baton rouge real estate: Spring is here -- the Japanese Magnolia told me so ! - 03/06/10 06:41 AM

My daughter took this photo in our backyard this morning.  In a comment earlier this week I told Richard Weisser that we always feel like Spring is here when the Japanese magnolia blooms (actually I think this is a Star magnolia).  She took this picture with her i-phone and a downloaded app called "shake-it".  Don't ask me ... I know nothing!  Hope you all are having a great weekend and feeling very springlike in your neck of the woods. … (14 comments)

baton rouge real estate: Keller Williams RED STICK PARTNERS ... Red Stick? - 01/13/10 06:51 AM

What's a Red Stick?  Have you ever wondered about that moniker? 
RED STICK is the English translation of the French words ... Rouge Baton.  
And there you have it ... a nickname for the city called Baton Rouge.
The city was named back in 1699 when French explorers saw a red cypress tree marking the boundary between two tribal hunting grounds.  The tree was called "le baton rouge."
While I expect that most people living around this area will be familiar with this little bit of history, I thought it could be fun to explain how our Keller Williams Realty … (12 comments)

baton rouge real estate: Lake at White Oak Subdivision, Baton Rouge, LA - 01/12/10 09:33 AM
                    Property Value Report for Homes Sold, 2001-2009
The Lake at White Oak Subdivision is in southeast Baton Rouge, bordering the Amite River which forms the boundary line between East Baton Rouge and Livingston parishes.  It is, in effect, on the "outskirts" of the city.  There are a little over 500 homes, most of which would be valued in the range of $250,000 to $390,000.  They are mostly one-level homes with 4 bedrooms and 2-3 baths.  Currently, there are only five homes for sale.
Beginning in 2001 the average price per square foot for sold homes steadily rose … (4 comments)

baton rouge real estate: Mystic Krewe of Mutts - 01/06/10 07:04 AM
MYSTIC KREWE OF MUTTS Mardi Gras Dog Parade, Sunday, January 31 The Capital Area Animal Welfare Society (CAAWS) has announced that the 11th annual Mystic Krewe of Mutts Mardi Gras Dog Parade will be held on Sunday, January 31.  The parade will take place on North Boulevard in downtown Baton Rouge.  A change in date was made to avoid a potential conflict with the Super Bowl where the Saints just might be catching everyone's attention. 
To register for the parade, visit the CAAWS website at  This is a fun-filled event with hundreds of dogs parading with their families.  A king and queen of … (0 comments)

baton rouge real estate: Happy New Year from Baton Rouge - 12/31/09 11:12 AM
    Happy New Year to all my friends on ActiveRain
Happy New Year to all of my new friends.  This photo was taken a few years ago at the Sandestin, Florida New Year's celebration.  They have a fantastic fireworks display around the lake at the Baytowne Village which is designed architecturally with a French Quarter flair.  Lots of fun with friends, drinking champagne, and smoking cigars.  Lots of memories.  … (1 comments)

baton rouge real estate: WHY Shift Happens... and the Genius of the Beast - 12/19/09 02:52 AM
You know the old saying "two heads are better than one."  Well, here's another one:  "two books are better than one," and, of course, more books are even better.
While looking for Gary Keller's Shift at the bookstore, I was browsing all of the books nearby, and one jumped out at me.  Why?  Maybe I'm attracted to a new hardbound book, or maybe it was the title, Genius of the Beast.  That title looked interesting, and the subtitle even more so:  "A Re-Vision of Capitalism."  So, of course, I had to buy it.
This book by Howard Bloom is a perfect … (8 comments)

baton rouge real estate: Bloomin' Cypress! - 11/28/09 08:15 AM
One of the most colorful Fall trees in this area, the cypress turns this shade of rusty copper before all of its feathery leaves fall off.  Just adding to its beauty, a nearby Senna tree has grown up into the canopy of the cypress, adding a bright spike of yellow blooms to highlight the coppery colors.  There is something extra special about two trees in one and the amazing affects that come from the combination.
The Senna (previously known as Cassia) is a very large genus with about 500 species.  While they can grow up to 30 feet, as this … (10 comments)

baton rouge real estate: SPACE SHUTTLE AND SPACE STATION FLYOVERS, BATON ROUGE, LA - 11/23/09 01:36 AM

Thanks to Bob Southard of Marietta, GA for bringing this to my attention.  If you enjoy following NASA activities, you might like to step outside in the evenings to see the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle passing over Baton Rouge.  Sunset this evening is 5:04 p.m.   The weather forecast this week varies from sunny to partly cloudy, so the skies could be clear enough to see them. 
For more interesting NASA information, you can visit

baton rouge real estate: The Power of Azaleas - 11/04/09 01:24 AM

My favorite time of year ... when all these azaleas are in full bloom!  My backyard neighbor installed a border between our yards with lagustrum and bradford pear trees down the middle, indian hawthorne bushes on his side, and these gorgeous azaleas on our side.  Thank you, Mr. Frank.  We return the favor by taking care of the azaleas, especially watering when they start to droop in the hot summer months.  I get worried as soon as I see a little droop ... these plants are just too beautiful to think of losing them.  Hope you all enjoy the … (18 comments)

baton rouge real estate: Southdowns Subdivision Highlights, Baton Rouge, LA - 10/29/09 10:03 AM
In the early 1920's a 640-acre tract of plantation land was purchased by Alfred St. Amant for the purpose of developing a new neighborhood.  At that time, surrounded by farmland and swamps, the new neighborhood was outside of city limits, and water had to be piped from a nearby artesian well.  An interesting article about the history and ambience of Southdowns, "The Center of the Universe," was written by Ed Cullen.  (The Advocate, March 22, 2009) 
Situated within walking and biking distance to the Louisiana State University, this subdivision has the significant advantage of being close to shopping areas and Baton … (0 comments)

baton rouge real estate: LAKE AT WHITE OAK, May 2009, Yard of the Month Award - 05/23/09 01:58 AM

