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If you haven't had a good "real estate laugh"in a while....this post by Gwen Banta will give you exactly that ! Enjoy !   Hi Friends - Welcome to Blooper Friday. Some things never change, and it seems that a lack of proofreading is one of them. Here are some new bloopers and a few of my favorite ...
. It is our honor and pleasure to welcome Amanda S. Davidson to EXP Realty !  We are so excited to have her as a member of the brokerage we love calling home. Amanda had her own brokerage before joining EXP Realty and you can find out more about why she elected to jump by reading her blog today....
As Amanda so wisely points out...hiring the first agent...the one that gave you the highest not aways the best advice ! 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home Selling your home might look and sound easy on the surface but, behind the scenes, it’s...
National Doctors' Day A day that recognizes the contributions of Doctors to individual lives and communities.  This is an international celebration and in the United States, it is  celebrated on March 30th. We have many physicians that over the years have gone above and beyond....always there to ...
   This was not the post I was going to write tonite...or any night for a young lady so full of life, beautiful, successful loving...engaged and looking forward to starting a life with her new husband,  This was not what any friend or family member ever wants to write.   We "liked" each ot...
       In Wisconsin, you are "an agent of the Seller" UNLESS you have a Buyer Agency agreement in place to allow an agent to work for the Seller.   Taking the ABR(Accredited Buyer Representative) course may be recommended...but not required to serve in this capacity.    What does being a Buyer's ...
. In Wisconsin, we have an option of writing an offer to purchase that gives the Seller "the right to cure"....or  it does not.  The right to cure can be specified in the amendment describing the issues that need "curing."The shingles that blew off...the double tapped breakers, mudjacking the si...
   There are lots of things that we are doing differently this year...and have employed this quarter.  Some of them are due to our EXP move and since not every  member of AR is a Realtor ...we thought we would share something we started doing that is getting great "reception"in a number of "recep...
Excellent suggestions for agents working in relocation  and the people they serve ! Why You Should See, Hear, and Touch the Community When Relocating to Carlsbad   Most people who are relocating to an area they don’t know find it to be a tough challenge. This is true even if you know you want to ...
Sometimes suggestions are made...ideas are born and life gets in the way and they are lost.  That happens....and sometimes we can make temporary changes that will work until more permanent ones can take their place.    There are a number of people who have passed away and have left an indelible ...

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