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We have a closet in our house we call "The Secret Gift Shop".One just never knows what you will find there.  It is a collection of things that may have been on sale...would be appropriate for someone who enjoyed..., could be an added surprise for a buyer or seller.  There are a collection of gift...
In this season of "making spirits bright" it is sometimes still with candles...which sometimes don't drip in designated on the holder...not to worry...while there is no instant method of removing candle wax here are some suggestions for various surfaces: 1)  Wax "splatter" on wall...
.You want your Evergreen ...Christmas stay as fresh as possible as long as possible and not have needles all over the floor and barebefore you are ready to take the tree down.  There are a number of "recipes" that are suggested to preserve your tree...choose the one that you feel will ...
Tiz the season when entertainment is more frequent and there is the chance that "accidents happen." Your tablecloth may meet with some red wine that is spilled...not to is the remedy !     Blot do not rub the spill...removing excess wine with a clean white cloth Slide a bowl under t...
This book captures the spirit of the holidays in a little different light...written by our own Richie Alan Naggar may want to add it to your list of "must have" stocking stuffers ! Know anyone who is stingy, greedy, selfish and has the power to stay that way? Want them to know where that c...
Tiz the season when many of us do more shopping than we do at other times of the year. While we do buy things throughout the year that end up in stockings and under trees...there are always more from Hanson Claus both in stores and on line as we reward the more"nice than naughty" on our list.   N...
    Lots of discussion these days about energy conservation....ways to reduce heating bills...Thermal imaging for determining heat well there should be...we just have this one planet at least until there are reservations available for the Moon, Mars, etc. on a regular basis.   In our "f...
Often thought that Jay Markanich should start a "Thermal Gallery"....the art is interesting...and the warning signs even more you need some artwork done on your home ? Thermal imaging art. Thermal imaging can check a lot of things.  It can be a precursor check for electrical issues.  Hea...
  Our practice does things a little differently than most...and now we have begun to add a "sweet dimension" to it !   We have delivered Halloween candy to some of our referral partners for years. The baskets were well received....AND our surprise the recipients left them in their reception...
This is the time of year more than any other when  "giving back" is in the forefront of people's minds. There are sooo many worthy causes and organizations...and some we have learned not so worthy (but that's another post)...Giving Tuesday is the best time to give when your generousity is double...

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