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This can certainly be the time of year when there is more to do than one can imagine are some helpful thoughts to help you not have time get the best of you ! Are having trouble getting things done?  Do you think that you need a better time management system?  Before you consider som...
Matty's  catering has designed special menu packages for you to enjoy Thanksgiving...without the work ....but with the great taste only Matty's Chef can provide. Mmmmm...choose from one of the dinner selections OR design your own dinner with the ala carte menu feature.   You can choose to pick up...
You don't have to live in California to help people who are in need at this time of tremendous loss and devastation. Gwen Banta gives us  a place to help....please do. My beautiful and beloved state is on fire, and my friend’s Malibu home burned to the ground. We are all devastated. There are no...
.   Running thru some online discussions,  there was a question about how to deal with some specific aspects of a divorce transaction and the agent gave his location. The answers poured in  and some of them began..."I would believe that..."  "It must be..."  OH YICKS !   None of the assumptions ...
.  It should never be just one day that  we set asideto be thankful for the contribution that Veterans have made to the quality of life we enjoy in this country. One day does not seem to be enough for the sacrifices that they made...the effort and forever memories that cannot be erased. Tomorrow...
.    Lots of work on the computer can "assist you" in developing "dry eye".  That is a sort of funny name for the condition in that what you have it your eyes are anything BUT dry.  To make up for the lack of tear have very watery eyes...and sometimes...even to the point of what...
Appraisals carry soooo much weight in what happens in a transaction and as Gene puts out...all appraisals are not created equally !     A Mortgage Originator's View of Property Valuations   Recently I read an article by Appraiser Tom Horn (Birmingham, AL) entitled: "How do Appraisers Calculate Pr...
. Anyone who reads our Blog at all knows that I LOVE the color purple...had not thought so much what really made up purple....until this midterm is of course, RED and Blue which are also great colors. The colors have come to make say WHO you are because of support ...
There is More that Unites Us...        Than Divides Us...                         Amen and Women    The Ballots are not counted at this may live, as we do, in a state that is sharply divided....the aisle is wide...the opinions diverse...and emotions are running high.   Let us all co...
. Tuesday, November 6th....Election Day...and each of us has the honor and privilege of voting in our local and state elections. Bring a photo ID with you as is required.  Your polling place r may have changed since the last time you voted. To be sure that you have right here an...

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