sally witt: Wonderful Networking Group in Bucks County, PA - Women's Business Forum! - 05/18/11 10:04 AM
I was a member of the Women's Business Forum when I was working locally a few years ago. The organization is really very high quality. When I started working again recently, one of the first things that I did was to join the organization again, and the updates and changes are wonderful. The meetings are free. There is also a free membership. I recommend upgrading if you start networking with us and enjoying the benefits of being involved with the group. The Supporting membership is just $95 a year. It was hard for me to make the monthly meetings in Doylestown … (0 comments)

sally witt: Getting started with Social Networking for Women working at home - 05/17/11 12:47 PM

It is very important to be comfortable online when working from home in this day and age. You can meet people that are local to you or anywhere around the world depending on where you network!

Find the places that will help you to meet the people that you want and need to meet!

Having profiles online helps you in a number of ways. It puts your "shingle" out so that people see you. It helps people to see if they want to know you better. It helps the SEO (being found on search … (0 comments)

sally witt: Can you make money with a part time online business? - 05/12/11 05:23 AM
Answer these questions about your own situation:  If you can say yes to at least 3 of these questions, then you have the "right stuff" and can be successful in an online business.
1.  Can you be efficient and learn to duplicate successful actions a few times a week?  It is great to be creative and learn a lot of new things, but there are a handful of basic things that you can do that will bring you success week after week.
2.  Do you have self-discipline.  Can you commit to 10 hours a week for your online work? … (2 comments)

sally witt: New Squidoo Pages today! - 05/11/11 05:37 AM

Squidoo Pages to Check out!!
Just finished setting up new pages. Take a look!

sally witt: Most of us are now the "Working Poor" in the USA - 05/03/11 12:42 PM
I am not an economist, and I cannot attempt to explain how we got here.  I don't know the answer for the whole country, I just know that people need help. Most lower middle class and middle class families are struggling.  Prices keep going higher, and people's jobs are not secure.  Education and experience are no longer a guarantee of a new job at a similar pay rate. Even professional people with a history of strong income and big houses are showing up for food banks and need help because they have not been able to replace their lost jobs. There … (2 comments)

sally witt: New Slide Share presentation - Our Work at Home Opportunity!! - 05/02/11 08:56 AM

Just finished putting together a slide show about our work and the opportunity to work with us!
Sally Witt
Do you want to have a good income PT/FT at home? Would you like to have huge discounts on Medical, Dental, Vision, and other goods and services?
Youtube video introducing our business!

sally witt: Tips for Working at Home for People with Disabilities - 04/30/11 07:03 AM
I am very passionate about helping people to overcome their hesitations on working and making a living from home.  I have been home with physical problems and depression for over 3 years, and want to help others to feel proud and to give themselves an income during the difficult economic times.
Some things to think about while planning to work online:
1.  Be honest with yourself and about your abilities, and what you can do.  Itemize your strengths and skills.  List the things that you might need help with.
2.  Do you need a partner or an … (0 comments)

sally witt: Work at Home for People with Disabilities - 04/28/11 03:56 PM
 I have been disabled for a long time. I struggled with my health, and kept working under great stress longer than I should have.

I ended up not being able to do anything for more than 3 years.
I am still smart, I still have a lot of skills, but I don't know how I am going to feel in a few hours, or tomorrow.
I know that there are a LOT of people out there like me.
We want to work, even if we are on disability programs, but our bodies and/or emotions are not up to the … (2 comments)

sally witt: Blog Talk Radio Show scheduled for Friday April 29, 6pm Eastern - 04/28/11 12:05 PM

I am really excited to get back to doing my BTR show, now highlighting my new business!
I will be interviewing my mentor, Jayme Boyles.
Please visit live, or listen to the recording afterwords!
By the way, men are welcome as well.
Have a Happy Day,
Do you want to have a good income PT/FT at home?
Would you like to have huge discounts on Medical, Dental, Vision, and other goods and services?

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