, relatives, robbing the charge card, home equity....whatever it takes to get the payment made....Stop, Stop, Stop....Show them this blog and maybe, just maybe, they will realize that getting deeper in debt is not the best way to deal with a cash short situation and that there are alternatives.
  If your finances continue a downward spiral due to divorce, illness, job loss or some combination of financial problems and you see no relief any time soon, … (0 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Short Sale Tales...Part 18 You Should Get After Care by a Caring Realtor - 11/16/08 11:12 PM
 Reality is that everyone who knows anyone will know someone that is or will be upside down with their mortgage sometime within the next 12 months if you don't already.  Tooo many no money down deals...too much unemployment, divorce, lack of health insurance, adjustable rates that adjusted out of an affordable category...combinations of life's misfortunes that make dealing with a mortgage payment one more thing that just can't be done.
My heart aches for anyone in this position....and while of course we make money doing short sales, it is not the fastest or least time intensive way to sell real estate. … (1 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Short Sale Tales.. Part 17 "Everyone is Doing Short Sales"...Doing or CLOSING ? - 11/15/08 11:16 PM

 In conversation with other realtors the other day..someone asked the usual "How's business ?" question. We said "GREAT !" We had a number of short sales closed or closing "shortly"...(forgive the pun.)  "Oh yes,...EVERYONE is doing Short Sales."  Maybe....especially from what we see on Active Rain....Everyone should not be doing short sales...because:
     1)  "Everyone" can LIST a short sale...Can Everyone Market a short sale ?
     2) If I were either a seller or a referral source...
                                           Ask  the Realtor ...Have  you actually CLOSED a Short Sale ?
                                             3) Is there more than one lien holder ? We see "rules" from realtors who limit

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Short Sale Tales Part 16....Your NEXT house....Not Next Week - 11/15/08 10:47 PM
I have a phone conference scheduled with a short sale seller...we have  had lengthy discussions, left literature, referred blogs and websites to help him gain a better understanding of the whole process....and of of course, are available for phone calls whenever necessary.  I still hear the "When we buy our next home...." creeping into the conversation. Oh YICKS !
    We have explained over and over that more and more the very first thing a lender will look at is a credit score....the credit score was already dismal when we met after 2 years on the market with an over priced … (0 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Short Sale Tales Part 15...MY Realtor says She CAN do a Short Sale... - 11/07/08 11:53 PM
We sure understand....and very much appreciate customer loyalty....it is what has made our business successful....referrals are the life blood of any good real estate practice.  Many times, the short sale listings we get...AND CLOSE are referrals. The stories all have a similar theme...My ______(fill in the blank...friend, neighbor, relative,co-worker) listed her/his/their house with their_______(friend, realtor who sold them the house, sister, nephew, and it's been listed for _______(months, over a year, way too long) and they have had _________(interested buyers, no showings, few showings, some activity, no offers).  Now,..____________(I, my friend, relative, neighbor) has exhausted all their financial resources because ____________(the … (3 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Short Sale Tales Part 14 - Short Sale Denial... - 11/06/08 01:19 AM

                            Losing a home is a very traumatic thing for most people...it isn't just bricks, mortar, wood, nails...it represents one of the largest investments some people make in a lifetime.  It is not just a financial investment....it is emotional...the love of the neighborhood, the neighbors, the time spent decorating, putting in the flower beds...the holiday decorations that were lovingly put up inside and out...the garage that had a place for the kid's bikes, Dad's tools, Mom's lawn furniture....and now trying to face the unknown future....
              Many people who have missed mortgage payments, have gotten a variety of … (0 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Short Sale Tale Prt 13; No You Can't "Buy Your House Back"! - 10/26/08 12:56 AM
We listed a short sale and priced the house...the previous listing agent "bought the listing" and had a price tag six figures OVER what it ever should have been....(You think maybe some realtors pricing practices play a part in this short sale proliferation ?) The home owner was shocked when we showed comps of homes that had sold in the area.  You have to wonder if the first realtor ever did any or just asked the sellers for a price and hoped it would sell...
      "Wow....at that price....I could afford to buy it back ! " was the comment Well no....he … (0 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Short Sale Tale No. 10 ....Who is Responsible for Making a Home A Short Sale ? - 10/19/08 06:56 AM
  There is really no "short answer" to how a home gets to be a short sale...there are soooo many reasons...one that is most disturbing is that there are many agents who do not ask when they take a listing to do a "Net Proceeds" sheet.      Do you know what all your sellers owe on their homes ?     Do all your sellers understand that "owe" means not just the first     mortgage balance...but the home equity loan, the lien for the car? Owing means EVERYTHNG for which that property is collateral.  Adding any past taxes...property or other taxes from a … (0 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: A GORGEOUS home in Cedarburg...WORTH THE WAIT ! - 10/02/08 12:44 AM
                                      1918 Blacksmith Road, Cedarburg, WI
                                    4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, attached 3.5 car garage
                                         Short Sale Priced:     $499,928
   It is our pleasure to introduce you to our new short sale listing in Cedarburg....HURRY ! At this great price we have had lots of interest and many showings booked for the weekend ! 
     You will want to see the elegant millwork from the cherry kitchen cabinets to the columns in the formal living room...beautiful fireplace flanked by bookcases in the family room.  A super spacious kitchen that would rival any Martha or Julia … (0 comments)

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