wesellupsidedownhomescom: SOLD ! Summit Wisconsin Lower Nashotah Lake property - Hansons at Keller Williams Successful Short Sale - 11/30/12 07:47 PM
  Beautiful lake property...on the shores of spring fed Lower Nashotah in Summit...13 rooms...one more charming than the next....huge boathouse....and now it will have a new owner that will call this lakeside lovely house their home.  A short sale, the Sellers are relieved of any deficiency and able to start their lives over financially. 
   Just under 100 feet of frontage make this a year round vacation dream home a reality for the new owner. The roof of the boathouse is another deck....the windowed  garden room offers eyefulls of the beauty of Waukesha county.  SOLD: $713,100.     some people believe that they … (11 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: "My Buyers HAVE to know who the Lender is On Your Short Sale Because...." - 11/17/12 06:37 PM
   We often get the question from both Agents and Buyers..."Who is the lender on this short sale listing?" 
We were working with an attorney on short saling a property and her response to that question was: "Any agent who can't easily find out who the lender is probably shouldn't be showing a short sale."   Maybe not...try enough, it isn't difficult. The reason agents and consumers ask is the constant well fed rumor mill.....and more importantly.....that regardless of the market, there are lots of agents who "Do" short sales....that do not have the training or experience to get them closed.


wesellupsidedownhomescom: Delafield Wisconsin 4 Bedroom Beauty...Lake, Tennis Courts...Enjoy ! - 11/14/12 08:01 PM

wesellupsidedownhomescom: "My Friend who is a Realtor said She could do our Short Sale....and we have no showings..." - 11/02/12 12:40 PM
  We got a call from a depressed and distressed homeowner,......her friend had listed the home that she had shared with her husband and children. A divorce and unemployment made it impossible for them to maintain mortgage payments and the "friend" took charge of the short sale....sort of..,,,
     I reviewed the listing...the commission was reduced from what the "normal percentage" is on our market....and the terms for occupancy were stated as "immediate".....oh yicks.......with the basics not done correctly ...no telling what the rest of the procedural and other errors may have been.   
    I checked MLS.....the agent had never had … (10 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: GREAT House ...4 bedroom Beauty...It'll SELL faster than u can say: Oconomowoc ! - 10/30/12 07:45 AM


wesellupsidedownhomescom: "I don't know If My Buyers will 'Fall' For your Short Sale," Said the Buyer's Agent - 10/24/12 09:26 PM
  One of the co-brokes that called us after showing one of our short sale listings made the comment....
           "I don't know if my buyers will FALL  for your short sale."
       Bite tongue...bite lip.....count to 10....leave room for "misinterpret"....new expression I had not heard applied to this area of our practice.   Short sales  come in all kinds of homes...new construction...partially finished construction...condos, resale of homes...it is circumstance and not condition that defines a short sale....a legitimate hardship on the part of the Seller inclusive of the condition of the market.
 "Fall for"  to me implies that there is or … (11 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Real Estate and Divorce....the Milwaukee Bar Association Asked Us.... - 10/19/12 09:11 PM
  Our fourth quarter ACTION Plan......we know these professional "touches"....the education we have to share....and the audience we share it with...will continue  to propel our real estate practice.....From the Continuing Legal Education Section of the Milwaukee Bar Association Website.....Here we  are....

   The  Long   and Short of Short Sales
             Presented By
  Sally K. & David L. Hanson, ABR, CDPE, e-Pro, IlHM, REDS
              Monday, October 22,  2012
                                                       12:30 - 1:30 pm
                          1 Credit in Continuing Legal Education Credit
Sally and David Hanson share their advice on listing and successfully closing short … (8 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Dear BPO Agent..... - 10/17/12 09:09 PM

 I am  taking the time to write this note/blog to all the agents that do BPO's and tell you how very important your job is to people who are in the absolute worst time of their life.  They are facing adversity that they never dreamed possible...the forever job, marriage or good healh or some combination thereof is gone for now and they are struggling to put it all back together....and doing a short sale is one of the first positive steps they are taking to begin their lives again on a positive path.  We know that you are not paid … (35 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: We'll Wait Till AFTER the Election to Do our Short Sale.... - 10/10/12 09:02 PM
   We explain short sales and answer the questions for potential sellers many times in long phone or personal conversations...often more than once with divorcing couples.  They have read on the internet...their friend told them...they knew someone that....and the stories go on and the confusion and anxiety builds.  We do our best to explain both in conversation and in writing all that the process entails and what they can expect as a Seller. 
     The fear of the unknown  or misunderstood is difficult.  It is the first time for many people that their financial resources were drained....their energy nil and frustration, … (15 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: If You Ever Wonder Why We Do Short Sales...... - 09/25/12 12:39 PM
   Today... I was met at the front door with a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries....ahhh....two of my favorite things  beautifully displayed .....and that was not the best part....the very best part was the note that was attached....
David  & Sally,
    We cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for you and how much you helped us through what should have been a very stressful time.  You always made us feel valued and important.
                                      With sincerest  thanks,
                                          “Dick & Jane”   (Our short sale sellers )