Congratulations to the homeowners for a lovely yard and garden.  You make us all proud to be living at the Lake at White Oak.

baton rouge real estate: Yard of the Month Award, April 2009, Lake at White Oak - 05/05/09 09:24 AM
18533 North Lake Shadow Dr.

Beautifully designed and landscaped yard with an inviting entrance and
gardens to view along the way toward the front door. 
Great job!  Congratulations to the homeowners.

baton rouge real estate: Yard of the Month, April 2009, The Lake at White Oak - 04/18/09 02:26 AM
April 2009 Award Winner
5648 North Shore Drive

This beautiful home sits at the entrance to the north side of The Lake at White Oak Subdivision.  A wide expanse of colorful gardens and green lawn gives owners and visitors a welcome invitation to see more of the neighborhood.  Congratulations to the homeowners.  We appreciate you!

baton rouge real estate: Yard of the Month Award, November 2008, Lake at White Oak, Baton Rouge, LA - 12/13/08 01:14 AM
18422 North Lake Shadow Drive

Colorful crotons and ceramic pots adorn these beautiful gardens.  Special features like the blue
glass ball add focal points that highlight the area.  In September and October there were no awards
due to the impact of Hurricane Gustav.  The streets in LAWO were lined on both sides with 8-foot
high piles of debris.  It's nice to have everything back to normal, and these gardens show how
much work has been put into the cleanup project.  Congratulations to the homeowners.

baton rouge real estate: Night Lights at the Lake at White Oak - 08/23/08 02:02 AM
                         YARD OF THE MONTH AWARD FOR AUGUST
18312 Weatherwood Drive
This was a fun experiment.  When the homeowner asked if I had driven by during the evening to see the lighted gardens, I had to admit "no" to that, but what a great idea (and truly an experiment) to take night-light photos.  First though, I had to figure out how to use the manual adjustments on my camera.  With a tripod, and accompanied by a hoard of mosquitoes, I set the f-stop to 16 and let the camera set its own speed.  And voila!  Some very pretty colors.  Gorgeous beds of caladiums and … (7 comments)

baton rouge real estate: New Listing in the Lake at White Oak, Baton Rouge, LA - 08/22/08 02:03 PM
Price change 6/14/2009


baton rouge real estate: Baton Rouge Sign Thief Stopped - 07/29/08 01:19 AM
Front page news.  My husband said "Sal, they got the sign thief" so I looked at the Metro section of the morning paper.  "Where is it?"  "Front page," he said.  There it is, at the top of "The Advocate" front page.
All of the Realtors in Baton Rouge know about the Sign Thief.  And most of us have had our own experiences with disappearing signs.  His argument is that he takes signs only from public property, and he surely feels that he is doing his civic duty.  One Realtor made a very determined effort to place … (15 comments)

baton rouge real estate: Lake at White Oak -- Love our Lakes! - 07/26/08 09:01 AM

At the Lake at White Oak, there are two lakes, referred to as the Upper Lake and the Lower Lake.  The Upper Lake is the smaller one between Hagerstown Rd and North Shore Drive.  The Lower Lake is the larger one, between North Shore Drive and South Shore Drive. 
The lakes are a terrific feature of the neighborhood.  See all that green on the right of the photo?  All of that land, full of trees, belongs in part to subdivision community property, private property, and hunting clubs.  The Amite River runs through that area and is navigable, of course, when the water … (2 comments)

baton rouge real estate: Lake at White Oak, Baton Rouge, LA ... YARD OF THE MONTH AWARD, July 2008 - 07/26/08 01:24 AM

 Picture perfect gardens.  Laden with neatly-placed bunches of caladium and coleus plants.  A stroll around this front yard in the shade of a large oak tree is a pleasant experience.  Begonias and hostas add to the texture and color that make this garden well deserving of the yard of the month award.  Congratulations.

baton rouge real estate: Lake at White Oak, Baton Rouge, LA ... YARD OF THE MONTH AWARD, June 2008 - 06/16/08 09:38 AM
                    6016 Arborwood Court

Approaching this Arborwood Court cul-de-sac, you take in an extraordinary view of a large crepe myrtle tree in full bloom - absolutely stunning.  A quick turn around the cul-de-sac, and you will see the June Yard of the Month. 
The front gardens on both sides of the walkway show a selection of flowering plants and colors that are a nice complement to the color of the front porch.
White and red caladiums.  Yellow ixora, daisies, and lantana.  Purple gomphrena and Mexican petunia.  Red ardesia berries.  All of the plant materials are arranged … (0 comments)

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