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Love is in the air...the florists, candy stores and bakeries are especially busy with sweet and fragrant treat choices offered to their customers. You can use is it as an opportunity to text Valentine wishes to your sphere..your present and potential clients...let them know you are sending "swee...
One of the rooms that people spend so much time "living in" and love to showcase with focal points.   This article gives Sellers...and peole who just want to add interest to a room....lots of great suggestions. How to Stage a Living Room to sell a Home Fast! As buyers enter your home, they will l...
. A number of times recently, we have heard about Realtors who were having a conference call with divorcing/divorced clients to discuss on offer or some aspect in a transaction. Agents take listings...and we realize to many agents....working with a divorcing couple does not sound like it require...
Being mindful of the "3 P's" ....will keep your focus on the future and the prosperity and happiness that they bring. An Unbeatable Combination For Success  “Patience, persistence and perspiration makes an unbeatable combination for success.” Napoleon Hill 1883 – 1970, American Self-help Author, ...
     The world doesn't stop...real estate doesn't end because the temperatures drop and snow banks mount. People in "four season states" are used to this gift of fluffy or heavy white flakes...same stuff...different year. We have Buyers out buying and Sellers with finishing touches who will be ge...
Winter in Wisconsin is later than usual..there has been a shortage of "sidewalk salt." People are traveling counties away on snowy roads to secure the ice melt to keep their sidewalks and driveways safe.  No matter how well you drive in the winter or the boots you have that "grip" is a haz...
   Thinventory (few homes on the market if you are new to our blog) is complicating the lives of buyers and sellers throughout our market.       Twice in the last 24 hours we have Buyers writing with home sale contingencies…afraid to list with no place to go.  Yes, yes we know…the first offer is ...
A very timely message as people shuffle their files and get them ready to send their tax preparer ! No one wants to pay more income taxes than they are required to, but be careful if you do your own taxes. Attempting to cut your tax liability by getting into IRS grey areas can cause you problems...
IF you are determined to grow...your career...your life...whatever "garden" you can do exactly that with an open mind and a positive attitude which will propel the energy to accomplish exactly that ! Roses Do Grow From Concrete “Basketball talent is basket talent, no matter if it com...
   IF you are in Active Rain for the grand race for Points...we think you are missing the very best part of this community. We have had the pleasure of meeting many AR members, past and present throughout the country from California to Massachusetts.....Florida to Illinois....and states here and ...

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