      Dear "Dick and Jane"....

wesellupsidedownhomescom: It May Be Your Right...It is Not Our Procedure.... - 09/17/12 09:16 PM
  With Short sales and Divorce as two of our dedicated areas of practice there is often a lot of conflict "in the air". This is more easily dealt with since there are two of us...and one of us can be "the realtor" for each member of the couple and it works as well as it can. We are seeing people at their worst.....their marriage fell apart, the "happily ever after was not to be....and in many cases, the realization that losing the house is going to be a part of the fall out of the failed marriage is one more … (10 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Great Condo Alternative - Grab this Tosa Short Sale ! - 08/07/12 08:59 PM

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Elkhorn Wisconsin 4 Bedroom Beauty....BIG HOUSE....little Price ! - 07/17/12 08:57 PM

wesellupsidedownhomescom: A sign of the times in Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties !! - 07/06/12 10:52 PM
The rider on the top of this sign says: "SOLD IN 1 WEEK"....and we see more and more of them popping up !  Homes priced to sell and ready for the market DO Sell....and quickly ! Whether you are looking for "Old World Charming in Wauwatosa, Acres  to roam in Muskego or New Berlin, the lakeside frontage you have dreamed of in Oconomowoc or Pewaukee....now is the time to Buy...
     If you have been waiting to sell....the buyers are out taking advantage of great interest rates and homes in the best condition vying for their buying attention.Call the … (9 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Norway WI Beauty....4 beds, 3.5 baths...Great Short Price...READY TO CLOSE ! - 07/05/12 08:53 PM
Buyer's Job Loss is your Gain....Back on the market...SHORT PRICE...NO WAIT...Great house ! Call the Hansons NOW...414-525-0563 ! … (6 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Ooooo La La...Greenfield WI Better than New Ranch..Short Sale Priced to Sell ! Hurry ! - 07/02/12 09:37 AM
<table widtOOO … (6 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Giving Short Sale Sellers a Hand/Hammer Up ! - 06/22/12 09:50 PM
   Sometimes distressed Sellers who find themselves doing a short sale have had some deferred maintenance issues that can make the house seem less attractive to a buyer.  Needless to say....or at least we hope it would be needless....if someone is unable to pay the mortgage....a new roof, repaired drywall, updated this and that are not realistically affordable.
   We know that in "traditional real estate" when a buyer sees a repair or update that may be evident before or after an inspection, the imagined cost to make the repair or do the update skyrockets as they look for an excuse … (7 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Picture Perfect Colonial in West Allis...Perfectly Priced ! - 05/16/12 12:05 PM

wesellupsidedownhomescom: " My Realtor friend thinks she could probably do a Short Sale" said the Distressed Seller - 04/28/12 08:38 PM
  Dangerous words..."Probably do...."...No distressed seller should sign up to be any Realtor's "Short Sale Experiment."  As a distressed Seller, you are looking at far more than selling a home...you are placing your financial future in the hands of someone you are entrusting to complete a short sale succssfully...to help you start over financially.
    No Realtor...make that no professional will ever be offended if you ask for "third party verification" of their experience and more importantly.....their success.  Many Realtors take an ipad or laptop with them on a listing appointment.  While we can't say what every MLS shows....we know that … (11 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Is "Refi" an industry Four Letter Word ? - 04/25/12 08:54 PM
   As Short sale listing agents...we encounter a variety of scenarios that have gotten homeowners to "the point of no return"...or more accurately, the point of no equity....and an inability to continue making mortgage payments.  The death of a spouse, un or under employment, divorce, serious illness....and often, a combination of circumstances.
     The downturn in interest rates has lead many homeowners to consider the option of refinancing. A lower mortgage payment is certainly an attractive incentive. Some people have taken the savings on the lower rate, and applied the additional funds to the principal to reduce their mortgage debt more … (4 comments)

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