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We were in the company of good friends this Thanksgiving Day and like to add some of our own traditions to the table.  We told you about Grandma's relish....enjoyed by everyone...a lot of tart and a little sweet...and soooo colorful. Nothing complicated...a refreshing taste for the palate. You c...
.  This has been a very busy time on a number of levels personally and professionally....and it may well be that someone else...or a number of someone "elses" has already done this...and that is better than fine...Can you say "Thank You" too often ?  We sure don't think so. Whether you participa...
Thanksgiving dinner just would not be the same without this traditional recipe that has been a part of the menu  every year. Nothing hard about it and as with lots of wonder why you don't have it more than is soooo good !   When my grandmother made it, she had a grinder...
. No  gratitude list of posts would be complete without a post dedicated to friend of ours refers to as...."....her gray haired boyfriend." Houdini Alpha Hanson was born April 24, 2012.  His "heritage" is supposed to ...though we are not at all hung up on heritage...that he is 75% ragd...
. We appreciate, like we hope we all do...the dedication that our first responders have to their careers.  We have had 911 visits when my Mom was with us..we witnessed their care...and when there was a fire in the neighborhood...the damages were so much less due to the speed and skill with which...
It won't be long before people give more serious thought to putting final touches on business plans...personal goals etc. for the new year....this guidepost given to us by Lou is certainly helping in achieving whatever we wish ! Believe You Will Achieve It  “There is a difference between wishing ...
.  A part of our practice of most people in Active Rain devoted to  our niche in divorce.  Emotions can run high, tempers shorter than usual and common sense can sometimes give way to clouds of emotion. It is the end of a  life chapter that was not supposed to end,,,it was supposed to ...
Each of us can start making our tomorrows a better words from Lou ...words that continue to shine a valued  light into our lives. Be Thankful For This Day “One of the most tragic things I know about human nature Is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of s...
. When we take a listing...part of the Wisconsin Real Estate Condition Report asks if  all required permits have been taken out AND closed. On some rare occasions...or "over permitted" municipalities...a homeowner may not be aware  that something required a permit. We go thru a list of possible ...
.  Debbie Reynolds is having us all "Count our Blessings" with a call to enter her "thankful" contest.  This post will not be a surprise to anyone who is a regular reader of our Blog. I can promise you, because we know and love WILL be a surprise to him that we are choosing to publicly ...

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