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Real estatem is FULL of pressure...if you allow it...all things deadline are associated with every contract. Enjoy the prosperity of a great practice with systems in place and become the diamond you are capable of being. Rule #1 . . . . Stay Composed When Under Pressure “Pressure makes diamonds.”...
Agents and Lenders may want to consider renters as a niche as spring rolls around and leases are up...excellent thoughts here from Doug Dawes  ! To rent or buy?... That's an age-old question. I get that question all the time from people that rent. It all depends on their situation BUT Real Estate...
 It is not a secret in our is a tradition...every Tuesday..rain, shine, snow, sleet.. Nacco Tacho Tuesday is a regular "celebration" that happens without fail. It is our own, very informal but we feel, very, one on one networking.  The guests are varied. They can
High performance is what everyone wants from a team...the wise words we have in this post offer guidance in helping to insure success !  Thank you Grant Schneider  ! Westchester employers are asking how they can get productive employees who will stay.  I think that Realtor Broker Owners have been...
A few years ago, we sold a young man a house...Big house for one person...he married soon thereafter and they began making the house "their own" ...from the outside roof..wooo hoo...50 year shingles...fresh landscaping patio door...and then the not so glamorous interior mechani...
Try as we get the offer "right" the first time...talking to the listing agent to see if our Buyer can fulfill their fondest dreams...and write the offer doesn't always work. The listing agent is unavailable, they don't know if the Seller will or will not do this or that.....
We can all learn from Jay's example of cutting edge ...up a notch kind of business model....amd excel as we do ! Doing more than the client expects.  The slight edge business model. What is your business model?  Do you create a slight edge? I think exceeding expectation is an important business m...
Spring will be in the air before we know it...and for those Sellers who have been waiting for more sunshine to list their homes, here is a list for you to helpn with the "eye buys" and get the attention...and wallets/purses of prospective buyers !  Thank you Amanda S. Davidson for your thoughtful...
    We got an email from a name we didn't recognize ...not unusual with the amount of email we all get these days. This was from an agent on the other side of the country. Her Sister had been taken much too young and they needed to sell her house with no family that lived in the area. The closest...
 From our many "Cross Country" football texts with AR Members and others....apparently "ALL things (and we do mean ALL) Bloody Mary are not a national past/time or drink/time.  One of the very good things about a Bloody Mary is that it can also be a Virgin Mary if you prefer to have this cocktail...

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